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JS HYFI Custom Surfboards

JS HYFI Custom SurfboardsWe have just got in our first batch of JS HYFI Custom Surfboards for a couple of customers – & they look pure fire!!!  Despite the gusty wind today, I managed to grab a couple of quick pics of this custom dimension AIR 17 in the HYFI tech before it raced out the door.

This brand new HYFI technology is a construction method that has been developed by JS Industries over the last 2 years.  It has been available to the general public now for a little while as an option for the Blak Box II, but recently they added selected other models in this construction to their custom program.  Developed through a rigerous RND process, JS have come up with a patent pending Hybrid Fiber Diamond EPS construction (or HYFI for short).  It is a multi-layer construction that apparently feels completely unique underfoot – like nothing else out there.  The glassing process that they use essentially creates an exoskeleton that makes this surfboard construction lighter and significantly stronger than ever before, while creating the perfect flex to maximize performance.

JS HyFi Custom Air 17 Collage JS HYFI Custom Surfboards JS HyFi Custom Air 17 Collage 1

The model pictured is the relatively new AIR 17  that has been developed by Jason Stevenson in collaboration with Julian Wilson to facilitate a progressive approach in everyday waves.

What makes this AIR 17  design quite unique is the larger than usual sweet spot through the central part of the board.  This sweet spot makes this model relatively forgiving to surf, compared to many other performance short boards.  Added thickness under the front foot  coupled with deeper concaves make this board very quick off the mark- providing drive and acceleration right from take off.  The combination of this extra thickness and larger sweet spot helps you hold speed through turns and maintain it throughout the whole wave.  Helping you to flow through maneuvers with ease, and connect the dots from the start to the finish of the wave, even in more marginal conditions.

The rail shape of the Air17 is a somewhat softer, medium to full rails than many performance shortboards. This model also has a somewhat flatter rocker through the middle of the board with more flipped sections in the nose and in the very last bit of the tail to accomodate quick direction changes and release when needed.
Despite being a pro model, the AIR 17 in the right dimensions should work quite well for a number intermediate to advanced surfers in a variety of conditions.
Drop by the shop to have a look or check out our full range of JS Industries Surfboards ONLINEIf you are keen to get a custom made in the HYFI construction get in contact with Damien at the shop during store hours Ph: 03 9416 7384

EQ Seals Ear Plugs are back

EQ Seals Ear Plugs are backEQ Seals Ear Plugs are back in stock at Zak Surfboards!! Formerly known as Sorky’s – these are one of our best selling sets of ear plugs ever… we have a bunch of customers and staff members who swear by these EQ Seals .  These revolutionary ear plugs offer fantastic water protection while still allowing you to hear normally while you are using them.  The first ear plug in its field to offer protection, comfort and reliability while in the water.

EQ Seals offer complete ear canal water sealing with truly unmatched surrounding sound transmission and easy application. Get in, check them out and see why so many people rave about these plugs!!

Avaiable from us in store or with free postage ONLINE

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin SetThe all new Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set is now in store at Zak Surfboards.   This is a brand new  template designed for Dane Reynolds by the team at Captain Fin Co.  Previous Dane signature fins have been simply an AM1 template with different artwork.  The AM1 is an incredibly popular all round fin and definitely a solid challenge to try and improve on.

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin SetThis new signature thruster set features the same bigger side fins with a smaller back fin as the AM1 but with a slightly more upright template and a fuller tip. To quote the man himself “I find they work in tight transitions, but have a lot of drive. These fins loosen and liven up my boards.” -Dane Reynolds.

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set

Available in Small, Medium and Large – you can now grab yourself a new Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set from us in store or ONLINE and see what all the fuss is about ;)

Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Models

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty

We have just got in a size run of Gash Surfboards Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Models for our racks.  Heap of great looking mid-lengths there, with sizes that run from 6’3″ all the way up to 8’1″ in length.  These boards are 100% made in Victoria, hand shaped by one of the best shapers & surfers the state has produced and glassed down in Torquay.

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Collage 1These Greg Brown Sweaty Betty models are beautifully fast, responsive and manoeuvrable to surf, yet relatively easy to paddle with user-friendly amounts of foam strategically placed throughout the shape.  Really popular with our customers that want something they can approach a wave like they would on a performance shortboard but don’t have to paddle around on a potato chip. Every time we get these sort of shapes in from Greg, they seem to run out the door so don’t snooze – come in store and check them out!!!

