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Surftech’s Randy French has made huge advancements in composite board construction. It is now famous for it’s Tuflite and Techlite systems on the surf, SUP and windsurfing markets.

Channel Islands Al Merrick Surftech Biscuits instore

Hey all

Just got a size run of biscuits instock from surftech, they have been smashing them in the USA and finally they have landed in Australia. Good choice of colours and built to last, you can check them on our online store @ www.zaksurfboards.com.au  under surftech in the new board section.

The Biscuit by Rob Machado

Model Description

A short and stubby tri-fin: the biscuit design was developed with Rob Machado in 2007. Like Rob, the Biscuit rides free and easy in the smallest surf and catches waves like boards a foot longer. Voted SIMA board of the year for 2008. Order your biscuit 3” to 6” shorter than you are tall.

“…foam is your friend…don’t be scared of it. A little bit of extra foam here and there is good for the soul… and your surfing.” – Rob Machado


Makes surfing bad waves fun again.

Designed For

All levels of surfers in anything under head high.





* Please note this in an older blog post from 2011 – go HERE for our current stock of new surfboards

Hey all



We just  got in a quiver of Scorpions in from surftech which look  insane.  We have the 6’8, 7’0,7’4. We have on back order the 5’10 and 6’4. I surfed one last week  there superlite, corky, and strong, you can noseride them all the way down to the 5’6, you can tube ride them and paddle in on anything.

There a little cheaper then the fibreglass tint models and whip around the wave a little harder then the heavier glass ones. We will put one out for demo soon, so you crew can have a play on it, here is a little video i dug up for you to see how they roll. Seems like it’s the perfect on all the forums and write ups. It nose rides, tube rides and brings back the fun out of surfing isn’t that what we all want.

We have a demo in the 7’4 scorpion at the moment and will be doing a 6’4 as well when they hit our shores. If you do decide you are looking at one of these babies please think fast and quick cause they are the biggest seller out of the surftech range and need to be pre booked so you don’t crack the shits with me when a canot get one in or don’t have one.

Here is a dude surfing one at lower Trestles.





The Tuflite construction offers the most advanced quality construction suitable for the spectrum of surfboards in the surftech range. Using high quality EPS foam, epoxy and fibreglass materials creating tuflites composite sandwich boards. The combination of materials , construction and shape gives this board performance and durability. Today Tuflite models are the number one selling range of boards in the world. Surfers world wide have realised that a tuflite board in their quiver means that they have guaranteed performance, anytime and anywhere in the wave. We can order what ever you want and will be in store with in two days.


*Please note – this is an older blog post from 2010, for current stock please check HERE

At Zak surfboards we are now stocking the Wayne Lynch Tuflite from surftech. For those of you who are looking for a board that is not only durable but performs across flat sections and out of turns. Then this is the board for you..



6’3 X 19 1/4 X 2 1/2 $829

6’6 X 19 1/2 X 2 9/16 $849

6’9 X 19 3/4 X 2 5/8 $869

7’2 X 20 1/8 X 2 5/8 $899

7’6  X 21 X 2 7/16 $929


6’4 X 19 3/4 X 2 5/8 $829

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