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SuperBrand Vapors

SuperBrand Vapors 1The SuperBrand Vapors is a shorter wider surfboard that doesn’t sacrifice performance. It is meant to be a higher volume, easy paddling, speed generating surfboard, but unlike many boards with similar dimensions you don’t have to change your approach to the wave to accommodate these more generous proportions.

SuperBrand Vapors 3The Vapors has a relaxed entry rocker with a medium tail/exit rocker. The standard diamond tail shortens the rail line of the board, this combined with a thinner tail and medium rail add a lot of performance characteristics to a shape that may otherwise fall into the hybrid category.

The bottom features a single concave that starts relatively far up the board, running through to a double concave in the tail with a subtle vee through the very last bit of the tail. These bottom contours make this board accelerate quickly, generating heaps of speed from take off. The double concave to vee through the tail combined with the shortened rail line makes this board draw tight arcs and redirect quickly. Allowing you to carve proper rail turns on smaller wave faces.

SuperBrand Vapors collage 1SuperBrand Vapors 2 SuperBrand Vapors collage 2Designed to be surfed in anything the ocean can throw at you from knee to head high, a fun & responsive shape that has a loyal following with many of our regulars.

Come check out the SuperBrand Vapors instore or ONLINE

FCS II Reactor PC Carbon

FCS II Reactor PC CarbonThe FCS II Reactor PC Carbon is a fin that will significantly tighten the turning circle of your surfboard.   The upright template combined with the stiffer Performance Core/ Carbon Fibre construction gives you a positive feeling, quick reacting fin – hence the name ;)

Great for short, peaky waves – you’ll be able to at least add another turn or two to each wave when you have a set of these in your board.  Particularly useful in flatter rockered surfboards – if you are finding it hard to draw the arcs you want on a flatter board, these can really help you.  Popular with those who like to do tight, snappy maneuvers tight in the pocket of the wave, rather than running out onto the open face to carve big, drawn out arcs.

FCS II Reactor PC Carbon 2

Base: 4.34″ / 110mm
Depth: 4.57″ / 116mm
Area: 14.96″² / 9650mm²
Sweep: 31.9º
Foil: Flat

Base: 4.45″ / 113mm
Depth: 4.68″ / 119mm
Area: 15.73″² / 10150mm²
Sweep: 31.9º
Foil:  Flat

Come and check them and more of the FCS II range instore or ONLINE

New Demo Surfboards

We’ve just added a bunch of New Demo Surfboards to our collection from SuperBrand, Firewire and DHD.  Below are a couple of them to have a peek at:

IMG_4764DHD JF DX1 5’10″ x 19 1/8″ x 2 7/16″ 28.33L


IMG_4755 Firewire Timbertek Mayhem RNF Round Nose Fish 5’10″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ 34.4L Futures


IMG_4758Superbrand Toy 6’2″ x 19 7/8″ x 2 9/16″ 33.3L


IMG_4752DHD JF DX1 6’2″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ 31L Futures Fins


IMG_4761Superbrand The Vapors 6’0″ x 19 7/8″ x 2 1/2″ 30.2L Futures Fins

At Zak Surfboards, we offer a broad range of Hire and Demo surfboards. The hire & demo program is a great opportunity for you to test out a bunch of different boards before you buy*.

View our current range of Hire & Demo Surfboards HERE

We also have a large collection of TEST DRIVE FINS you can choose from as well.

Ring ahead to see what is available & book your hire preference
ph: 03 9416 7384

How the demo program works

* You have 4 weeks to demo as many boards as you want (1 board per person). At the end of the 4th week you may purchase a new surfboard (no lay-by) and you will receive all of the hire/demo costs off the recommended retail price of the new board. This demo program is for all surfboards we offer for hire. We are very strict on the timeline conditions. 4 weeks is from the date of the first hire. You must retain all demo receipts to obtain the refund.

Hire & Demo Pricing:
1 day $30
2 days / Weekend $50
Weekly rate $120

All boards will come with a protective cover, wax and leg rope ;)


SuperBrand PigDog now instore

SuperBrand PigDog now instore 1We have just got a full size run of the SuperBrand PigDog now instore!

SuperBrand PigDog now instore logoThe SuperBrand Pigdog is a short/wide board that will handle steeper & bigger conditions than most shortboards – a bit like a step up without adding extra length, and without getting too gunny.

