Secondhand Surfboards on our racks

Secondhand Surfboards on our racks

We have a bunch of really good secondhand surfboards on our racks at the moment at Zak Surfboards.  Here are a few pictures of a couple of the more choice ones that have landed recently – Some pretty choice options if you are after something new and interesting to ride, but don’t want to splurge too much dough:

CI Fish collage Secondhand Surfboards on our racks

Channel Islands Skinny Fish 5’6″ x 20″ x 2 3/16″ FCSII


Nevada Collage Secondhand Surfboards on our racks

Chilli Nevada 5’10” x 18 7/8″ x 2 5/16″ 26.5L Futures


Whiplash Collage Secondhand Surfboards on our racks

…Lost Whip Lash x Taj Burrow 6’0″ x 18 1/2″ x 2 5/16″ 27.3L Glass Ons,


CI Rocket 9 collage Secondhand Surfboards on our racks

Channel Islands Rocket 9 – 5’8″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 7/16″ 28.4L Futures

Come in store or head to our ONLINE STORE to check out these and the rest of the secondhand surfboards that we have in stock – eEach board is  individually listed with multiple photographs for you to browse through.

We are always on the hunt for secondhand surfboards – If you have one that you aren’t using and want to sell it, drop by the shop and we’ll check it out.  We pay $$CASH$$ for secondhand surfboards, we also trade used boards for credit on new surfboards or any other gear that you need.  Simply bring your board or boards by our store during opening hours and we can arrange the best option for you.

At Zak Surfboards we try and hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards.

Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come in store or check out our range ONLINE

Full range of the Torq Mod Fish now in store

Full range of the Torq Mod Fish now in store

Torq Mod Fish

Torq Mod Fish Collage 1

We have a full range of the Torq Mod Fish now in store at Zak Surfboards. A design that’s a perfect blend of a classic fish outline with a contemporary rail shape & bottom contour. The Mod Fish is built for that perfect combination of speed, maneuverability, paddle power & stability. Specifically designed to excel in a wide range of conditions, the Torq Mod Fish is equally at home in pumping overhead waves or mushy, choppy, knee high peaks.

The Mod Fish shape has a fairly full nose for glide, stability and paddle power. The full outline tapers back into a swallow tail for extra bite and control, while still retaining that fast, loose feel underfoot that fish shapes are famous for. The bottom features a single to double concave for speed, with a pronounced vee to help you get this relatively wide board on rail. This Torq model features a Futures Fin system designed by Futures Fins of California – one of the most respected fin systems on the planet. The Mod Fish comes with 5 fin boxes so you can surf it either as a Quad or Thruster set up and comes with a Thruster fin set as standard.

The boards in the TET Torq range are the closest things we’ve seen to a bulletproof surfboard. Built using a molded epoxy construction that is heavily reinforced on the rails these things can take a real beating (compared to traditionally constructed PU & other Epoxy surfboards) – this makes them a great choice for the beginner to intermediate surfer or those of you that want a board that will really last.  A great range of shapes are available too, from Fish shapes to Funboards and Longboards – come and check them out in store or have a look at what we have in stock ONLINE

Zak 2018 Twin Fish

Zak 2018 Twin Fish


Zak 2018 Twin Fish Zak 2018 Twin Fish

We have a few new models & updates set for the coming summer including the Zak 2018 Twin Fish (pictured). One of our best sellers last year we have tweaked it slightly to give it a slightly bigger wave range with the end result more refined for performance than previous versions.

We have added a fuller rail up front for a more forgiving ride – making it more stable on the front foot & less catchy in choppier conditions.  This fuller rail then has been tapered to quite sharp edge in the tail.  This sharper rail gives you more sensitivity, control and bite.  The rail in the tail makes it easier to sink your edge into the wave face giving you more grip on steeper parts of the wave, it also makes the board a touch more responsive, speeding up and slowing down quicker.


The tail has been pulled in slightly to make this board a touch less skatey, allowing you to hold your line a bit better without sliding out as easily.  The tidier tail block helps you control your speed a little better, allowing you to ride it in slightly larger waves without it feeling to fluttery underfoot.

