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You can get a custom made mctavish from us at ZAKS or you can check out his list of surfboards on the mctavish website , if you like anything call us a we can get it in for you,  normally take 3 days. We are always holding fireballs, eggs, nose riders and other models in stock for you , but you may like other tints and colours or customized work.

We also hold  the surfindustries mctavish range which is a little better in price, there doing a shit load of models this year and the colour ways are unreal, should have them in by mid setember. Ill keep you posted .


Check these boards out!

All right the election is finished now, you kids can start spending money again.  The surf’s been epic and so are these boards!  Got a few Takayamas, McTavish and Bears in stock yesterday and got more coming next week.

Had a laugh today, when a couple of old blokes came in with their lovely wives,  and the blokes  were running around like two kids in a candy store, trying to convince their wives that they needed another board for their quiver.  Sue, let Mark get the board please, he’ll be a good boy… he’ll go surfing every weekend and give you some peace!   .

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I’ll be loading all the available secondhand boards onto the website…as soon as I can work the thing out.   Also, we’ll be smashing out a lot of CLEARANCE STOCK to make space for summer stock.  We have some Takiyama’s and Bear surfboards arriving on Thursday 19th August, and some McTAVISH next week.  There will be some nice resin tints in this lot.

Maurice Cole is working his butt off to get some more Metro 3′s in, and Greg Brown from Gash is working on a nice little quiver for the shop.  The boys from Note Surfboards are building a couple of nice Mals for us and Stump is pumping out a great quiver of performance shorty’s  If all goes to plan we should have a great local board selection for you. 

Keep you posted,


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