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Glide Fins

Glide Fins

Glide FinsThe Glide Fins range has some of the best looking and working fins you can buy. Based in Victoria, Glide is a fin company that is the labor of love for life long surfing enthusiast John Ayton. The Glide Fin range is the product of John’s extensive knowledge from decades of building fins for himself, friends & working with some of the worlds best shapers and surfers.

IMG_2109IMG_2120IMG_2097 IMG_2137All Glide Fins are beautifully tuned and foiled by hand. Constructed almost exclusively out of solid fiberglass, for superior strength, flex memory and positive, reponsive feel underfoot.

In the past few decades, Glide Fins have been used to ride some of the biggest waves in the planet and ultilized to claim multiple state, national and world championships – grab a set and feel the difference.

Glide Fins Glide Fins IMG_1942Full listing of our Glide stock can be found here ONLINE or drop by the shop during opening hours.


We have a shit load of single fins in stock , John Ayton from Glide has done a sick range for us all hand made in Torquay , we also have futures and fluid foils in and looking at getting some captain fin company and truames from the USA sooooon . Most fins start at $80 dollars and slowly move up from there , don’t forget will get any thing you need to turn your log or egg or what ever you ride!


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