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Thruster vs Quad

Thruster Vs Quad (WithText) collageThruster vs Quad – With 5 fin plugs becoming common in a lot of surfboards, a question we get asked quite often in store is – should I surf my board as a Thruster or a Quad?

With both fin set ups dramatically changing the riding characteristics of your surfboard, the choice of a Thruster vs Quad  is really dependendant on how you want your board to perform, the feel underfoot you like, the design of the board, and the conditions you are going to surf it in.  Below we’ll look into how these fin set-ups change the performance of your surfboard, what their strengths/weaknesses are and which conditions each fin configoration suits.  Hopefully this will make the Thruster vs Quad decision clearer.

Thruster vs Quad  3 FCSIIQuad fin set ups have superior down-the-line speed to thrusters.  Removing the center fin means that there is much less drag.  More fin area is positioned closer to the rail with quads, giving you more hold or bite into the wave face.  Your fins are clustered closer together when you use a quad – allowing you to turn in a tighter arc.  The extra grip and speed that a quad provides can be put to good use in fast heavy, hollow waves.  Also the speed and tight turning capabilities can be a great asset in smaller, peaky, weaker waves.

The placement of the quad fin plugs on the tail of your board is also important to take note of. The closer the rear fins are clustered together and the further back they are positioned, the more they will perform like a thruster.  The farther apart the fins sit – the closer to the rail & the front fins – the faster down the line and the tighter the turning arc your board will perform.

Small wave board designs that have quad options as a general rule tend to place their quad rears closer to the rail and front fins giving you the ability to draw tighter arcs on smaller wave faces, less drag and therefore more speed to help your traverse weaker flatter sections.

Quad 1 FCSIIPlacing quads rears further back on the board tends to lend itself to designs for bigger hollower days. It makes the quad design more predictable and allows you to add a bit of length to your carves and helps you hold speed through turns.  Quads are great in big surf as they allow you to sit steeper and deeper in the curl.  With quads you can definitely hold you line longer, they really allow you sit in more critical parts of the wave at high speed with more control (and less chance of sliding out).

The down side of Quad fin setups are that they are slightly unpredictable to ride. When trying to stall, or wash off speed, Quads are definitely not as easy to slow down as thrusters.  The way that Quads release out of a turn is quite different to thrusters and harder to control.

Thruster vs Quad Thruster 4 FuturesLet’s now look at Thrusters - there is a good reason why the thruster fin set up is the most common fin configoration – they work!  The thruster is the most balanced & predictable fin  set up -  they are fast, give you excellent control while pushing through turns and an unbeatable balance of drive, speed, and maneuverability.

Thruster vs Quad Thruster FuturesAs mentioned earlier, thrusters definitely release in a more predictable, controlled fashion compared to quads and give a more stable feeling underfoot in everday conditions.  When searching for a board that goes where you want it to go and does what you want it to do- Thrusters are hard to pass by for these reasons.

Sale Fins

Sale FinsWe have just added a new Sale Fins section to our online store.  Only a few are up for now, a bunch more will be added next week.  Older styles, previous season colour ways and a few other odds and ends will be available at bargain prices – a great opportunity mix things up with a different template or grab a spare set without having to splurge ;)

FCS Tool-less Fin Range now instore

FCS Tool-less Fin Range now instore  We have the full FCS Tool-less Fin Range now instore at Zak Surfboards. Incorporating the same click in technology as standard FCS II Fins, these new longboard fins can be secured into a fin box without the need for a screw and plate. Just seconds to insert and remove these fins, no need fiddle round with screwdrivers.

FCS Tool-less Fin Range now instore    FCS Tool-less Fin Range now instore   One of the biggest advantages of these new fins is that you can now make adjustments to your fin placement out in the water.  These are quick & simple to use plus they work in just about all the standard fin boxes on the market.

FCS Tool-less Fin Range now instore b FCS Tool-less Fin Range now instore  aThere is a very comprehensive range of different templates & sizes to choose from for those of you who like longboards, logs & other alternative crafts. These templates include the Pivot, the Fat Boy, the Whip, the Flow, the Hatchet and the Connect.

