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We now have the brand new FCSII AM PC Twin in store on our racks.  Channel Islands founder Al Merrick designed this signature Twin Fin set which consists of  an XLarge  pair of twin fins with the added option of a stabilizer

FCSII AM PC TwinCreated with fast controlled turns in mind, this broad & upright twin fin template gives you blinding speed and quick pivoty direction changes – perfect for slicing up a storm in small to medium waves.  A small stabilizing trailer has been added to this set for a of touch of extra control for those of us that are heavier footed.


These fins are a great choice for many of the more specialized small wave & retro crafts that we currently have on our racks or to add a little extra spice to one of your broader tailed boards.

Come and check these and the rest of our range of FCSII fins out in store or ONLINE

FCS II – Fin Series

We now have the FCS II Shaper & Signature Series in store & online -  including Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos Thruster & 5 fin sets, Julian Wilson Signature Thruster sets and Al Merrick Thruster sets.

Mayhem - FCShttp://www.zaksurfboards.com.au/fcs-ii-al-merrick-shaper-series-thruster-set-medium/


FCS - AMhttp://www.zaksurfboards.com.au/fcs-ii-al-merrick-shaper-series-thruster-set-large/

FCS - JWhttp://www.zaksurfboards.com.au/fcs-ii-julian-wilson-surfer-series-thruster-set-medium/


Board of the Day – installment 2

Hi Crew. Back with another of our ‘board of the day’ posts introducing you all to some of the new stock we have in for summer. Today we are taking a look at a model and brand all the way from San Diego. Zakka came across Sharp Eye Surfboards when he went into a factory to meet Larry Mabile who does Third World Exotic boards (which we also have in stock). He reckons it was probably the most pristine factory he has ever walked into and the boards we have in stock reflect this – the finish on them are flawless. The shaper behind Sharp Eye is Marcio Zouvi who established the brand in 1993. Although relatively young, Marcio has a bunch of WQS guys on board including Fisher Heverly and Oliver Kurtz. Check the Sharp Eye website here: http://www.sharpeyesurfboards.com/



We have a quiver of Marcio’s Disco model which is a high performance small wave board. It has a bit more volume than your normal shorty and a little more rocker than a lot of other stubby small wave boards but it will let you surf like you are still on that normal shortboard. As a result you can still surf top to bottom and tight in the pocket which sets the board apart from a lot of other small wave boards on the market at the moment.

If you are after something a little different and aren’t getting enough love out of the major board brands, get in and check something a little different – bring your dancing shoes!


California USA Made Channel Island Surfboards On The Rack .


Hey Crew

After a load of shit fight and a bunch of headaches we are finally offering you the real thing direct from the mother land. Come in and feel the real thing for yourself they look insane with there colour ways. We have all the latest models and sizes instore and are trying to get them up onto the online store as quick as there selling out of our shop.

We have prices at a premium  not to disturb others but are well worth the extra. Call the Shop on 0394167384 to lock in your dream board. We will freight anywhere in Australia under 6’6 for flat rate $50. Fins not included but will do a killer price on any package.

Our next shipment will be landing early Feb so lock in any model or size  NOW……


Channel Islands Al Merrick Surftech Biscuits instore

Hey all

Just got a size run of biscuits instock from surftech, they have been smashing them in the USA and finally they have landed in Australia. Good choice of colours and built to last, you can check them on our online store @ www.zaksurfboards.com.au  under surftech in the new board section.

The Biscuit by Rob Machado

Model Description

A short and stubby tri-fin: the biscuit design was developed with Rob Machado in 2007. Like Rob, the Biscuit rides free and easy in the smallest surf and catches waves like boards a foot longer. Voted SIMA board of the year for 2008. Order your biscuit 3” to 6” shorter than you are tall.

“…foam is your friend…don’t be scared of it. A little bit of extra foam here and there is good for the soul… and your surfing.” – Rob Machado


Makes surfing bad waves fun again.

Designed For

All levels of surfers in anything under head high.



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