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DHD Skeleton Key & Black Diamond

DHD Skeleton Key & Black DiamondWe just got in a big restock of DHD Skeleton Key & Black Diamond models at Zak Surfboards.

The Skeleton Key is a model that has been developed through a collaboration between Darren Handley and his top team rider Mick Fanning. The idea was to create true a performance short board that all surfers could ride.  The formula is simple… take one of Mick’s favorite (& highly refined) shapes, then subtly add more outline in the plan shape, reduce the rocker & increase the volume in the rail a touch.  Sounds like a no brainer right?

DHD Skeleton Key 1The ‘key’ to making this board work for you and I is the way Darren has combined all of these elements together.   A slight hip in the tail has been added to this new fuller outline  &  a lightning fast deep single to double concave.  These two elements combine to  make this board super responsive, snappy & quick in changing from rail to rail (like a more refined board).

DHD Skeleton Key 2The end result is a subtly fuller shape that is just as responsive as a high performance board, yet easier to surf.  This is what makes this new model a MUST  HAVE for your quiver.

DHD Skeleton Key & Black DiamondThis is what Darren Handley (DHD) had to say about the Black Diamond Model:

“This model is the true meaning of versatile… I wanted to create a model that would allow me to out paddle everyone, while still having the performance feel in all types of conditions.  By bringing the widest point forward, increasing the nose area & dropping the entry rocker slightly, the BD paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.  This combined with the sexy little round pin which provides hold and smoothness though turns, the BD will handle anything that you throw at it.

DHD Black Diamond 1Can be surfed as a quad or thruster setup depending on the conditions, this model also makes for a handy addition to your travel quiver.  Ride it 3-5 inches shorter as you small wave specialist or 1-2 inches shorter if you are wanting an all rounder.  Get one today!” DHD Black Diamond 2

Come instore to check the DHD Skeleton Key & Black Diamond out in person or have a look at them ONLINE

More Custom Surfboards

Some more great looking custom Surfboards came through the shop yesterday from Stacey Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards and Darren Handley Surfboards.

Stacey Mitch Crews Crossover Model 1Stacey Mitch Crews Crossover Model 2From Stacey Surfboards we got one of the new Mitch Crews Crossover models with a desert storm camouflage stomp-patch.

Stacey Snake Eyes 2Stacey Snake Eyes 1Also from Stacey Surfboards is this Snake Eyes model with custom dimensions.

Chilli Rare Bird 1 Chilli Rare Bird 2From Chilli Surfboards we got in an Rare Bird in custom dimensions.

DHD Monster 2 DHD Monster 1And from Darren Handley Surfboards DHD we have a Monster in custom dimensions.

Remember, we regularly do custom orders of nearly all the brands that we have in stock – so if you are interested in getting a board specially tailored to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call the shop on 03 9416 7384 or drop by




Zak surfboards is a BASE agent we have in stock a quiver of Simon Anderson, Lsd and Dhd boards .We can get you any models and organize customs from base. If you need a price give us a call . We have a load of boards which we have on special check out the list .

BOARDS IN STOCK. All Simon Andersons , LSD & DHD WERE $765  NOW $570

Lsd Flashback 6’4 x21x23/4

DeadKipper 6’3×203/4×211/16

DeadKipper 6’4x21x23/4

DKP  6’2×191/8×23/8

DKP  6’3×191/4×21/2

DKP  6’5×193/4×25/8

IP 6’6×191/2×25/8

C-DC 7’4×203/4×23/4

SM 6’1×205/8×25/8

SM 6’2×203/4×211/16

SM 6’4×191/4×25/8

SF 6’4×191’4×25’8

SF 6’6×191/4×25/8

SF 6’8x20x25/8

EQ 6’10x20x23/4


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