The slight vee bottom that we had running through the back half of the board has been flattened significantly in favor of a predominantly flat bottom.   This makes the board a bit faster and more lively underfoot. A touch of vee has been left behind fins to help you get the board on rail and transition from rail to rail easily.  Super fun to ride – a few in store now with a bunch more in production now for the warmer months.


Like all of our own models at Zak Surfboards, these are shaped, glassed and finished locally here in Victoria.  We use only the highest quality materials to construct our boards. We also build our boards in a more robust fashion than the industry standard.

Come and check them out in store or ONLINE

We Are Open This Friday

We Are Open This Friday

We Are Open This Friday from 10am until 6pm (we may shut a little earlier if it is quiet)

Saturday we’ll be open from 10am-1pm and Sunday, just our normal hours of 12-4pm.  Drop by and check out some of the fine gear we have in store.


Friday 10am – 6pm (with possible early close)

Saturday 10am-1pm

Sunday 12-4pm

Rob Machado Midas by Firewire

Rob Machado Midas by Firewire

Rob Machado Midas by Firewire

We now have the the Rob Machado MIDAS by Firewire in store at Zak Surfboards.  This super fun looking shape is designed for high speed shralping in small to medium waves and looks to be an excellent addition to you quiver as we get closer to the warmer months.

The Midas has a fairly broad outline that definitely draws some influence from Twin fin designs from the 80s, with a broad, thick nose, a forward wide point & a single wing or flyer just behind the front fins.  The thicker,wider nose & forward outline helps with paddle power and glide across fatter, flatter parts of the wave.  The flyer helps the board break line and pivot for sharp snappy turns. The Flyer also allows the tail to be significantly narrower behind it – when coupled with a nice sharp rail through the tail, it gives the board more grip on the wave face, more drive and more control. More width and a straighter rail line in front of the fins also helps with generating speed…making this one pretty speedy looking shape!


Rob Machado Midas by Firewire Photo by Todd Glasser

Rob Machado Midas by Firewire Collage 1


Flip this board over and one of the most striking features of it is the unique channel bottom contours – described by Rob Machado “BOARD EAT BOARD”. This bottom contour was inspired by Rob’s exposure to George Greenough’s edge board designs – from what I can gather, the general idea is that you have the rail and surface area of 2 different board shapes that work together in the one board.  Sounds quite complex but these bottom contours end up giving you significantly more speed, manoeuvrability and allows the board to roll over on its rail easier while retaining the speed and lift of a concave bottom.

The sections or panels of the “Board Eat Board” design closer to the rail acts like a traditional vee bottom design – helping you roll your board over on it’s rail.  From a riders perspective – these vee’d sections help you engage you rail – increasing your ability to bite into the wave face & holding you line, while also reducing the likelihood of catching edges through transitions.  The vee design also helps you pull your turns around a bit tighter than you ordinarily would with just a standard concave bottom – helping you draw tighter arcs closer to the curl and carve full rail turns on smaller wave faces.




The concaved section of the “Board Eat Board” design helps with speed and lift.  As with most regular concaves this design makes the centre or stringer flatter (less rocker) than the rail of the board – this makes the board faster, with less drag, while helping the board plane on the surface of the wave face.

Rob Machado MIDAS by Firewire is not just a model to suit the advanced surfer, in the right size this board should be a pretty fun all round shape for those that are at more of an intermediate level.  The width and paddle friendly features of this design should make this a shape that is relatively easy to surf, while being pretty easy to manoeuvre compared to other boards of a similar volume.

