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Greg Brown – Victorian Shaper

Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Models

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty

We have just got in a size run of Gash Surfboards Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Models for our racks.  Heap of great looking mid-lengths there, with sizes that run from 6’3″ all the way up to 8’1″ in length.  These boards are 100% made in Victoria, hand shaped by one of the best shapers & surfers the state has produced and glassed down in Torquay.

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Collage 1These Greg Brown Sweaty Betty models are beautifully fast, responsive and manoeuvrable to surf, yet relatively easy to paddle with user-friendly amounts of foam strategically placed throughout the shape.  Really popular with our customers that want something they can approach a wave like they would on a performance shortboard but don’t have to paddle around on a potato chip. Every time we get these sort of shapes in from Greg, they seem to run out the door so don’t snooze – come in store and check them out!!!

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Collage 2

Check out our full range of Gash / Greg Brown & Bombora surfboards that we have in stock in store or ONLINE

New Greg Brown Bombora Longboards on our racks

New Greg Brown Bombora Longboards on our racksA bunch of new Greg Brown Bombora Longboards are now on our racks.  Some beautifully polished 9ft 2+1 fin & single fin rounded pin tails from the Victorian master shaper.

Greg Brown Bombora Longboards Collage 1 Blue IMG_1652 Collage 2 BlueIMG_1655 Collage 1 Green IMG_1658 Longboards Collage 2 GreenThese two boards and a few more from Greg were just dropped off this morning.  These Bombora Longboards never stick around for long, so if you have missed out on one in the past don’t sleep on these.  Come in store and check out our full range of longboards  instore or grab one ONLINE

New Gash Surfboards on our Racks

New Gash Surfboards on our RacksLate last week we received a bunch of new Gash Surfboards on our Racks.  That’s right a full size run of the Sweaty Betty Model arrived in store late last week – hand shaped by legendary Victorian Surfer/Shaper Greg Brown.

New Gash Surfboards on our Racks by Zak Surfboards Gash Sweaty Betty Greg Brown by Zak Surfboards Collage 1 Gash logo 1 by Zak SurfboardsThis Sweaty Betty model by all reports offers a super sweet combination of paddle power and performance.  A board that will  get you into waves with ease but doesn’t feel like a tanker underfoot.  Fast and responsive yet still reasonably  forgiving to surf -  really popular with those who want something that will help get their wave count up, but still want to lay down proper carving maneuvers.

New Gash Surfboards on our Racks by Zak Surfboards Gash Sweaty Betty Greg Brown by Zak Surfboards Collage 2Gash logo 2 by Zak SurfboardsThe last run of these we had in store didn’t stick around long at all – so don’t sleep if you are interested in one of these. Come and check out these Sweaty Betty models and the rest of our range of Gash and Bombora Shapes in store or ONLINE

New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instore

New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instoreWe have just got a bunch of New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instore.  A bunch of 8ft mid length/mini mals to choose from plus some new 9ft shapes as well.  The glass jobs on these are pretty amazing.  Various coloured resin tints and polished finished on these shapes – a little hard to do justice in the photos, so you’ll have to come instore to see them in person ;)

BomBora Greg Brown 1 collageIMG_5181Greg Brown Bombora 2 collageOur range of boards from Greg Brown are individually listed with more photos and full dimensions HERE

New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instoreGreg Brown Bombora 3 collage IMG_5195 Greg Brown Bombora 4 collageIMG_5205 Greg Brown Bombora 5 collage New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instore Greg Brown Bombora 6 collage

Bombora Mid Lengths

photo 2 [650]

photo 3 [650]

photo 2  [650]

photo 22[650]_picnik

photo 2  [ 650]

photo 1 [650]

Last week we got a couple of great new mid lengths from Greg Brown. These boards are designed to work equally as well as a step down for longboarders for solid/steeper conditions, or as a groveler for the shortboarder who wants something for smaller mushier days.  A full, curvy outline with a performance inspired rocker – this board will glide, trim and most importantly turn like few others.

Come and check them out instore or online

Greg Browns Handshaped Longboards Arrive

Just picked a run of Handshape longboards from Greg, these mals are walking out the door again, we have him shaping these up every month seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment. We always have 4 different models instock  he does a range of lonboards for us ranging from the full high performance mals to a modern cruisers. They all have classic tints with pin lines and are happy to take custom orders which should take around 4weeks depending on waves. All his fins are handmade by John from Glide fins and are polished by the best in Torquay Mr miliken. Its a real pleasure to have Greg on board.






All right guys fresh from Jan Juc the boys producing NOTE SURFBOARDS dropped in some of their lastest resin tints. The partner ship of Sean and Jordan with the NOTE surfboard brand began fourteen months ago but had been in the back of their mind for along time before that. Sean started glassing at Southcoast surfboards at age 19 and has worked with all the masters like Greg Brown, Wayne Lynch to name a few. Jordan is the shaper  of this duo and is self tought. Jordan has been shaping for more than a decade and worked at Southcoast and with a host of other world class shapers.. If we do not have what you want in stock or are after a custom Note board l can order it for you.          

Cheers Tim


Gash Surfboards have arrived

Hi all

Finally pickup 5 boards from the man Greg Brown himself , we got a few big guy performance boards for the first order and starting to move the quiver down to the boards we all surfed in the 90s. When you look at the gash lable it brings you back to the good old days, do you remember when Torquay was filled with blood red surfboards and the old paper Tracks magazine had those fucking sick Gash ads wow, sorry i just had a trip back down memory lane. Come and check them out, we also are doing customs from Greg to you so give us a call.

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I’ll be loading all the available secondhand boards onto the website…as soon as I can work the thing out.   Also, we’ll be smashing out a lot of CLEARANCE STOCK to make space for summer stock.  We have some Takiyama’s and Bear surfboards arriving on Thursday 19th August, and some McTAVISH next week.  There will be some nice resin tints in this lot.

Maurice Cole is working his butt off to get some more Metro 3′s in, and Greg Brown from Gash is working on a nice little quiver for the shop.  The boys from Note Surfboards are building a couple of nice Mals for us and Stump is pumping out a great quiver of performance shorty’s  If all goes to plan we should have a great local board selection for you. 

Keep you posted,


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