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Jason Rodd Jr is smashing it up on the Gold Coast and in Japan his surfboards are all Shaped by Jr himself.

JR Wharfie Instore Now





Super-fast,maneuverable, and all kinds of fun, The Wharfie tri-quad combines old school 70′s funk with modern day attributes. Infact, “The Wharfie” is the most fun you can have on smaller days. The wider ,shorter outline and super flat rocker combined with forward single concave allow for incredible amounts of speed down the line. The  heavy vee running off the tail give this board drive, whilst still having an extremely responsive turning ability. The wide plan shape and extra volume gives you plenty of paddle speed to maximise your wave count on smaller days. This model comes standard with tri-quad set up, giving you the versatility you want in different wave types. The  Wharfie model will  make you froth to surf smaller waves, and with of these in your quiver, you’ll never complain about no surf again. Ridden 8-9 inches shorter,and should be ridden 1-1/2 litres more than your standard pro-series dimensions. Suitable for 1-3 foot waveswharfie-bot1 wharfie-top1


JR Board Test with Shaun Cansdell. from Sunnycoast Klips on Vimeo.

JR Surfboards Shaped By Jason Rodd

Hey all

Zak surfboards are pround to announce that we are getting  some JR surfboards at the start of November, we have chosen 2 models  out of his range which will work down in vicco waves, Jr is smashing it up on the Gold Coast and in Japan his surfboards are all Shaped by Jr himself. The two models we have picked are the Boxtsa and the Boss he is a little info about the models or you can check out his web site www.jrsurfboards.com.au . We do custom jr boards as well so have a look at his models and we are happy to get one down for you.


The Boxta is a quick and responsive board, great fro those mushy summer conditions. Flat rocker combined with deep single to double concave, give this design plenty of squirt, the wider straighter tail plane shape gives it plenty of hold and can take care of itself  when the waves get punchier. The Boxta is the most fun on 3 fins, a must have in the quiver. ridden 4′-5′ shorter then your standard board. Suits 1-4 foot waves.

ASL Board Bible 2011 – JR from Surfing Life on Vimeo.


The Boss has a wider plane shape great for small wave, the tail area is wide but pulled in at the last 6′ to a tight round tail, creating great hold and a super tight turning arc. A deep single to double concave gives it drive and lift to generate speed through dead sections. Complete tri/quad  setup, its great as a tri, amazing as a quad. Suits 1-3 foot waves.

JR Factory Tour. from Sunnycoast Klips on Vimeo.





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