If you are looking for something with a bit of extra zip or spice to have fun on in small to medium sized waves then this is definitely a board model to check out – full size run currently on our rack and these are available on our ONLINE store too 😉


Selecting the Right Fins

Selecting the Right Fins

Selecting the Right Fins for your surfboard can really be a daunting task.  There are so many options to choose from for starters and it seems that there really isn’t a lot of good, user friendly information readily available.   Having the right fins can really make or break a board (performance wise) – so here in this article, I’ll attempt to cover the basics of fin design & construction. Hopefully this will make selecting your next set of fins a little bit easier 😉

Please Note: If you can’t be bothered reading all of the info below, I’ll break it down here as simply as I can with these few basic guidelines:

The more muscular and heavy you are – the bigger the size & the stiffer the construction of fin you will need.
The wider your board is (particularly in the tail) – the bigger the size of fin you will need.
The more rocker your surfboard has (particularly in the tail) – the bigger the size & the more rake in the shape of the fin you will need.


Selecting the Right Fins

Basic Fin Area & Size

The overall size of the fins you use will have a significant impact your surfboards performance.  When selecting the right size fins there are two main forces at play (that you want to balance) – Lift and Drag.  In the context of surfboard fin performance, “lift” refers to the horizontal force that helps to keep the board moving in a particular direction. This force helps you to maintain momentum along the wave face & complete turns by pushing against the water with the fins.  “Drag” is essentially resistance or grip. A good amount of drag is like having a set of finely tuned brakes on your car. Drag can be thought of as a force that holds & controls your momentum and allows you to better harness the waves power. The amount of drag created by a fin is determined by a variety of factors but most prominently the fin’s overall surface area.

So in a nutshell – the greater the surface area you fins have, the more control you will have at the expenses of speed.  The less surface area a fin has, the faster your board will go at the expense of control.  Larger fins generally have more hold or grip on a waves face, but take more effort to redirect. Smaller fins are more maneuverable and loose, but you have less to push off to drive yourself down the line and you sacrifice control or authority over your board. 


Fin dimensions or measurements (the basics)

Most fin companies these days provide a set of basic dimensions for each of their fin models/templates which usually includes: Base, Height (or Depth), Sweep (or Rake) and Area.  These measurements (combined with a few other factors) can help you gauge the type of performance you will get out of each different fin.

Base – this is the bottom of the fin, where it meets the underside of the board. The size of the fin base primarily affects the amount of drive you get out of your board and it’s ability to turn sharply or pivot. Smaller or shorter fin bases give you the ability to turn sharper, with less effort –  Longer or broader fin bases give you more drive (forward projection) and make the board more stable – but harder to turn.

Height or Depth– refers to just how far the fin extends away for the bottom of the board & how deeply it will cut into the wave face. Depth affects the way a board will grip the wave face and it also contributes to how stable and in control you are through turns. The taller the fin, the more hold it will have on the wave face, providing the rider more grip and control. Shorter, shallower fins don’t grip the water as much, they are easier to turn and they allow the board to release more through turns – they are also faster because of less drag.

Rake or Sweep – refers to the way that a fin tilts or arcs back. As a general rule, the more the fin sweeps or rakes back, the more drawn out your turns will be, the better you will be able to hold speed through turns and the greater forward momentum you’ll be able to generate.  Raked fin shapes are great when you have a big canvas to work with – think bigger days and wallier waves, where you want to cover more ground, connect long sections and lay down high speed carving turns. Less fin rake and more upright fin templates in general make the turning circle of your board tighter.  Upright fin templates with less rake are great in peaky waves that require quick reaction times – where sharp direction changes are required on smaller wave faces.  Upright fin templates also tend to wash off more speed through turns and are less drivey.

Fin Tip – the area and shape of the tip of your fins tends to affect the last third of your turns (most particularly top turns) and the amount of release or hold you have. Bigger broader tipped fins have better hold & more drive through the second half of turns with less release.  Fins with a finer tip have less hold and more release.  If your board is feeling a bit stiff or catchy off the top, or you want more release in the last part of your turns – try a fin template with a finer tip.  If you want more drive & control through turns – try a fin with more tip area.

Fin Construction

The flex or stiffness of your fins is another factor that plays a big part in the way a surfboard will handle. The stiffer your fins are, the more stable and controlled your ride will be. The more flexible your fins are, the more lively but less controlled your ride will be.