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Collage 2

Check out our full range of Gash / Greg Brown & Bombora surfboards that we have in stock in store or ONLINE

FCS II Julian Wilson Athlete Series Thruster Set

FCSII Julian Wilson Athelete Series Thruster Set The brand new FCS II Julian Wilson Athlete Series Thruster Set Fin templates are now in store at Zak Surfboards.  The original Julian Wilson template that Julian designed with FCS was primarily a fin for beach breaks – with tighter arcs and more tail release in mind.


A few years have passed since this original fin was released, now with a more muscular physique, a greater focus on a power based approach and the better waves that the WSL tour locations provide it was time for a change.  Julian’s new signature fin focuses more on speed, projection down the line & control.  It has a fuller base and is constructed out of the super responsive Performance Glass material.  This new fin template is much more swept back or raked which really helps with projection down the line and control through long turns.

FCS II Julian Wilson Athelete Series Thruster SetFIN SPECS: Medium

Base: 4.46″ / 113mm
Depth: 4.56″ / 116mm
Area: 15.13″² / 9763 mm²
Sweep: 35.8°
Foil: Flat / Bev

FCS II Julian Wilson Athelete Series Thruster SetFIN SPECS: Large

Base: 4.57″ / 116mm
Depth: 4.61″ / 119mm
Area: 15.91″² / 10262 mm²
Sweep: 35.8°
Foil: Flat / Bev

These and the rest of the FCS II range of fins are in stock and available from us in store or ONLINE


Get your Surfboard Repaired in Melbourne

Get your Surfboard Repaired in MelbourneGet your Surfboard Repaired in Melbourne  – Here at Zak Surfboards in Thornbury we offer a comprehensive repair service for all types of surfcraft  right here in town!! We repair all polyester and epoxy fiberglass surfboard constructions – including brands such as Firewire and Hayden Shapes.

We can also repair other polyester, epoxy fiberglass and plastic surfboards, kite-boards, wake-boards, knee-boards, water skis, surf-skis, nipper-boards, canoes, kayaks and much more. Our work is guaranteed and is of the highest standard and we offer a 1 Week Turn Around on repairs*.

It is an unfortunate but inevitable part of owning a surfboard that dings, dents and delaminations happen. Both in and out of the water, there are many causes of surfboard damage. If not fixed, over time the foam core of your surfboard will take on water, weighing it down, reducing its strength and buoyancy – ultimately hurting your boards performance.

Come by Zak Surfboards 307 Victoria Rd Thornbury Victoria 3071 any time during store hours to organize your repair with our staff.

Please note: We cannot quote repairs for you over the phone due to their subjective nature – please bring them in store and we can do one for you on the spot :)

*Most repairs if dropped in store on a Monday will be completed by Friday that week – more difficult repairs may take a little longer, particularly if the board is water logged or requires in depth paint retouching.

New range of Gorilla Tail Pads

New range of Gorilla Tail PadsThe New range of Gorilla Tail Pads has just arrived in store.  Never a company to skimp on visual flair – this new range definitely doesn’t dissapoint with some great options for you to functionally add some much needed colour to the often boring world of black logoed white surfboards.

In this new Gorilla Range, there are brand new signature tail pads for their stable of team riders including Andrew ‘Droid’ Doheny, Eric Geisleman, Matt ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson, Kai Otton and more.  In addition, there are a bunch of new colour ways of popular selling pads and couple of pretty choice Heritage designs, inspired by some of the more interesting releases in the brand’s back catalog.

Full range available from us both in store or ONLINE

Pyzel Stubby Bastard

 Pyzel Stubby BastardThe Pyzel Stubby Bastard model sucessfully combines an ultra high-performance shortboard with a stubby step-down  - essentially providing you with the best of both worlds.  As a result this model is a great addition to any quiver.  To come up with this design, John Pyzel took John John Florence’s favorite high-performance shortboard, the Bastard and squashed it down into a fun, fast, super skatey, all-wave shred sled.

Pyzel Stubby Bastard Pyzel Stubby Bastard Collage 13 inches has been chopped off the nose, pushing the wide point forward for paddle and drive.  A little thickness added up front combined with a lowered the entry rocker means the Stubby Bastard paddles like a dream.  Additionally, the rail has been subtly thickened to add a little more overall volume and to minimize catching in choppy, mushy conditions. All of the bottom contours (single concave throughout) have been kept the same.

Rocker ShotThe end result is a fast, loose and responsive board that can fit into tight, curvy little waves, extremely well, but will still hold its speed and flow  between sections in weaker, mushy surf.  John Pyzel suggests you ride this board around the same volume or even with a touch more float for maximum performance and fun.

