Torquay – Victoria – Australia

Founder of Roar and Gash Surfboards and current Men’s Over-45 Australian longboard champion, Greg Brown is already somewhat of a living legend. He first learnt to shape under Kym Thompson and Maurice Cole at Watercooled. Today, he is widely respected as a man who has mastered both the art of surfing and shaping.

Greg Brown





What s your local break? Brewer Shirks
(Not too sizey)
What s your inspiration for making the boards you make? Tweak it here, rub it
there and it’ll be a beauty.
When was your last holiday? I had a 20 minute
holiday yesterday afternoon.
Favourite food? Peanut butter
and honey sandwich.
Favourite TV show? ABC Weather
at 7.24pm with Paul Higgins.
Favourite brew? Blend 43 – instant actually.
Do you recall the best board you ever made and what happened to it?
I’d surfed an 8’8″ red gun for years in Vicco and Hawaii, but unfortunately I creased it in some big beachies. Troy Brooks liked the look of it and promptly ran off with it, mumbling something about taking some huge drops on it. I saw Troy with Big Red, cross the Great Ocean Road and run up to the top of a steep hill on a sheep farm. Being
a maniac and mischief-maker he took the drop on the old girl, probably 150m down the worn and rutted paddock. The gun flexed and flapped and flopped and cracked, finally bucking Troy off into a barbed wire farm fence at the bottom of the hill. He was grazed and bruised but big red was $%&-ed.
How do you feel about the shift to Asian manufacturing by the larger players in the surfboard industry?
Some of the largest surfboard labels are like most huge companies. They’re primarily profit-driven. Number and volume equals turnover equals dollars and cents in the ledger at the end of each financial quarter, which keeps a wry smile on an accountant’s dial. I know the Asian manufacturing system works well for ping pong ball brands, just the same as surfboard brands, so it seems everyone’s happy. If the button gets pushed and the machine is fed, stuff gets pushed out of an office and we can rest easy and satisfied with that simple aura of wellbeing.
Where would you like to be in 10 years? Nowhere
special. I quite like where I am.
How do you feel about the professional surfing world tour? I’m not on the tour

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