I’m Over Winter Sale

I’m Over Winter Sale

!!! The “I’m Over Winter Sale” is now on at Zak Surfboards !!!
Well, we have finally cracked it with winter this year. It’s been great but we are yearning for some UV rays and some warmth and we are looking forward to making some rack space for the upcoming summer months even if it means smaller waves and south easterly winds!!!   We have a great range of deals on run out stock from Saturday 19th of August until the end of the month. Get in quick because the best deals are always the first to go…
Up to $200 off selected surfboards (a hell of a lot of boards discounted here)
Up to 40% off  4/3 wetties, gloves and hoods (& 30% off all boots)
Clothing discounted by up to 50% (with any any full-priced clothing not already reduced-  buy one get the next item half-price)
Up to 40% off all backpacks and luggage
All skateboards & gear 50-60% off
30% off all bodyboards
Don’t snooze because it’s only while stock lasts 😉

Chilli Faded

Chilli Faded

!! The Chilli Faded Model is now in store at Zak Surfboards !!

You still looking for that one board that you can be comfortable on when it starts to pump? Don’t want it super long or too gunny? Still want the board to turn in the pocket and run out on the open face? Want it to last? Want that traveller for your next Indo or Maldives adventure? Want something that will work well locally too? The ‘Faded’ from Chilli Surfboards might well be just that board!!!  This recent addition to the Chilli Surfboards Line-up has been heavily tested in all sorts of conditions by two of the more powerful units to jump on foam and fibreglass, Jay Davies and Luke Egan – the Faded is also glassed a bit heavier than standard with (6 oz x 4 oz deck) with some added innegra and twin carbon bottom strips – so you can be confident this thing will handle the juicer stuff better than most.

The Faded Design features a relatively generous amount of foam foam in the center of the board for paddle power and easy wave pickup. The design also features a super smooth entry rocker in the nose with a beautiful flow all the way out through the tail – giving you a silky smooth ride out on the face and tight in the pocket. A medium to low rail has been used for excellent bite into the wave face while remaining relatively forgiving.  The bottom features a fairly mellow single concave through the majority of the board, for a great combination of speed down the line and flow through maneuvers.  A neat round tail and narrower tail block has been used for smooth turns with that extra hold & control you need at high speeds, in steeper parts of the wave.

Overall, a great looking board for when the waves have a bit more juice both a home and overseas.  Full size run currently on our racks – come and check them out in Store


Chilli Surfboards – Faded from Chilli Surfboards on Vimeo.

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket models are now in store at Zak Surfboards – full size run hanging on our racks at present!! The aim of this new Pro-formance series is to allow customers to purchase exactly what is under the feet of the many top level athletes that Matt ’Mayhem’ Biolos shapes for.

Over the past 12 months, Matt has narrowed down a single magic design from top surfers quivers, for each of these Pro-formance board models. He has then scaled that design up and down to create full size runs.  In the case of the Pocket Rocket, the “Pro” dims are based off the best boards Kolohe Andino and Griffin Colapinto have ridden in the 5’10-6’0” range.

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

These Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket models are glassed using the exact same high end materials used on these Pro’s competition boards.  These shapes are cut out of Pro weight foam blanks that have 3-ply, black pigmented, bass stringers.  The blanks are glassed using a composite of 4oz “S” glass cloth and direct size glass – giving these boards the strongest possible lightweight PU/PE construction. 

New, fade carbon tail patch are used on all of these models, engineered to add better impact resistance precisely where your heel and toes go- while allowing the tail to flex naturally. 

The Pocket Rocket design was developed for WSL surfer Kolohe Andino back in 2015. Ready to change up the bottom curves under his feet, this shortboard has a moderate even, continuous rocker, without any distinct flips or breaks compared to his previous signature board designs. The Pocket Rocket model has constantly been fine tuned since then, with feedback from the vast array of high quality surfing talent that have put Matt Mayhem Biolos’ shapes under their feet in the past 2 years you can be pretty darn sure this is a winner.

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

 The Pocket Rocket when compared to many of Matt Biolos’ shapes has more curve in the centre of the board with less of his usual kick out the tail.  This new curve has enabled Kolohe & many other team riders to approach the critical part of the wave with more aggression and most importantly, without losing speed and drive.  To make sure the rider maintains lift and speed, Matt has also subtly deepened the concaves in this board model somewhat from his other hp shortboards. 

The Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket models are a great high performance shortboard with built-in drive that won’t shy away from critical sections.  We currently have the round tail incarnation of this design on our racks– for smoother turns and a little extra hold and control.   Drop by the shop and check them out!!



…Lost Pro-Formance Series from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.



Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket | Yago Dora from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.

New Creatures Grips in Store

New Creatures Grips in Store

We now have the brand New Creatures Grips in Store at Zak Surfboards.  Set to officially drop in the coming months this new range features all new designed signature pads for all of their team riders including –  Griffin Colapinto @griffin_cola , Mitch Coleborn @mitch_coleborn , Stephanie Gilmore @stephaniegilmore , Joan Duru @joanduru , Ethan Ewing @ethan_ewing , Mick Fanning @mfanno , Jay Davies @jay_davies & Nat Young @nat_young

Creatures Grips Creatures Grips Creatures Grips

Also in this range is some really good looking front foot traction options for those of you who like that.  This 2018 range is only available in store with limited stock at present (so get in quick) – officially release and widely available closer to summer, come in store and grab one for your next stick.

Firewire Tomo SKX

Firewire Tomo SKX

Tomo SKXFirewire Surfboards latest performance shortboard model The Tomo SKX is now in store on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  Designed by Dan ‘Tomo’ Thompson as Stuart Kennedy’s all-round shortboard model for the WSL 2017 season and intended to be surfed in mediocre to good waves.

The SKX has a relatively full outline (for a performance shortboard) with a beautifully smooth, medium rocker and a nice even foil.  Plenty of foam has been left around the stringer with a domed deck that finishes with a relatively low, refined rail.

Tomo SKX

The bottom feature the same trademark Tomo (QISC) ‘Quad-Inside-Single-Concave’ bottom contour (although a more subtle version to the Sci-Fi) which helps enable that incredible speed, flow and release which is evident in Stu’s surfing.

This design is recommended to be ridden with a touch more volume than your normal shortboard – with its lower rail and highly responsive ride characteristics you definitely won’t be feeling like you are on something boaty & why not grab a touch of extra paddle power if you can 😉 

Currently on our racks in store!!!



New Zak Secondhand Instagram account

New Zak Secondhand Instagram account

We have just launched a brand new Zak Secondhand Instagram account @zak_secondhand  On this page we will be posting all the secondhand boards that come into the shop so you can easily keep track of what is in store.  Each board listed on this account will have 6 photos detailing the deck, bottom, nose, tail and fins as well as information on the dimensions, fin system and price.  Head over to @zak_secondhand and like to get involved 😉


Pyzel Ghost

Pyzel Ghost

Pyzel Ghost

We have the Pyzel Ghost model on our racks here at Zak Surfboards. This high performance shortboard works fantastically well when the waves have a little more juice. Originally designed to excel in steeper & hollower waves, the Ghost is actually quite a lot more versatile than you’d think.  A board that certainly doesn’t lack drive underfoot, with pretty decent wave catching ability for a board its size.  The refined rails and pulled in tail allows you to hold you line with ease, as well as turn with control in steeper parts of the wave at speed.

Coupled with the right fins, this board is heaps of fun to ride in more average conditions as well.  Despite its pulled in tail, this board is still loose and manoeuvrable enough to throw down in less than cranking waves – an addition to you quiver than is certain to get used regularly (& not just on the best days of the year).

This model has become one of JJF’s go-to’s for bigger surf in 2017, riding it to victory at Margaret River and then into the sky with his Bells Alley-Oop.  Not just a model for the pros – the ghost is a great board for those of us that are less physically gifted – a board that excels in down the line point waves, reef breaks, or dumpy beachies with a bit of push.

Already in the quiver of several of our staff members & regulars, by all reports an A+ good wave/step up for Victorian waves or for travel – come in store and check out this model in person or see what we currently have in stock ONLINE.


The Wetsuit Guide

The Wetsuit Guide

The Wetsuit Guide

Looking at buying a new wetsuit? Or just getting into surfing and looking for your first wettie? We’ve put together this general guide on how wetsuits work, and an explanation of the different features you can get in a wetsuit to help you choose the right suit to get you in the water, and stay warm!


Wetsuits are made of neoprene, an elastic synthetic rubber material which has good insulation properties. Winter and premium wetsuits often have a lining material such as merino wool or polyester that give extra warmth and draw water away from the skin.

Ribbet collage


Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm when surfing in cold water. They work by catching a thin layer of water between your skin and the neoprene. Your body heats up the water and keeps you warm. It’s super important to get a wetsuit that fits properly otherwise you will get cold water constantly flushing the warm water out.


There are three main styles of wetsuit:

Full Suit or Steamer – covers the whole body to ankles and wrists comes in different thicknesses for summer or winter.

Short Arm/Long Leg – as it suggests, the suit goes to the ankles but cuts of at the elbows. A great style for spring/summer/autumn.