SuperBrand Pigdog collage 1SuperBrand PigDog now instore 2SuperBrand Pigdog collage 2It has a smooth curvy outline with a wider nose and a tidy pulled in tail – designed to make it a perfect fit for steeper/curvier parts of the wave, which makes life a lot easier in more critical situations like late take offs, pulling in under the lip or sucky sections.  Created with laying down big carves on big open faces or hunting down tubes in mind – the SuperBrand PigDog is a great board for good waves at home or to take to the tropics.  Also works a treat on the open beaches down the Peninsula/Island with its extra paddle power and hold.

The PigDog can definitely replace a stepup and is an easy board to transition onto from a shorter/wider shortboard.

Come and check out the PigDog instore or ONLINE  (each board will be uploaded shortly)

Make your own board at The Surfboard Studio

Make your own board at The Surfboard Studio

Make your own board at The Surfboard Studio in 2 days – what???

In 2015 The Surfboard Studio have changed how they are structuring their Make Your Own Board Courses. They are now running them over 2 days – essentially you can shape, glass & sand a board in a total 2 x 8 hour sessions and leave with your own high quality, finished surfboard, made completely by you, ready to surf!
These sessions are run on Saturdays from 9am-5pm, requiring participants to attend 2 sessions in a 1 month period (2 x 8 hour  Saturday Sessions). So it is now simply a matter of picking 2 Saturday sessions in a month that will suit your schedule and get your board done;)

Head to this page for more information

Hit this link for Bookings

Feel free to contact the staff at the Surfboard Studio via email at

or you can call 0402 333 720

New in Secondhand

New in Secondhand 1Here is a quick snapshot of some of the surfboards that we have that are New in Secondhand.

First off we have a …Lost Sub Buggy in a 5’10″

...Lost Sub Buggy ...Lost Sub Buggy collage 1...Lost Sub Buggy 2...Lost Sub Buggy  Collage2Check it out online Here
(There is also a 6’3″ of this model in that has just come in as well)

Next we have a DHD DX1 JF in a 6’0″

DHD DX1 JF 6'0 1DHD DX1 JF 6'0 collage 1DHD DX1 JF 6'0 2DHD DX1 JF 6'0 collage 2Check it out Online Here

A Channel Islands Al Merrick Average Joe in a 5’5″

Channel Islands Average JoeChannel Islands Average Joe collage 1Channel Islands Average Joe Channel Islands Average Joe  collage 2Check it out online Here

A Chilli Cherry Peppa 5’6″ has also just come in

Chilli Cherry Peppa  1Chilli Cherry Peppa Collage 1Chilli Cherry Peppa 2Chilli Cherry Peppa Collage 2Check it out online Here

We also have this Channel Islands Fred Stubble model in a 6’1″

Channel Islands Fred Stubble hannel Islands Fred Stubble Collage 1Channel Islands Fred Stubble Channel Islands Fred Stubble Collage 2Check it out online Here

Remember, at Zak Surfboards we hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards.  Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE


FCS II MB PC CarbonThe FCS II MB PC Carbon is a great all-round thruster set.  This particular fin template is a great choice for large/strong surfers in their day to day board, or for lighter surfers riding boards with wider tails.

These Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos signature template fins deliver a lively combination of drive, hold and maneuverability. This versatile fin holds it’s own both out on the face and in steeper parts of the wave.  When compared to a standard fin template (eg the Performer L template) this fin has a touch more  area in the bottom half , while being a little bit more upright (ie less rake) with less area in the top half.  This equates to a slightly tighter & snappier turning circle, while still maintaining hold and drive from the area in the bottom half.

FCS II MB PC Carbon thrusterFin Specs
Base:  4.41″ / 112mm
Depth:  4.74″ / 120mm
Area:  15.26″² / 9847mm²
Sweep:  32.9º
Foil:  Flat

Come check them out/grab a set from us instore or ONLINE

JS Monsta 3 Round Tail

JS Monsta 3 Round TailA full size run of the JS Monsta 3 Round Tail are now instore at Zak Surfboards. From 6’0″ up to 6’6 and all with five FCSII plugs – an excellent choice for Victorian waves with the run of swell we’ve had recently and a sure fire goal kicker for trips to the tropics!

JS Monsta 3 Round Tail aIMG_4025 JS Monsta 3 collage 2The JS Monsta 3 Round Tail features a nice smooth/clean outline with a beautiful high performance rocker throughout, the nose also has a generous amount of of flip in the final 12″ to help with steeper takeoffs in sucky waves.   A tidy but not too gunny round tail coupled with a mid performance rail gives you a combination of hold/control and looseness on the open face that’s hard to top.  Monsta 3 features a single concave bottom that starts up near the nose and runs through into a double concave in front of fins. This bottom design gives the board and excellent maneuverability, lift and speed.