Come check them out instore or grab on from our ONLINE store

New FCSII MB Keel Quad PG fins now instore

New FCSII MB Keel fins now instoreWe now have the New FCSII MB Keel Quad PG fins now instore. Finally a great option for those wider tailed shapes and retros for FCSII.  Enjoy the grip and control of these split keel quad setups without sacrificing pivot – the perfect accompaniment to fun and more alternative craft.  These types of fins are a great match with shapes such as the Superbrand Fling and the Firewire Baked Potato.  These FCS II Keel Quad PG Fins are available in both Clear Keel Quad PG and the signature Mayhem colour layered  paneling MB Keel Quad PG

New FCSII Keel fins now instoreCome and check these and more of the new FCS II range of fins instore or Online

New Gorilla Range Now Instore

New Gorilla Range Now InstoreWe have the New Gorilla Range Now Instore at Zak Surfboards.  There is a whole new selection of Tail Pads, Legropes and Fins to choose from as well as remakes of some classics/favorites. If you are looking to add a bit of attitude, fun and colour to your craft – then their extensive range is definitely worth checking out.  Here are a few snaps to give you a taste…

IMG_6063 IMG_6062IMG_6060 IMG_6061 IMG_6064Come and check out the Gorilla range instore or Online

Fin Sale Until Monday 20th July

Fin Sale Until Monday 20th JulyFin Sale Until Monday 20th July – That’s right we are putting our entire stock of fins from Captain Fin Co., Kinetic Racing and Creatures on Sale for the next few days…at a whopping 40% off the Recommended Retail price!!!  Sale finishes at 6pm on Monday the 20th July – don’t sleep! Grab a new set of fins, a spare set, or something new to spice up your craft at bargain price

Instore only – get on it!!!

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster Set

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster SetThe FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster Set is a great set of fins if you want to add a bit of extra spice to your surfing in marginal conditions.  The Performer template is the most balanced template in the FCSII range – giving you equal amounts drive, speed, flow & response.   A real no brainer when trying to decide on fins…this template will do the job in most performance oriented shortboards.

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster Set The Neo Glass construction add a real bit of spark to your board in smaller or weaker conditions.  This lightweight, moulded fiberglass construction gives these fins a consistent lively, snappy and responsive feel underfoot. “Twangy” would be a good way to describe these Neoglass fins – they flex but snap back into place with quite a bit of energy, hence the zippy, lively feel.

Fin Specs: Medium

Base: 4.37″ / 111mm
Depth: 4.55″ / 115mm
Area: 14.81″² / 9554mm²
Sweep: 33.7º
Foil: Inside

Come and have a squiz instore or grab a set from us ONLINE


FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fins

FCS II Tool-less Longboard FinsWe now have the new FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fins instore at Zak Surfboards. Incorporating the same click in system as standard FCS II Fins, these new longboard fins can be secured into a fin box without the need for a screw and plate. Just seconds to insert and remove these fins, no need fiddle round with screwdrivers.

One of the biggest advantages of these new fins is that you can now make adjustments to your fin placement out in the water mid session.  These are quick & simple to use plus they work in all standard fin boxes on the market.

Come check them out instore or grab on from our ONLINE store

Futures F8 Blackstix

F8 BlackstixThe F8 Blackstix fin is one of the better balanced templates from Futures. Not too raked back, but not too upright either – a great all round fin that will work well in a variety of surfboards.  The F8 Blackstix are also  the largest in the Blackstix lineup – making them a great choice for bigger surfers or in boards with larger tail areas.

F8 Blackstix 2The lively, snappy flex of the Blackstix construction combined with the V2 Foil makes this fin add a significant spark to your surfing in small or weaker waves.  Ideal to give you a bit of extra speed + drive & add a bit of extra life to your surfing when the conditions are marginal – the fin of choice for many of our regulars

Size: Large
Side Fins:
Height: 4.64″, Base: 4.47″, Area: 15.90″
Center Fins:
Height: 4.64″, Base: 4.47″, Area: 15.90″
Grab a set instore or ONLINE

Dafin Swim Fins

Dafin Swim Fins 5DaFin Swim Fins – the swim and surf Fin preferred by the World’s Best Watermen, now instore at Zak Surfboards.

Developed in Hawaii by one of Australia’s early surfing pioneers Andy Cochran, DaFiN have grown to become the swim/surf fin of choice of Watermen worldwide. Created with input from world renowned watermen Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana – the  unique design of DaFiN delivers the two most important features you want in your fins: comfort and power …better than any other fin on the market.

Dafin Swim Fins 2 Dafin Swim Fins 3DaFiN is the fin of choice for thousands of lifeguards and water safety professionals in worldwide. DaFiN is standard issue equipment for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. DaFiN and has also been endorsed as the ‘Official Swim Fin’ of the United States Lifesaving Association.

