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DHD Switchblade now in store

We now have the freshly updated 2016 DHD Switchblade  in store at Zak Surfboards. This model is one of the better looking performance small wave shortboards we’ve seen in a while. Light and maneuverable underfoot, a model that performs well in a wide variety of  conditions. The DHD Switchblade model is designed to be ridden a touch shorter and wider than regular shortboards.  Volume has been strategically placed throughout the shape to ensure speed through ‘dead sections’ while retaining a full performance feel.
DHD Switchblade now in store DHD Switchblade 2016 Collage 1For this version of the model, the wide point has been moved 1” further forward forward, creating a more streamlined outline.  To balance out this straighter outline, the tail block has been pulled in slightly, improving turning overall.  The double concave has also been reduced slightly — lessening the chance of catching rail in choppy conditions.
IMG_8493DHD Switchblade 2016 Collage 2Come and check it out in store & I’ll have them fully photographed and listed ONLINE shortly


More Custom Surfboards

More Custom Surfboards DHD SwitchbladeHere are a few pics of some of the more interesting custom surfboards that we’ve had come through the store for customers in the past week from Pyzel, DHD & …Lost

From DHD we have had a couple of the latest incarnation of their Switchblade model in custom dimensions plus a Sweet Spot 2.0 also in custom dimensions

DHD Switchblade collage 1 IMG_5119 DHD Switchblade collage 2IMG_4885 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 1 IMG_4889 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 2Then from …Lost we have had a Mini Driver in custom dimensions with a heavyweight glass job

IMG_4825...Lost Mini Driver collage 1 IMG_4831 ...Lost Mini Driver collage 2As well as a …Lost V2 Shortboard in custom dimensions

...Lost V2 Shortboard 1...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 1 ...Lost V2 Shortboard 2 ...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 2And this 6’1″ Pyzel Bastard round tail in custom dimensions

Pyzel Bastard custom 2 Pyzel Bastard collage 1Pyzel Bastard custom 1 Pyzel Bastard collage 2Remember if you are after custom made surfboards from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays & more -  it can be done.  Give Damien a call at the shop on 03 9416 7384

DHD Stab In The Dark

DHD Stab In the Dark pic 1We have just received a size run of the limited edition DHD Stab In The Dark model.  Stab Magazine got 11 of the world’s best shapers to create their ultimate high-performance surfboard, for an unknown world tour surfer (6’0/80kg). These boards had no distinguishing markings or logos on them – the idea being that the surfer judged the cleanskin boards on pure feeling/performance underfoot, without any preconceived ideas of brand or model.

IMG_4337 DHD Stab In the Dark Collage 2 DHD Stab In The Dark aDarren Handley’s design was voted Best Surfboard of the bunch by test pilot Julian Wilson in this competition. To celebrate, DHD have made a limited run of 99 surfboards to the exact dimensions as was made for the ’Stab In The Dark’ project – and we now have a bunch of them in the shop.

“The ultimate surfboard gives you feedback. The moment you stand on them you know. It tells you how it wants to be ridden.” – Julian Wilson.

IMG_4334 DHD Stab In The Dark collage 1These sleds all come individually numbered (out of 99), with special white decals and hand signed (in gold) by Darren Handley himself.  Come and check them out instore while they last or even grab one from us ONLINE
***Watch the full ‘Stab In the Dark’ movie HERE***


Custom Surfboards

Custom SurfboardsHere are a couple of the choice Custom Surfboards that we have had come through for our customers at Zak Surfboards Recently.  Firstly from DHD we had a step up Ducks Nuts 6’6″:

Ducks Nuts Collage 1IMG_3757Ducks Nuts Collage 2Also from DHD we have a Margo Nugget in a 6’4″

IMG_3761Margo Nugget Collage 1IMG_3764Margo Nugget Collage 2A DX3 in a 7’4″ IMG_3770 DX3 Collage 1 IMG_3773 DX3 collage 2And a psychedelic Twin Fin in a 5’8″

Custom DHD Twin Collage 1 Custom DHD Twin Collage 2From Chilli Surfboards we have had a Spawn model in custom dimensions & with a heavier glass job than standard.