Come and check these out instore and ONLINE shortly

Firewire Special T

Firewire Special TWe have just got a couple of the new Firewire Special T model instore.  This new model was developed by Firewire shaper  Dann Mann in collaboration with multiple World Longboard Title winner Taylor Jensen, aimed at a more traditional longboarding approach.

Firewire Special T collage 1Special T 11Firewire Special T collage 2Compared to the other longboards in the Firewire Range – this model has a much flatter rocker with a focus towards more trim, glide and speed. The rails are a more traditional 50/50 curve throughout the majority of the board, leading into a tucked edge in the tail.  This helps the board trim and sit comfortably in the curl, with the tucked edge making this board a bit more forgiving & easier to turn than many edgeless traditional shapes.

Special T 12There is a slight concave in the nose which helps the board sit on top of the water when noseriding.  The Firewire Special T has an area pin tail which encourages smooth turns, holds in well in the curl & helps  counter balances you while you are on the nose.

Special T collage 3Special T 13Special T collage 4A nice easy surfing traditional longboard or log – no excuses to not get wet when you have one of these in the quiver. Come check them out instore or ONLINE

DHD Stab In The Dark

DHD Stab In the Dark pic 1We have just received a size run of the limited edition DHD Stab In The Dark model.  Stab Magazine got 11 of the world’s best shapers to create their ultimate high-performance surfboard, for an unknown world tour surfer (6’0/80kg). These boards had no distinguishing markings or logos on them – the idea being that the surfer judged the cleanskin boards on pure feeling/performance underfoot, without any preconceived ideas of brand or model.

IMG_4337 DHD Stab In the Dark Collage 2 DHD Stab In The Dark aDarren Handley’s design was voted Best Surfboard of the bunch by test pilot Julian Wilson in this competition. To celebrate, DHD have made a limited run of 99 surfboards to the exact dimensions as was made for the ’Stab In The Dark’ project – and we now have a bunch of them in the shop.

“The ultimate surfboard gives you feedback. The moment you stand on them you know. It tells you how it wants to be ridden.” – Julian Wilson.

IMG_4334 DHD Stab In The Dark collage 1These sleds all come individually numbered (out of 99), with special white decals and hand signed (in gold) by Darren Handley himself.  Come and check them out instore while they last or even grab one from us ONLINE
***Watch the full ‘Stab In the Dark’ movie HERE***


Futures AM1 HC

Futures AM1 HCThe Futures AM1 HC is a very popular Medium sized thruster set that provides a sweet combination of down the line drive and release off the top. Designed by Channel Islands Surfboards founder/shaper Al Merrick, a template developed & refined over his decades of shaping for the worlds best surfers.

This fin’s wide base and raked back shape gives you heaps of drive down the line and hold on rail .  The narrower tip and smaller back fin gives you release off of the top.  The  honeycomb construction creates a positive feeling medium flex pattern, suitable for use in a large range of conditions.

Futures AM1 HC 1Grab a set from us instore or ONLINE


Reef Boots

Reef BootsWe have a large range of Reef Boots in stock for those of you that are escaping the colder months and heading off to the tropics.             6 different styles for you to choose from including brands such as O’neill, Xcel, Rip Curl and FCS.

FCS Reef Boots collageXcel Reef Boots collageCome in and grab a pair before you head off and any other bits and pieces you might need for your trip.  Get prepared quickly and easily before you head off – drop by Zak Surfboards for a one stop shop of all our travel gear or shop it ONLINE

Rip Curl Reef Boots collageO'neill Reef Boot collage

Pyzel Deluxe

Pyzel DeluxeThe Pyzel Deluxe – a brand new model from Jon Pyzel that fits in somewhere between a performance groveller (like the Slab or Amigo) and a proper high performance shortboard (like the Flash or the Bastard).  Featuring a defined hip in the outline – giving it a straighter rail through the middle of the board and a defined pivot point to snap off before tapering into a fairly tidy tail.

Pyzel Deluxe 1 Pyzel Deluxe 4It has a continuous medium rocker from nose to tail and a single concave bottom that flattens and trails into a slight vee in the last few inches of the tail.  Lower in the rail  than the Slab, but a rolled deck ensures there is still a decent amount of meat left in the middle of the board. Pyzel Deluxe 2Come and check them out instore or Online

Board Shorts

Board ShortsIt might be winter but we have a great selection of Board Shorts on our racks specifically for those of you that are heading off to warmer climates.  A bunch of different styles & colours from Patagonia to choose from.