Spring Suit – cuts off at the knees and elbows, perfect for those warm summer days.


Like anything you wear, different wetsuit brands and styles have slightly different cuts and sizing, and different suits will fit different body shapes better. It is always important to try on a wetsuit before you buy it, and we recommend trying 2-3 suits to get a comparison.

– Your wetsuit should to be skin tight with no bunching of neoprene.

– The suit should be tightly sealing at the neck, wrists and ankles (or elbows and knees if you’re in a spring suit) so you are not getting cold water flushes with every duck dive (or wipe out…)

– Try and get a suit that sits flush to your skin all over your body, particularly in the lower back over your kidneys.


The neoprene acts as insulation to against the cold water, so as a general rule the thicker the neoprene, the warmer the wetsuit will be. However, thicker neoprene also takes away from the flexibility of the suit.

You will see wetsuits in our online store described as 2/2, 3/2 or 4/3. These numbers refer to the thickness in millimetres of the neoprene in the torso, and legs/arms suit. For example, in general a 3/2 suit has 3 millimetres of neoprene in the torso area (sometimes extending through the upper leg or full leg in warmer suits) and 2 millimetres of neoprene in the arms/legs. This is to keep your core warm and give you the flexibility you need in the arms and legs to surf.

In general spring suits are 2/2, summer/spring/autumn suits are 2/2 or 3/2 and winter suits are 4/3 (or 5/4 for those desperately freezing days!)


The zipper on the wetsuit allows you to get in and out of the wetsuit, however the zip area can also allow cold water and wind to get into the suit as well. There are three different wetsuit entry systems on the market at the moment, each with pros and cons. The most important thing is to try on a suit, and weigh up the pros and cons to work out what is best for you.

Back ZipBack Zip – The back zip has been the standard wetsuit entry system for last few decades, but lately has been overtaken by the chest zip. It has a long zipper down the back of the suit and is the easiest suit design to get in and out of. However the long zip area can allow water to get through the seams and some surfers find the zip down the back restricts their movement slightly.

Chest ZipChest Zip – The chest zip is now the most popular entry system. When unzipped, you enter through the neck area of the suit. While some people find the chest zip more difficult to get in and out of at first, it definitely gets easier after a few surfs and advancements in neoprene technology in the last few years have made wetsuits a lot more flexible. The advantages of the chest zip are the smaller zip area, which means less chance of water getting through the seams, and with no big zip running down the back, it is much more comfortable and flexible to wear.

ZipperlessZipperless – Recently most wetsuit companies have started making zipperless wetsuits, where you enter through the neck area. The benefits of having no zip at all is that no water can get in through the zipper, and there is a lot more flexibility in the suit. The downside of no zip is the difficulty of getting in and out of it!


Another important factor in avoiding those pesky cold water flushes is the seams of your wetsuit. All suits need to be stitched together in some way, and that usually means a needle and thread. Unfortunately the needle makes lots of little holes in the wetsuit which water and wind can sneak through. There are a few different ways wetsuit companies have come up with to combat this so here is an overview of the different types of seams. Most suits have one or a combination of these.

Overlock Stich – Pretty much obsolete now, but can still be found in budget suits. It has big stiches on the inside of the wetsuit that stick out of the neoprene which can be uncomfortable. It is a very strong stitch but does leave lots of little holes that water and wind can get into. It is usually cheap and durable, and is good for a summer wetsuit or as an entry level suit for beginners.

FlatlockFlatlock stich – The flatlock stich is a zig-zag close stitch seam which is comfortable and flexible, but it can leak. It is great for summer suits.

GBS Seam Critical tapingGlued and Blind-Stitched (GBS) – The neoprene is glued together and then blind stitched over the top. A blind-stitch is when the needle never penetrates the neoprene completely so there are no holes. The GBS seam keeps you warm by trapping a small layer of water in the suit, and minimising cold water flushes. This type of seam is found in warm and premium wetsuits and is good for winter or summer suits.

Taped SeamsSpot Taped or Fully Taped – Some GBS suits also have spot taping, where stress points in the suit are taped on the inside. (A stress point is where three or more neoprene panels intersect.) A fully taped GBS suit has all the stiches completely covered on the inside of the suit with a special tape. This increases the durability and warmth of the suit, and reduces seam leakage as the suit ages. However it slightly decreases the flexibility of the suit, and is very time consuming to make, therefore comes with a price tag. Great for winter suits and premium suits.

Fluid Seam WeldWelded Seams/Liquid Taping – The welded seam is when the neoprene is glued together, and then a rubber strip is welded onto the seams on the outside and/or inside of the suit. The suit is fully sealed and air tight, which means no water can pass through the seams keeping you toasty warm. The welded seam also has high flexibility as the rubber seam will stretch with the suit. Welded seams are usually found in premium and winter suits.