Chilli Spawn Custom Surfboards 1Chilli Spawn Custom Surfboards 2Also from Chilli Surfboards we have had a great looking Cherry Peppa in custom dimensions with a grey nose dip.

Chilli Cherry Peppa Custom Surfboards 1Chilli Cherry Peppa Custom Surfboards 2Remember if you are after custom made surfboards from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays & more -  it can be done.  Give Damien a call at the shop on 03 9416 7384




IMG_1582We have just got the first of a small size run of the new DHD model – The Twin.  This twin fin model is a super  fun user friendly shape for a variety of skill levels -  it is a shape that in the right dimensions will work well for intermediate up to the advanced level surfers.

Dhd Twin Collage 1 DHD twin Collage 2The Twin has a fairly flat continuous rocker & extra volume in the nose which makes catching waves on this board a breeze.  The straighter rocker in the nose gives excellent speed & acceleration from take off.

DHD the TWINThe bottom shape of this board is flat in the front end for increased speed and less stickiness – a slight single concave through the guts feeds into a deeper to double with a vee through the last part of the tail.  There is a small single channel that runs off each of the side fins too.

This is a super fun speedy shape that also has great maneuverability – ideal for surf around 1 to 3 foot surf, it will do a lot of the work for you when the waves are gutless too.  The twin fin set up allows the rider to draw super tight arcs on on smaller wave faces, or use that turning ability to get a bit more creative & draw some different lines in better waves.

DHD The TWIN 2 DHD The TWIN collageBored with more conventional shapes? Something fun for average days? Love 80s twins but would love something a little more contemporary? Definitely check this model out instore or ONLINE

Check out this clip with a few waves of Asher Pacey  putting this shape to work  at Snapper in January

DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file

DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 5We have just got a full size run in of the new DHD DX1  Jack Freestone file  from Darren Handley instore. It’s the same trusted high performance rocker as the standard DX1 but with more foam, boxier rails and a wider tail block.  If you are looking to step up your shred game, this will give a nice balance of super charged, high performance arcs coupled with a forgiving amount of volume for those softer days. It has an amazing wave range too that will work in both Vicco as well as Indo! Get your shred on with one of these babies!DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 10DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 9We have formed a growing relationship with DHD over the past 6-8 months and Zak Surfboards is now becoming a Vicco marquis store for everything DHD. Stay tuned for more exciting news, including demos, access to ex-team boards as well as the full DHD range.  These puppies are available instore only for the time being – I should have them ONLINE shortly though ;)

DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 8DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 6



DHD Skeleton Key

DHD Skeleton Key 3The DHD Skeleton Key is a model that has been developed through a collaboration between Darren Handley and his top team rider Mick Fanning. The idea was to create true a performance short board that all surfers could ride.  The formula is simple… take one of Mick’s favorite (& highly refined) shapes, then subtly add more outline in the plan shape, reduce the rocker & increase the volume in the rail a touch.  Sounds like a no brainer right?

DHD Skeleton Key 1 DHD Skeleton Key Collage 1The key to making this board work for you and I is the way Darren has combined all of these elements together.   A slight hip in the tail has been added to this new fuller outline  &  a lightning fast deep single to double concave.  These two elements combine to  make this board super responsive, snappy & quick in changing from rail to rail (like a more refined board).

DHD Skeleton Key 2 DHD Skeleton Key 4The end result is a subtly fuller shape that is just as responsive as a high performance board, yet easier to surf.  This is what makes this new model a MUST  HAVE for your quiver.

We have a full size run of the DHD Skeleton Key available instore or ONLINE


DHD Black Diamond

DHD Black Diamond 5We have a size run of the DHD Black Diamond model available instore at Zak Surfboards.