Dafin Swim Fins 1 Dafin Swim Fins 4DaFiN has also garnered a strong reputation with the bodysurfing community – featured prominently in the critically acclaimed bodysurfing film ‘Come Hell or High Water’. DaFiN is the #1 choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and watermen around the world. Make DaFiN your choice, too!

Check them out instore or ONLINE

Come Hell or High Water trailer from Torpedo People on Vimeo.

Gorilla Fins now instore

Gorilla Fins FCSIIGorilla Fins are now instore at Zak Surfboards.  Compatible with FCSII fin boxes and with some pretty out there colour ways, these are sure to add some extra joss to your stick.

There are a bunch of different templates to chooses from including the Eat Sleep Wave Repeat M Tri  & Tri/Quad sets, the Moon Beams & Mellon M Tri  & Tri/Quad sets, the Brains Bones Bars S Tris sets, the Sloth Palm Trend Shank L Tri sets and more.  Come and check them out instore (and online shortly).

Alkali Fins

ALKALI logoAlkali Fins are now in stock at Zak Surfboards. We have just received a range of fins from the crew at Alkali Fins in Ballina NSW.  These beautiful fins have each been individually hand foiled – made from the highest quality 7.5 oz. and Volan fiberglass cloth with Silmar Brand resin. Solid brass pins & Stainless steel screws + plates have also been used on these puppies.  We have more from Alkali on the way shortly – come instore to see them or check them out online.

Alkali 7.25 Rainbow Classic Single Profile 650 Alkali 9 Dolphin Black profile 650 Alkali 9 Hull Flex Clear profile 650

Creatures Fins

Creatures Fins Here is a sneak peek at the new range of Creatures Fins that are arriving at Zak Surfboards shortly.  With their new range of fins, Creatures have endeavored to simplify the art of picking the right fin.

Creatures have designed 2 distinct styles of fins for each of their team riders – the Vert series and the Arc series  (pictured here are Mitch Coleborne’s).

Mitch Coleborn VertThe Vert Series are designed for tighter, snappier turns, with quick direction changes and surfing in the pocket in mind.  The Vert series are a more upright fin with less sweep or rake (up to 33 degrees).

Mitch Coleborn ArcThe Arc Series have been formulated for extra drive, carves & drawn-out turns.  These Arc fins have been designed for longer, down the line waves  (with more sweep or rake – over 33 degrees).

All the Vert & the Arc series fins are then available in 3 different sizes which you can pick according to your weight :

Small less than 65kg, Medium 65-80kg & Large 75 – 90+kg

These are also 3 different constructions that you can choose from:

Core Flex – a lightweight construction with a fluid flex pattern

Carbon Flex – a slightly stiffer lightweight construction that has a more responsive feel

Pure Fibreglass – a stiffer base with a more natural flex pattern through to the tip, with the most similar feel to traditional glassed on fins

You will also be pleased to hear that all of these Creatures Fins will be available in both FCS & Futures Fin compatible styles.  With a set of both Vert and Arc Series fins appropriate to your weight, you should be covered for virtually all conditions :)

Kinetic Racing Restock

Packs photo [650 x 650]

Fins [650 x 650]We have just received big restock of the ever popular range of fins from Kinetic Racing Co.

In this latest drop we now have Kinetic’s new range of quad trailer fins. These new quad trailers feature :

  • a carbon fiber base to add strength, drive and stability
  • vertical carbon strands to control flex from the base to tip
  • honeycomb internal core
  • 50/50 foil to suiting the widest range of conditions

These quad trailer fins have been specially designed to be compatible with performance thruster front fins.

Check them out instore for now and online shortly ;)

Fins Galore

Fin collageAt Zak’s we have arguably one of the best collections of fins in the state.  The brands we stock include imports from the Almond Fin Company, George Greenough, Dale Velzy & True Ames as well as world class local product from Glide Fins Torquay.   We also make sure we have a full range of Future & FCS fins on hand too.  So come instore and have a squiz or shop online ;)



FCS thruster and quad fin’s come with fin rating’s. These fin rating’s provide the drive, pivot and hold characteristics of each individual fin set based on the element’s such as area, base length, sweep, depth material and template. FCS provide’s fin rating’s as a guide to individual performance. They can also be used as a reference when choosing a fin for specific performance requirements. If un-sure about the fins for you, you can go to the FCS web site and use the fin selector program or come in and use the FCS test drive fins in store.

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