The first thing you need to ask yourself when buying a new suit is “where and when am I going to surf?” This will help determine the water temperature you will be in for, and that is the first thing you need to consider when choosing your suit.

For Victorian conditions, summer usually means a 2/2 Spring Suit on the hottest days, or a 2/2 or 3/2 in a Full Suit or Short Arm/Long Leg to take you through spring/autumn.

If you want to stay in the water longer than about 20 minutes in the winter months, a 4/3 suit is definitely the way to go. It is also important to consider what type of seam and entry system you have in your winter suit. Winter is when you really want to minimise cold water flushes and wind chill, so a fully taped and sealed wetsuit with welded seams is highly advantageous. Extra accessories such as booties, hoods and gloves can also be a good idea if you tend to feel the cold.


Now you have the down-low on all things wetsuits, come and see us at Zak Surfboards (307 Victoria Rd, Thornbury) the wetsuit specialists in Melbourne. Here at Zak’s we provide one of the biggest & best ranges of surfing wetsuits in Victoria – conveniently located right here in Melbourne! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find the perfect wetsuit for your needs and budget. Selected styles are also available in our ONLINE STORE

Futures Jack Freestone Generation fin

Futures Jack Freestone Generation fin

New to the Futures Fins range, the Futures Jack Freestone Generation fin is already proving to be a fin of choice for several staff and regulars for small to medium sized waves.

A very well balanced fin that is relatively large in size, this slightly more upright template allows for tighter arcs with a generous tip giving excellent control off the top.  It’s a great choice in flatter, wider tailed boards for those you usually ride medium sized fins, or as a fin with a bit of extra pep for larger surfers in their all-round equipment. 

The Futures Generation series fins all feature a V2 foil which is the go to shape for extra speed -enhancing the efficiency of water flow across the surface of the fin. This foil gives you considerably more lift, more speed through turns and smoother rail-to-rail transitions.

Multiple layers of uni-directional fiberglass is used in the layup of all Generation series fins. This uni-directional cloth has quite a different flex to normal bi-directional glass. By it’s nature, this uni-directional cloth is stiffer when flexed in one direction & more flexible & springy in the other.  When it is placed strategically throughout a fin’s structure, an excellent balance can be struck between control through turns & liveliness in set up & transition. More rigid uni-directional carbon strips have been layered vertically across the front these fins- these strips act as spines, securing the leading edge while focusing the flex of the fin to the trailing edge and the tip.  Bi-directional 12K carbon panels are then used to cover the base of the fins – making them quite stiff. This solid base combined with the carbon strips give this fin a snappy torsional twist – which means a lively yet controlled ride underfoot.  All Futures Generation Series fins are made using epoxy resin, which  is significantly lighter & more resilient than polyester resin.  Epoxy resin allows for more flex in the fin without cracking, as well as making these fins less prone to chips and scratches.


Overall this very technical construction in the Futures Generation Series Fins results in a very positive feeling, responsive, speed-generating fin – while allowing you to retain connection to the face and control. The combination of materials used is lightweight and stable with flex in the right places – giving the rider a unique combination of liveliness, speed & power.


Side fins: Area 15.52” , Height 4.67” , Base 4.48”Foil V2

Center fin: Area 15.52” , Height 4.67” , Base 4.48” Foil SYMM


Grab a set from us ONLINE or come in store and check these out – test drive set to be added to our collection shortly

Slater Designs Gamma Now In Store

Slater Designs Gamma Now In Store

!!!Slater Designs Gamma now in store!!!

They’re in – 2 big boxes of the the new Slater Designs Gamma models just arrived in store this morning. Definitely not just a glass slipper fit for the King – these look like pretty epic all-rounder for those of us less gifted wave riders, in the right dimensions.  

Slater Designs Gamma

This model has a beautifully smooth medium rocker, combined with a relatively generous outline (for a high performance shortboard) and a nice medium, pinched rail.  The bottom contour is a single concave, with a touch of double between the fins that eases into a vee out the back. These are the first Slater Designs Model to be built in Firewire’s new and improved Helium Tech construction.  Reportedly both stronger and better performing under-foot than any previous Firewire construction.



I haven’t taken one of these for a spin yet (can’t wait btw) but this board seems to have quite a few more user friendly characteristics than any Kelly Slater model I’ve put under my arm before. This appears to be a really clean, nicely balanced design – something I’d quite comfortably jump on as a high performance all rounder.


Drop by the shop and check them out

Slater Designs GAMMA from STAB on Vimeo.