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Summer Time Logs

Yes we all need a log in our quiver and today l thought l would give you all a little preview on what we have in stock as from today and let you know what is comming.

Sean  Nettelton is finishing two logs under his new brand VANE, we have DAVE BOYD doing some performance logs as well as GREG BROWN  under his lable Bombora, we also have got ROUSA doing two performance logs and IAN CHISSO from Southcoast tinting up a few semi performance logs.

So the moral of the story is if you need a log we have the best range of  Victorian Shapers and brands to suit you folk.

Ps: Yes l will put the dimensions up and prices under photos asap

Also have a look at this link and it will give you an idea on what  Dave and Sean are up to cheers http://www.brownshed.tumblr.com

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