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Hey freaks

Have you surfed one of these, have you even heard of a displacement hull, these boards are fucking insane i have been surfing a 7’0 hull for the last 6 months and just glassed up a 6’6 hull in a smoke tint this week, and yes i will give you nutters a crack if you wish. Here is a little info about the whole design of the hulls. I must say , Kenny did tell me these boards will be the board that everyone wants . Have a read about them thanks to surfscience.com.


Displacement Hulls

The displacement hull surfboard can be a very rewarding design given the right riding style and wave conditions. SurfScience has been curious about this bottom contour design for a while now, so we did some research and spoke with Steven Mast of Mast Surfboards. He talked to us about what makes a displacement hull different and why it may be worth our time to investigate. READ FULL ARTICLE GREAT READ AT.



Hey crew

Zak surfboards would like announce that we have  Ken Reimers, Darren Dickson and Doug Rogers bringing out a range of displacement hulls , single fins, mals and retro eggs under the zak retro lable. We have picked a great bunch of shapers who have done  plenty of time in the shaping bay since the 60s to offer you a fine selection of  boards for summer. Here is a few of our first boards we  have played around with tints,  next week we will have some pieces of artwork to offer you , cannot wait to show you.

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