IMG_2911 Pyzel Stubby Bastard Collage 2Come and check out these and the rest of our stock of Pyzel Surfboards in store or have a look at each of them ONLINE

New FCSII Performance Core Carbon Range

New FCSII Performance Core Carbon RangeThe New 2017 FCSII Performance Core Carbon Range is now in store at Zak Surfboards.  The latest version of this fin range features a whole new lay-up of carbon for each of the different templates, to enhance their performance with finer tuned flex from the base of the fin right through to the tip.   This new carbon lay-up gives each fin template a different axis point for flex enhancing acceleration when they load up through turns.

Some of the templates have been altered slightly in response to feedback from FCS team riders.  The end result is a range that  performs even better than their predecessors – available in store currently from us and ONLINE shortly.  Drop by and check them out!

All new Chilli Nevada model now on our racks

Chilli Nevada modelA full size run of the all new Chilli Nevada model is now on our racks at Zak Surfboards!!! This new high performance all-rounder looks to have all the right ingredients to slay it in our local waves down here in Vicco.

Chilli Nevada Chilli Nevada Collage 1The Nevada has been designed to be an easy board to transition onto from your small wave shorter/wider boards.  Described as a somewhat forgiving high performance shape, this model catches waves easily, carries through dead sections with a very positive and responsive feel through turns.  What’s more the Nevada does all this with a great balance of performance and flow.

The key to this optimal balance of performance and easy surfing flow is the distribution of foam.  A touch of extra volume has been strategically distributed throughout the whole board, nose to tail.  James ‘Chilli’ Cheal has developed an new neat and simple feeling rail shape that allows for clean and easy carving while still retaining a distinctly performance feel.  A rounded square tail shape has been used on this model with a touch more area for motor in mushier conditions, but still tidy enough to retain authority and control through critical manoeuvres.  The rocker of the Nevada starts off a little flatter in the top third of the board for speed, gradually increasing through the middle of the board and continues steadily out the tail – again giving you a great balance of looseness and performance in the steeper sections.

IMG_2894 Ribbet collageThe concave in this model has been finely tuned though a solid amount of testing with Chilli‘s stable of team riders.  It starts under the chest medium depth and gradually shallows through-out the tail, giving you heaps of speed off the front foot and the perfect amount of release off the back foot through turns.

Full size run currently on our racks of the Chilli Nevada model – drop by the shop and have a look in person or check out our full collection of Chilli Surfboards ONLINE

Chilli Surfboards – Nevada from Chilli Surfboards on Vimeo.

We now have WaxTrak at Zak Surfboards

We now have WaxTrak at Zak SurfboardsWe now have WaxTrak at Zak Surfboards.  This new product is a major upgrade to regular wax jobs, allowing you to get a perfect wax job every time with less mess and significantly more grip than traditional wax jobs. 

We now have WaxTrak at Zak SurfboardsWaxTrak is a removable vinyl sheet that helps create high performance wax bumps on the deck of your surfboard, perfectly designed to give you super grippy traction every time. By far the most effective way to put on wax and take off wax your surfboard. Once applied to a clean surfboard deck, WaxTrak creates a unique tread pattern on your board that will grab your wax with ease and precision. Complete your upgraded wax job by rubbing on your favorite surf wax base-coat and finish up with a layer of top-coat suited for your water temperature. A fresh application of top-coat surf wax may be applied before each surf session. You will never need to use a wax-comb again because this raised pattern will not flatten out with use like most wax jobs. When your wax becomes dirty and ready for a change, simply peel off the WaxTrak mess free!  No more hours of scraping off old wax or putting your board in the hot sun to melt the wax. Less time waxing, more time surfing.

IMG_1256Application Instructions

Clean your board COMPLETELY free of any wax, wax residue and dust.

Identify placement location for the WaxTrak.

Peel down the top half of the backing and affix the upper portion of the WaxTrak to the board, carefully running your fingers from the center to the edges to work out any air pockets. Lift and re-position if needed.

Peel off remaining backing and carefully smooth the WaxTrak onto the board from center to outside edge.

Press all edges of the WaxTrak down firmly to the board. A plastic straight edge, like a bank card, should be used in application to create a tight seal along the smooth outer edges.

Press the entire WaxTrak onto the board once again by hand, working out any air pockets.

Apply base-coat wax until large, well-defined bumps form on the textured pattern.