If you are a beginner, stiff fins are more forgiving and will give you the stability you need, so you might start there. Their lack of flex makes it hard to make sharp turns and the turns you do make will be wide and sweeping.

Stiffer fins return to their natural position faster, with more force – but it takes more input to flex them in the first place.  This makes stiffer fins ideal for heavier, stronger surfers or for more powerful waves.  Stiffer fins ultimately give you greater control and the ability to push against your board harder, compared to fins that are more easily flexed.

Flexible fins as the name would imply require less input or muscle to load up than their stiffer counterparts. Because they are easier to load up – you can use this springy action in your fins to great effect to generate speed in smaller and weaker waves.  This flexibility does tend to make your board a touch harder to control though, particularly at higher speeds.

Foil – The foil of a fin can be likened to an aeroplane wing or other aerodynamic shapes. Just like the wings on an plane, the way water flows along and around a fin generates lift under your surfboard – in this case it is along the surface of the wave face instead of taking you up into the air. To create optimal flow of water and generate this lift, fins are usually foiled thicker through the centre and tapers away towards the edges. Most fins are also foiled thicker at the bottom and thinner as it gets towards the tip to control the way that it will flex. Ideally a stiffer stable base with more flex as you get towards the tip. Thinner foiled fin tips are great for adding some extra zip to your small wave shredding.

When looking at the way that water flows across and around a fin, there are a couple of types of fin foils with many subtle variations.  Middle fins are always foiled symmetrical and curved on both sides (often refereed to as a 50/50 foil) so water flows evenly across both sides of it, providing stability. Outside fins are usually convexly curved on the outer side with a flat or slightly concaved surface on the inside. Flat foil on the inner side is most common because it gives you a good balance of control and speed. A curved inside on side fins gives you extra lift without adding much extra drag and as a result they are great for speed generation in smaller, weaker waves.


In this article I have focused on standard thruster fin setups, however the general rules/information here definitely applies to other fin set-ups including quads, Tri or single fin setups (for more info on Quads head to this previous articleAt some stage in the future,I’ll break down fin choices for single fins and most importantly Longboard Fin choice so stay tuned for that.

Good fins will never completely fix a board with a flawed design, but finding the right fin to suit your board (and how you want to approach a wave) can dramatically change how well a surfboard goes.  A change in fins can bring out or enhance certain characteristics in a boards performance – trust me in this, the right fins can make an average board magical… so if your current board is not cutting it – try a change in fins;)

Chilli Faded

Chilli Faded

!! The Chilli Faded Model is now in store at Zak Surfboards !!

You still looking for that one board that you can be comfortable on when it starts to pump? Don’t want it super long or too gunny? Still want the board to turn in the pocket and run out on the open face? Want it to last? Want that traveller for your next Indo or Maldives adventure? Want something that will work well locally too? The ‘Faded‘ from Chilli Surfboards might well be just that board!!!  This recent addition to the Chilli Surfboards Line-up has been heavily tested in all sorts of conditions by two of the more powerful units to jump on foam and fibreglass, Jay Davies and Luke Egan – the Faded is also glassed a bit heavier than standard with (6 oz x 4 oz deck) with some added innegra and twin carbon bottom strips – so you can be confident this thing will handle the juicer stuff better than most.

The Faded Design features a relatively generous amount of foam foam in the center of the board for paddle power and easy wave pickup. The design also features a super smooth entry rocker in the nose with a beautiful flow all the way out through the tail – giving you a silky smooth ride out on the face and tight in the pocket. A medium to low rail has been used for excellent bite into the wave face while remaining relatively forgiving.  The bottom features a fairly mellow single concave through the majority of the board, for a great combination of speed down the line and flow through maneuvers.  A neat round tail and narrower tail block has been used for smooth turns with that extra hold & control you need at high speeds, in steeper parts of the wave.

Overall, a great looking board for when the waves have a bit more juice both a home and overseas.  Full size run currently on our racks – come and check them out in Store or grab on ONLINE


Chilli Surfboards – Faded from Chilli Surfboards on Vimeo.

