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Hot Buttered Slide Skate Skateboards

Hot Buttered Slide Skate Skateboards We have just got in a bunch of the new Hot Buttered Slide Skate Skateboards. If you are keen to improve your surfing but can’t always depend on conditions or get to the beach enough (hello? every Melbourne surfer) then this might just be the skateboard for you.

IMG_9328 Hot Buttered Slide Skate SkateboardsThese Slide Skate Skateboards were designed & developed in Spain and made by the crew at Hot Buttered.  They feature a moving front truck, which replicates the feel of surfing, encouraging the rider to pump and generate speed like they normally would on a surfboard. In the pursuit of surf training, we’ve seen and tried a bunch of different variants of these kind of boards from a few different brands -  but these are by far the best surf/skates we’ve ridden!

Hot Buttered Slide Skate 2 Hot Buttered Slide Skate 1 Hot Buttered Slide Skate 3The release of these boards has fallen perfectly in with the time of year, being a great gift for the keen surfer or the novice alike. Come in store and check these out or grab one of these killer little boards ONLINE

New Skate Gear In Store

New Skate Gear In StoreNew Skate Gear In Store – Not just surf stuff, we have a great range of skateboards & accessories in store as well.  Longboards, cruisers, oldschool shapes & a wide variety of more contemporary options.

Need a fresh set up? Sick of watching your kids skate and want to get in on the action yourself? If you, your partner or your kids need a board or accessories we’re bound to have some choice options for you – come have a squiz

New Skate Gear now instore

New Skate Gear now instoreAbove is a small selection from a big drop of New Skate Gear now instore.  A very wide range of different options from Classics to Cruisers, right through to more contemporary stuff.  Whether you are looking for something to get from A-B, something to hit up the local skatepark on, a board for your kids or even something to do beer runs on – we’ve got some great options for you ;)

Instore only for this stuff



If you cannot get to the beach as much as you need to keep up y0ur basic surfing skills and fitness Streeboardz are for you, they are  as responsive as a surfboard for the street. We have demos in house so you can take one for the weekend and carve up the pavement. Here is the a feww testimonies from a few crew.

Martin Dunn

“i use Streetboardz on a daily basis as part of my high performance surf training programs.” M.Dunn, world renowned surf coach and head coach of the Australian Junior Surfing Team.


“We use Streetboardz at Surfing Australia’s High Performance Center in northern NSW.”

Barton Lynch

“When i coach a new surfing student, beginner or advanced, the first thing i do is get them to ride the Streetboardz. Then I can, within minutes, assess what is going on with their technique, bio mechanics and exactly what their surfing needs.

It can take me days of observation in the water for a similar assessment.” B.Lynch, 1988 ASP World Surfing Champion and head coach of the Australian Open Surfing Team

Richard Dog Marsh

“streetboardz are a great tool to help surfer/snowboards improve there overall technique & style, add to this there just great fun to cruise around on. I’m using mine more and more.” Dog Marsh, Former ASP Rookie of the year & Current Red Bull Europe Surf team Coach.


Hey crew

Sorry ive been out of action been a bit slack on the posting this week but check this out, we have these skateboards arriving this week. Had a roll on one on saturday and fuck it was good elcttric motorised skatey which goes 33km, hand held control abs brakes and upto 3 hours upto 30km in distance now thats super fun. Everyone of you rollers are going to want one of these, and YES WE HAVE A DEMO in store. Check out the video the boys have put together super cool.



When theres no waves you need a skatey! Our range has been  selected to give you the best  of the best to suit your surfing style, We offer a wide range of little retro boards to cruisers we have boards to practice your cutbacks and boards  to roll down to the pub with. Our brands are Rivera , Palasades, Madrid,Vsw, Drifter,Streetboardz, Sectornine. We have one of the most extensive ranges in melbourne and always have And will not be beaten on price. Give us a call for prices will make you happy.

cheers zak

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