Apply top-coat surf wax over the base-coat before each surf session.

For best results, the WaxTrak should be changed every 2 to 3 months.

WaxTrak is now exclusively available in Australia from us in store or ONLINE

WAXTRAK Full Tutorial from WAXTRAK on Vimeo.

The Dirty Dingo by Maurice Cole

The Dirty Dingo by Maurice ColeWe have a full size run of The Dirty Dingo by Maurice Cole hanging on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  The Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo is currently one of Maurice’s most popular surfboard designs. A hybrid shape that, rides like no other in a wide range of waves but really comes into it’s own in the smaller, weaker stuff (ie. a real weapon for the coming summer).

The Dirty Dingo by Maurice ColeMaurice Cole Dirty Dingo collage 1The design of this Dirty Dingo model features Maurice’s signature deep, full-length concave combined with a hard edgy rails running the full length of the board.  This combination of bottom and rail shape create ridiculous amounts of speed and grip of the wave face, whilst also providing a clean release point off the rail. The idea being that instead of water following the curved rail around the board, the water can exit or release cleanly from the hard edge of you rail, making you go faster by drastically reducing drag.  Not only do the sharp rails reduce drag, they also help you bite into the wave face, giving you superior hold, especially in steeper, more critical parts of the wave.  The grip this rail shape provides reduces you need to rely on you fins,  helping you knife into the face of the wave with ease and meaning you can push harder on you rails to create speed.

The Dirty Dingo by Maurice ColeMaurice Cole Dirty Dingo collage 2The fuller or broader outline this model has, coupled with the speed of a flatter rocker and generous concave  means this board doesn’t require much push in the wave to get going.  This board can really generate a lot of its own speed in weaker surf which basically equals fun during the more marginal conditions that the warmer months generally bring.

Maurice has grouped the fins together in a relatively tight fashion on the Dirty Dingo, to help the board pivot, making it more  maneuverable overall.   We have a full size run of these in stock at the moment and we are the only place in Australia that has them.  We also have a couple of them in store that you can Demo or Hire as well.

Come and check out these boards for yourself in store or have a look at all the Maurice Cole Surfboards that we have in stock ONLINE

More Hanging Room for New Surfboards

More Hanging Room for New Surfboards We are doing a small renovation of our shop floor this arvo so there will be even More Hanging Room for New Surfboard stock at Zak Surfboards.  Once completed (this arvo) we’ll have enough room to hang at least 100 more new surfboards in store.  A bunch of new models from current suppliers are arriving shortly and potentially a couple of new brands are going to be on our racks soon… which means more choice for you.  We are going to have everything you could desire in stock! Yew!

Creatures of Leisure Triple Board Bags

Creatures of Leisure Triple Board BagsIf you are off overseas soon and need a something to house your precious crafts for the trip, then you should check out the Creatures of Leisure Triple Board Bags we have in stock.  These things have all the protection you need, plus they are packed full of features that will make your next surf trip a dream! We have heaps in stock – ready for you to grab before you head off.

Creatures of Leisure Triple Board BagsAvailable in both Fish & standard Shortboard shapes these board bags comfortably house up to 3 boards. Thick 10mm Closed Cell Foam padding is used throughout the whole bag with extra tough
Diamond-Tech fabric on top / 600D Polyester an bottom.  This means that these are super tough and well padded to protect you sticks from those rough baggage handlers.

Creatures of Leisure Triple Board Bags
These bags open right up so you can easily pack your boards into them. They also have internal and external compression straps and 2 x 5mm board seperator sheets so your boards stay where they should and dont rub or squash one another.  Marine Grade Corrosion Resistant  Nylon Zippers have been used in these so you can be sure your zips wont salt up.  These bags are fully ventilated with Creatures’ X-Flow Air Ventilation System to help stop your boards from cooking and your wax from melting everwhere when you are in the tropics.

IMG_2789 IMG_2802Plenty of attention has also been given to the design and placement of all the handles, skid plates and straps on this bag so you can be sure that it’s comfortable and relatively easy to cart around with you.

We have heaps of stock of these in all sizes in store at the moment, as well as plenty of the rest of the Creatures range of board bags. Grab one from us in store before you head off or you can order them from us ONLINE

Ocean & Earth One XT Leash

Ocean & Earth One XT LeashWe have just got in the brand new Ocean & Earth One XT Leash at Zak Surfboards.  New to the range for summer 2017, the Ocean & Earth One XT Leash is quite possibly the toughest leash in the business.

