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New Secondhand Surfboards instore

New Secondhand Surfboards instoreWe have a bunch of New Secondhand Surfboards instore, most of these arrived late last week and over the weekend.   Some really clean boards from Pyzel, …Lost and Channel Islands.  Here are a few pics of some of the more choice boards that came in

IMG_5230First up there was this 6’3″ Channel Islands Proton

New Secondhand Surfboards instore IMG_5306And this 6’2″ …Lost 2015 Driver Model Finish Shaped & Signed by Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos himself.

IMG_5231 IMG_5233There is also this Channel Islands Kelly Slater Step Up 6’8″

IMG_5289 IMG_5290And finally this 6’0″ Pyzel Deluxe

Remember, at Zak Surfboards we hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards.

We also buy, trade and sell secondhand surfboards on consignment. Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE




Secondhand Surfboards Just In

Secondhand Surfboards Just In - JS Ghetto Cat CollageHere is a glimpse at some of the Secondhand Surfboards Just In this week at Zak Surfboards.  Quite a mix of different shapes and styles have come through – longboards, fish, hulls, single fins, shortboards and more.  Here are a few pic of some of the more interesting ones.

Zak KR Hull CollageTom Wegener Single fin Collage 1We update our stock of secondhand boards daily – so if you are chasing something that we don’t have, keep a tab on our Secondhand Surfboards section of our Online store for new stock that’s come in.Mctavish Original CollageAt Zak Surfboards we trade, consign & pay cash for secondhand surfboards too – so if you have something you want to sell get in contact with us at the shop.

Ph: 03 9416 7384

Pro Boards

Pro Boards Mick Fanning We have now added a new section to our online store where we will be selling secondhand Pro Boards.  Just a few available instore at the moment from the likes of Mick Fanning, Mitch Crews, John John Florence and Julian Wilson.  Judging by the interest we’ve had in them already, I’ll be surprised if they are still available by the end of the day ;)  Don’t despair though, we plan on getting a heap more in from the various shapers we stock.  Come and Check them out instore or ONLINE

Pro Boards Mitch CrewsPro Boards Julian WilsonPro Boards Mick Fanning 2Pro Boards Mitch Crews 2Pro Boards John John Florence

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