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket models are now in store at Zak Surfboards – full size run hanging on our racks at present!! The aim of this new Pro-formance series is to allow customers to purchase exactly what is under the feet of the many top level athletes that Matt ’Mayhem’ Biolos shapes for.

Over the past 12 months, Matt has narrowed down a single magic design from top surfers quivers, for each of these Pro-formance board models. He has then scaled that design up and down to create full size runs.  In the case of the Pocket Rocket, the “Pro” dims are based off the best boards Kolohe Andino and Griffin Colapinto have ridden in the 5’10-6’0” range.

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

These Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket models are glassed using the exact same high end materials used on these Pro’s competition boards.  These shapes are cut out of Pro weight foam blanks that have 3-ply, black pigmented, bass stringers.  The blanks are glassed using a composite of 4oz “S” glass cloth and direct size glass – giving these boards the strongest possible lightweight PU/PE construction. 

New, fade carbon tail patch are used on all of these models, engineered to add better impact resistance precisely where your heel and toes go- while allowing the tail to flex naturally. 

The Pocket Rocket design was developed for WSL surfer Kolohe Andino back in 2015. Ready to change up the bottom curves under his feet, this shortboard has a moderate even, continuous rocker, without any distinct flips or breaks compared to his previous signature board designs. The Pocket Rocket model has constantly been fine tuned since then, with feedback from the vast array of high quality surfing talent that have put Matt Mayhem Biolos’ shapes under their feet in the past 2 years you can be pretty darn sure this is a winner.

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

 The Pocket Rocket when compared to many of Matt Biolos’ shapes has more curve in the centre of the board with less of his usual kick out the tail.  This new curve has enabled Kolohe & many other team riders to approach the critical part of the wave with more aggression and most importantly, without losing speed and drive.  To make sure the rider maintains lift and speed, Matt has also subtly deepened the concaves in this board model somewhat from his other hp shortboards. 

The Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket models are a great high performance shortboard with built-in drive that won’t shy away from critical sections.  We currently have the round tail incarnation of this design on our racks– for smoother turns and a little extra hold and control.   Drop by the shop and check them out or grab one from us ONLINE!!



…Lost Pro-Formance Series from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.



Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket | Yago Dora from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.

New Creatures Grips in Store

New Creatures Grips in Store

We now have the brand New Creatures Grips in Store at Zak Surfboards.  Set to officially drop in the coming months this new range features all new designed signature pads for all of their team riders including –  Griffin Colapinto @griffin_cola , Mitch Coleborn @mitch_coleborn , Stephanie Gilmore @stephaniegilmore , Joan Duru @joanduru , Ethan Ewing @ethan_ewing , Mick Fanning @mfanno , Jay Davies @jay_davies & Nat Young @nat_young

Creatures Grips Creatures Grips Creatures Grips

Also in this range is some really good looking front foot traction options for those of you who like that.  This 2018 range is now available – come in store and grab one for your next stick or get one from us ONLINE

Firewire Tomo SKX

Firewire Tomo SKX

Tomo SKXFirewire Surfboards latest performance shortboard model The Tomo SKX is now in store on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  Designed by Dan ‘Tomo’ Thompson as Stuart Kennedy’s all-round shortboard model for the WSL 2017 season and intended to be surfed in mediocre to good waves.

The SKX has a relatively full outline (for a performance shortboard) with a beautifully smooth, medium rocker and a nice even foil.  Plenty of foam has been left around the stringer with a domed deck that finishes with a relatively low, refined rail.

Tomo SKX

The bottom feature the same trademark Tomo (QISC) ‘Quad-Inside-Single-Concave’ bottom contour (although a more subtle version to the Sci-Fi) which helps enable that incredible speed, flow and release which is evident in Stu’s surfing.

This design is recommended to be ridden with a touch more volume than your normal shortboard – with its lower rail and highly responsive ride characteristics you definitely won’t be feeling like you are on something boaty & why not grab a touch of extra paddle power if you can 😉 

Currently on our racks in store or grab one ONLINE!!!