Come in and grab a pair before you head off and any other bits and pieces you might need for your trip.  Get prepared quickly and easily before you head off – drop by for a one stop shop of all our travel gear or shop it ONLINE

FCS II Julian Wilson PG

FCS II Julian Wilson PGAnother of our most popular selling thruster sets  is the FCS II Julian Wilson PG. This medium sized thruster set features a nice medium sized neutral side fin template, with a smaller center fin.

Having a smaller back fin in a thruster set significantly tightens the turning circle of your board – compared to having a thruster set with all fins the same size.  The side fins become dominant,  making this fin set ideal for snappy short arc turns and releasing the tail.

The fiberglass construction and bigger side fine ensure that you don’t sacrifice drive and speed down the line.  The  positive yet stable feeling you get from an all glass fin means that you feel solid leaning into you bottom-turns, yet feel lively off the top due to the smaller back fin.  Loosen up your board without sacrificing drive with a set of these and feel the difference.

FCS II Julian Wilson PG 2MEDIUM
 4.40″ / 112mm
Depth: 4.55″ / 116mm
Area: 15.17″² / 9785 mm²
Sweep: 33.3°
Foil: Flat

 4.29″ / 109mm
Depth: 4.50″ / 114mm
Area: 14.06″² / 9070 mm²
Sweep: 31.0°
Foil: 50/50

Available from us instore or ONLINE

C-Skins Wired and Hot Wired now instore

C-Skins Hot Wired 3C-Skins Wired and Hot Wired steamers are now instore at Zak Surfboards.  Relatively new to the Australian market, we have been very impress by the  construction and features of these C-skins suits – in our opinion some of the most flexible and best built suits available.

Hailing from Europe, C-SKINS have developed a loyal following in cold climates, having a no-compromise attitude to quality, workmanship and value for money. The company is innovation driven – focusing the majority of their resources on on creating the best products rather than on marketing.

C-Skins Hot Wired C-Skins Hot Wired 4

C-Skins Hot Wired 4/3 Steamer

• DryKnit Internal thermal lining throughout the chest, back & lower body – a new multilayered, quick dry lining specifically developed to repel water,reflect heat back onto your body & hold more air for greater insulation.
•  H2X Dry Flex Outer Lining – lighter when wet than traditional ultra stretch neoprene.  Less water is trapped on your wetsuit, meaning less wind chill and a lighter, stretchier suit to wear
• Stitchless seams
• Airloc chest and back panel neoprene – a complex structured rubber that traps air in layers which means more insulation.  Less thickness without the loss of warmth or stretch.
• Future Fit
• Power seam – over 50% lighter than conventional liquid tape, reducing the overall weight of the wetsuit. Substantially more durable & more flexible than most liquid tapes on the market
• Super Seal Glideskin collar
• C-Flex Hot Tape internal seams – exclusive to C-Skins, a 0.5mm C-Flex Ultra Stretch Tape which is glued and pressure bonded to the inner seams.  This substantially increases the seams durability and water resistance over time – with no hinderance on the flexibility and stretch of the suit.
• Future Fit 3D knees
• Enigma chest zip
• Lock Down cuffs
• Future Fit knee and arm flex embossing
• Air Foam Neoprene – the most lightweight premium wetsuit neoprene foam available.  20% lighter than traditional neoprene, stretchier without sacrificing warmth or durability. An additional Nitrogen gas mix is used to increase the aeration of the foam, the end result is a neoprene that is insanely warm and flexible.
• Key pocket