DHD Black Diamond 3 DHD Black Diamond 1This is what Darren Handley (DHD) had to say about the Black Diamond Model:

“This model is the true meaning of versatile… I wanted to create a model that would allow me to out paddle everyone, while still having the performance feel in all types of conditions.  By bringing the widest point forward, increasing the nose area & dropping the entry rocker slightly, the BD paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.  This combined with the sexy little round pin which provides hold and smoothness though turns, the BD will handle anything that you throw at it.”

DHD Black Diamond 2DHD Black Diamond 6The DHD Black Diamond  can be surfed as a quad or thruster setup depending on the conditions.  This board is designed to work in a wide variety of conditions, weak or powerful, steep of flat, small waves or larger surf.  A true one board quiver – you can really ride this shape on 95% of days on most coasts in Victoria. The versatility of  this model makes it a great board to take with you when you travel too.

Check them out instore or ONLINE

DHD Pocket Knife Now Instore

DHD Pocket Knife 6We have just got in our first drop of the new DHD Pocket Knife model now instore.  Designed by Darren Handley as a fun but versatile small wave performer – for surf ankle high up to about 4ft.

DHD Pocket Knife 7 DHD PK Collage 1Its outline features a forward wide point, with extra volume kept up front to help you glide  into waves nice and early .  The medium to low entry and exit rocker, coupled with the single to double concave bottom means that this is a fast little sucker.  It has speed to burn & will plane across weaker & flatter sections with ease.  Letting you speed all over the place to connect sections & find lips to hit .

DHD PK Collage 2 DHD Pocket Knife 5The smooth continuous, curvy outline coupled with the boxy rail mean this board is super forgiving to surf, think nice clean carves with less edges to catch or get stuck on.

Overall, a nice easy surfing board that will make a welcome addition to your quiver.  It will paddle well, get your wave count up – and has enough sportiness and zip to keep things interesting.  I’m thinking it will be a super fun option for those smaller days on the reefs down the Surfcoast.

Come and check them out instore or ONLINE

DHD Pocket Knife 4 DHD PK Collage 3DHD Pocket Knife 2 DHD PK 4DHD PK 5DHD Pocket Knife 2 DHD PK Collage 5DHD Pocket Knife 9 DHD PK Collage 6

More Custom Surfboards

Some more great looking custom Surfboards came through the shop yesterday from Stacey Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards and Darren Handley Surfboards.

Stacey Mitch Crews Crossover Model 1Stacey Mitch Crews Crossover Model 2From Stacey Surfboards we got one of the new Mitch Crews Crossover models with a desert storm camouflage stomp-patch.

Stacey Snake Eyes 2Stacey Snake Eyes 1Also from Stacey Surfboards is this Snake Eyes model with custom dimensions.

Chilli Rare Bird 1 Chilli Rare Bird 2From Chilli Surfboards we got in an Rare Bird in custom dimensions.

DHD Monster 2 DHD Monster 1And from Darren Handley Surfboards DHD we have a Monster in custom dimensions.

Remember, we regularly do custom orders of nearly all the brands that we have in stock – so if you are interested in getting a board specially tailored to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call the shop on 03 9416 7384 or drop by




Zak surfboards is a BASE agent we have in stock a quiver of Simon Anderson, Lsd and Dhd boards .We can get you any models and organize customs from base. If you need a price give us a call . We have a load of boards which we have on special check out the list .

BOARDS IN STOCK. All Simon Andersons , LSD & DHD WERE $765  NOW $570

Lsd Flashback 6’4 x21x23/4

DeadKipper 6’3×203/4×211/16

DeadKipper 6’4x21x23/4

DKP  6’2×191/8×23/8

DKP  6’3×191/4×21/2

DKP  6’5×193/4×25/8

IP 6’6×191/2×25/8

C-DC 7’4×203/4×23/4

SM 6’1×205/8×25/8

SM 6’2×203/4×211/16

SM 6’4×191/4×25/8

SF 6’4×191’4×25’8

SF 6’6×191/4×25/8

SF 6’8x20x25/8

EQ 6’10x20x23/4


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