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Surf Betty Surfboards

Surf Betty

We now have a range of Surf Betty Surfboards in stock for you.

Regardless of your age or skill level, the NSP Surf Betty range has you covered. These boards come in a variety of sizes and are designed for female riders who want to maximize their wave time.  These boards have generous outlines, a rounded nose, and boxy rails that’ll help the board feel stable on the open face, and responsive in a variety of surf conditions.

Each board features a smooth rocker with a little extra flip in the nose to let you to paddle into waves with ease and confidently drop down the face without fear of nose diving.

All NSP Surf Betty boards come complete with a leash, FCS fin and a tail pad.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, reliable board that’s durable enough to take on your next surf adventure, and will also help increase your skill level, then look no further because the NSP Surf Betty range has a board for you.


Surf Series are a great entry level board for beginners to intermediate surfers. Surf Series boards offer a buoyant, strong construction with the same reliable template of the NSP. This giving the beginner to intermediate surfer the stability and durability for a first surfboard at an affordable price.

SURF SERIES PACKAGES include Board, Bag, Fins, Legrope, Wax, Wax Comb and Repair Kit Start from $529.(Soft Racks RRP$80 in Package $40)



The New Surf Project Surfboards are all about having fun and getting great value for your money. Sensational epoxy surfboards that are built to perform. Designed for the beginner to intermediate surfers in mind. Our 2011 packages will get you surfing sooner.

NSP PACKAGES include Board, Bag, Fins, Leg rope, Wax, Wax Comb and Repair Kit Start From $629.00 ( Soft Racks RRP$80 With Package $40).

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