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Rousa Surfboards – Ocean Grove – Victoria – Australia

Rousa Gut Slider

Rousa Gut SliderWe have a brand new Rousa Gut Slider available for demo at Zak Surfboards – here are a few pics for you to check out of this pretty radical little shape.  This is a design that Rousa has been refining over the past couple of years, a single board that can be ridden in a variety of ways & with a few different approaches.

Rousa Gut SliderRousa Gut Slider 1 Collage by Zak SurfboardsSitting somewhere between a mini-simmons, a bonzer and a bellyboard, this shape can be ridden standing up or prone with a number of different fin set ups.  Both Zak and Rousa have ankle injuries that prevent them getting out amongst it on regular stand up surfboards and this shape has proved to be their anwer to keeping the stoke up.  Wack a set of keel fins in this shape and you have a super fun speedy, small wave slasher.  Drop a larger centre fin in the centre fin box and some bonzer side fins for a more pivoty feel – there are plenty of fin set up options to play around with on this.

IMG_1509 Rousa Gut Slider Rousa Gut Slider 2 Collage by Zak SurfboardsWe will have a few more of these on our racks shortly, but in the meantime you can take this one (pictured) out for a spin. Check this and the rest of our range of Demo Surfboards out HERE

Rousa Surfboards Handmade In Ocean Grove

Its taken us a while to hand pick a good quiver of surfboards for this Wintery time, we have been getting some pretty nice boards for Allan himself. He has just finished a 10board quiver  consisting of 2 models. He belives these 2 models are his signature boards which he has all the locals ripping on from grommets to the old boys.

The  models are the STONEFISH which is the smaller size 5’10 – 6’9 and the others for the bigger boys is the PLATAPUSSY. They both consist of a single into double concave with a chine rail to give you a sweet release from rail to rail, we will be putting one on our demo program very soon so keep a look out on our demo posts .Here is a few photos to giveyou an idea of the boards. Support local shapers hey.

They are all glassed in 6oz bottoms and 10 ounce decks, they have a white pigment so they will keep white for ever, and will last for years.

We have been working with our local shapers top offer you guys a range of boards which will blow your mind, everyone has now realised that 20-211/2 width can be a very inviting  in your board. Maurice Cole has proven this with his metro3, we have sold over a hundred of these boards in the last year with guys who use to ride 19-191/2 are know riding wider and thick and there surfing has expolded. More paddle , more wave More Fun ain’t that whats it all about  folks .


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