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Palisades Skateboards

Skateboards, Cruisers, Longboards, we got the lot .

* Please note this in an older blog post from 2011

Hey all

I would like to say straight up well bought bloody time, good to see the Melbourne is  surfing the concrete again we have been selling a shit load of skateboards again and l like to thank the Penny skateboards for kicking off the trend, enjoy the profits Mr Craig you deserve it.

There is a heap of skateboards on the market today, cruisers, longboards, downhill, salom, electric and everthing in between. We are stocking over 40 completes on the rack from brands such as Rivera, Palasades, Madrid, folklore, Sideways, Sector Nine, Grem, Fiik, Penny, Streeboardz, Smoothstar  and what ever else you want we will get in. Other brands we can get are Gordon&Smith, Arbor, and what ever else you find in other shops .

Prices range from $150 to $350, we do stock lots of boards so we are happy to crunch deals if your a tightwod. We do also  stock a heap of hardware such as , Paris, Tracker, Caddillac, Alva, Pig, Blue Print, Roger, Foundation,  Auto Barn.

Here is a few photos on what’s in at the moment, we are restocking every week so stay tuned . OOps it late ill do it tomorrow.

Offshore all week guys ,  pull a sicky and have a surf stuff the boss , except you Timmy.




When theres no waves you need a skatey! Our range has been  selected to give you the best  of the best to suit your surfing style, We offer a wide range of little retro boards to cruisers we have boards to practice your cutbacks and boards  to roll down to the pub with. Our brands are Rivera , Palasades, Madrid,Vsw, Drifter,Streetboardz, Sectornine. We have one of the most extensive ranges in melbourne and always have And will not be beaten on price. Give us a call for prices will make you happy.

cheers zak

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