...Lost V3 Rocket now in store…Lost V3 Rocket now in store at Zak Surfboards.  Still haven’t pulled the trigger on a new board for summer?  Then the …Lost V3 Rocket  could well be the board to do it on.  The V3 Rocket is the latest incarnation of the …Lost the Rocket Collection.  Since it’s release, it quickly became a favorite with many surfers worldwide.  With a greater wave range than its predecessors, it’s a choice every day board for a large number of people. 

...Lost V3 Rocket now in store ...Lost V3 Rocket now in store This model by all reports is fast lively and responsive yet somehow still really nice and easy to surf.  What’s more, it definitely doesn’t need a steep or powerful wave to get going.  A great combination of forgiving elements with enough high performance characteristics  to keep things interesting – a shorter wider design that gives you control with out that need for absolute precision (like you need when riding a true performance shortboard). 

IMG_9633 ...Lost V3 Rocket Collage 2A great all rounder for intermediate to advanced surfers that want something forgiving, or a board to pull out in weaker or messier conditions for those with more expertise.  Come and check out the …Lost V3 rocket in store or ONLINE shortly.

V3 Rocket from Taylor Clark on Vimeo.