At Zak Surfboards we try and hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards. Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE

SECONDHAND SURFBOARDSWe are currently on the hunt for more secondhand surfboards for our racks. Shortboards, longboards, hulls, mid-lengths, mini mals, retro shapes, fish shapes, beginner boards etc etc we want the lot!!

  • We pay $$CASH$$ for secondhand surfboards
  • Trade in used boards  on New Boards and other gear  like Wetsuits, bags, fins etc
  • We also sell boards on consignment.

Our stocks are a bit depleted at the moment so we want your used & unwanted boards!!  If you have a board or boards that you want to move, simply bring it or them by our store during opening hours and we can arrange the best option for you, right there on the spot.

Conditions for selling secondhand surfboards on consignment:

  • we take a 25% fee from the selling price as our fee 
  • There is also a listing fee of $25 up front – which covers the photographing and listing of your surfboard on our online store
  • we do not accept boards with damage ie. dings creases etc
  • all surfboards must be cleaned and have the wax taken off them before you bring them in store
  • you receive store credit for the sale of your board

Zak Surfboards is located at:

307 Victoria Rd, Thornbury, Victoria, Australia 3071


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