C-Skins Wired 1 C-Skins Wired 2

C-Skins Wired 4/3 Steamer

• DryKnit Internal thermal lining throughout the chest, back & lower body – a new multilayered, quick dry lining specifically developed to repel water,reflect heat back onto     your body & hold more air for greater insulation.
• Air Foam Neoprene – the most lightweight premium wetsuit neoprene foam available.  20% lighter than traditional neoprene, stretchier without sacrificing warmth or durability. An additional Nitrogen gas mix is used to increase the aeration of the foam, the end result is a neoprene that is insanely warm and flexible.
• DuroFlx knee pads
• Lock Down cuffs
• Future Fit
• Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene – Ultra Stretch C-Flex Neoprene is C-Skins stretchiest and most versatile neoprene. It has a comfortable lining with a stretchier foam and a tighter weave fabric – adding durability and less water absorbent.
• GBS internal seams – fully sealed, watertight seam construction, the panels are first glued and then press together, followed by a stitch that doesn’t penetrate all the way through the neoprene (also known as Glued and Blindstitched).
• Recycled thermal lining – recycled plastics are used to make a high-pile thermal lining, that traps air around your body – keeping you warmer.
• Minimal panel design – less seams equals greater warmth, flexibility and comfort
• Super Seal Glideskin collar
• Future Fit 3D knees
• Enigma chest zip
• Lock Down cuffs – designed to create a comfortable, watertight seal against your skin with a completely seamless cuffed edge . This ‘donut’ shaped panel stretches out to create the ultimate seal – which means minimal to no flushing.
• Future Fit knee and arm flex embossing
• HY-PE ankle seals
• Key pocket


Come and check them out instore or grab one ONLINE


FCS Double Travel Covers

FCS Double Travel Covers 1FCS Double Travel Covers

Heading overseas soon and planning on packing more than one board? It would be well worth your while to invest in one of the FCS Double Travel Covers – by far the best travel cover that we stock here at Zak Surfboards.

When it comes to practical design, amount of padding/protection  & overall weight, nothing touches these bad boys.  Fitting up to 3 boards in one of these without fins, you can head overseas with confidence that you have the best protection available for your precious crafts.

Constructed from top to bottom out of a heat-reflective fabric  (Ultra light, durable 1200D polyester and  alloy material) and vented in both the nose and tail, you can rest assure that your boards don’t get cooked in transit when you pack them in one of these.

The padded walls of the cover have been cut specifically to match with the curve of surfboard rocker – which means even protection from the nose to the tail of each board you pack.

FCS Double Travel CoversSuper durable, non-corrosive, long-life full length molded PK Delrin zip have been used throughout this bag.  There are also internal compression straps to keep your boards in place (meaning that they won’t slide around inside the cover). Internal pocket/nose cones have also been used to help prevent damage to the tip of your board.  Ultra padded handles and shoulder straps ensure that any time you have to carry you bag, it will be in as comfortable a fashion as possible.

If that’s not enough, each of these bags comes with an bonus included set of Premium FCS Tie Downs.

Remember, at Zak Surboards we have in store one of the biggest collections of Surfboard Bags & Covers in Victoria.  Socks, day bags & travel covers from brands including Ocean & Earth, Creatures of Leisure & FCS . Single, double , triple + board bags and covers for shortboards, longboards, fish shapes & retros – we have them all.  We also have them available for purchase from us ONLINE

Wetsuit Gloves

Wetsuit GlovesWetsuit Gloves

The water sure ain’t getting warmer anytime soon, so if you are feeling the cold it might be time to invest in a pair of Wetsuit Gloves.  We have a great range for you to choose from this winter in various different thicknesses, cuts & constructions from brands including Patagonia, Xcel, O’neill & Rip Curl.


Wetsuit Gloves collageMake sure you can get your surf on in maximum comfort this winter – come instore and grab a pair of these gloves or shop for them ONLINE


Superbrand Mad Cat

Superbrand Mad CatThis sample Superbrand Mad CatClay Marzo‘s new signature model arrived instore this morning and looks pretty darn toight!

Featuring all the elements that allow him to go bezerk in everything from waist high beach break mush to grinding reef slabs. There is a bit of extra width & thickness in the nose for paddling power and  recoveries from big tail wafts. A fuller, boxy rail to give you something to push against and slightly more pulled in, rounded square tail to keep it quick, snappy and tight.   The Mad Cat combines all the elements of a very high performance board with a few more forgiving features which make it easy to paddle and smooth in rail-to-rail transitions (a great board for those of us that aren’t quite as talented as Clay as well).

Superbrand Mad Cat 2Available from us at the moment as a custom only – come and check this sample out instore for the next few days


FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fins

FCS II Tool-less Longboard FinsWe now have the new FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fins instore at Zak Surfboards. Incorporating the same click in system as standard FCS II Fins, these new longboard fins can be secured into a fin box without the need for a screw and plate. Just seconds to insert and remove these fins, no need fiddle round with screwdrivers.

One of the biggest advantages of these new fins is that you can now make adjustments to your fin placement out in the water mid session.  These are quick & simple to use plus they work in all standard fin boxes on the market.

Come check them out instore or grab on from our ONLINE store

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