The One XT is a one piece molded leash, which unlike many leashes on the market eliminates all joins in the cord – making it’s strength consistent along the whole cord, meaning no weak points.  This combined with  the unique premium, high grade urethane used makes these leashes substantially stronger than any other.

Ocean & Earth One XT LeashThe One XT comes in kink free packaging, with nothing but high grade features and components used in the design & construction of the leash.  Vertically moulded neoprene panels are used for padding around your ankle for comfort and flexibility. The flex neck strap plug (where the cord meets the ankle strap) allows 360 degrees of movement which helps minimise tangles.  Premium marine grade free- spinning stainless steel swivels are used in these leashes – which are the best corrosion resistant swivels available.

Ocean and Earth are so confident in the quality of their new One XT Leashs that they have given you a 12 month warranty on workmanship and materials.  Full size and colour range of these are now hanging on our racks in store or you can grab one from us ONLINE

Second Hand Surfboards At Zak’s

Second Hand Surfboards At Zak'sAt the moment we have so really good Second Hand Surfboards At Zak’s.  Quite a few new ones have been traded in the past few weeks and there are some really great bargains on our racks.  Here are some pics of a few of the more interesting ones I grabbed when I had a scan of our collection earlier this morning.

Third World Exotic Larry Mabile 6’0″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ FCS (#104)

Second Hand Surfboards At Zak's Second Hand Surfboards At Zak's

Tom Peterson Fireball 6’2″ x 20″ x 2 5/8″ FCS (#041)

Tom Peterson Fireball Fish Tom Peterson Fireball Fish

DHD DX1 6’4″ x 20″ x 2 5/8″ 35L (#131)

IMG_2770 DHD DX1 Collage

Hayden Shapes Love Buzz 6’10″ x 21 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ Futures (#113)

IMG_2776 Hayden Shapes Love Buzz CollageI you want to check out what we have in store but can’t make it out to our Thornbury shop -  you can always see the all the boards we have on our ONLINE store in the Secondhand section.

Each board is  individually listed and photographed for you to browse through.  We are always on the hunt for secondhand surfboards – If you have one that you aren’t using and want to sell it, drop by the shop and we’ll check it out.  We pay $$CASH$$ for secondhand surfboards, we also trade used boards for credit on new surfboards or any other gear that you need.  Simply bring your board or boards by our store during opening hours and we can arrange the best option for you.

At Zak Surfboards we try and hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards.

Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE

Ocean & Earth High N’ Dry Wetty Bucket

Ocean & Earth High N' Dry Wetty BucketThe brand new Ocean & Earth High N’ Dry Wetty Bucket is now in store at Zak Surfboards.  At last , someone has nailed the brief for storing and transporting your wetsuit.  Convenient and functional, with a well thought out design -  these buckets really are a must have item.

Ocean & Earth High N' Dry Wetty Bucket Ocean & Earth High N' Dry Wetty BucketThe Ocean & Earth High N’ Dry Wetty Bucket is collapsable so it doesn’t take up heaps of room when you aren’t using it.  It also has a perforated 55mm thick closed cell foam floor – which not only protects you wetsuit while you change in it but also allows water to drain from your suit while in the bucket. Constructed out of tough fabric with welded seams to ensure there is no leaking of water these things are built to take a beating.

IMG_2757We have heaps of these in stock – so drop by the store and grab one or you can get one from us ONLINE

New Deals Page on our Online Store

New Deals Page on our Online StoreWe have a brand new Deals Page on our Online Store – where you can head to grab special promotional discount deals on quality surf hardware.  On this page we will offer package deals on surf accessories and hardware that will be regularly changed with new special deals for you.  Surfing equipment like Fins, Tailpads and Legropes from our various suppliers will be regular features on this page – as well as package deals - where you can save even more if you bundle together a number of items.

New Deals Page on our Online StoreThese Deals are available Online only -  make sure you check this page regularly because we will be changing them resonably often and you don’t want to miss out on scoring some quality surf hardware at a discount.

DHD Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas just arrived

DHD Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas just arrivedOur DHD Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas just arrived in store!!! We just got a size run in of Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas for our racks at Zak Surfboards.  As many of you will know that watched the contest this year, one of the talking points of the final against an on the tear John John was Mick’s board, which made him look even more lightning fast than usual and extra whippy through turns.   Under his feet was a slightly squashed version of Mick’s normal go-to shortboard, the DHD Ducks Nuts at 5’9 x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16 at 26.8 litres with a wide-ish swallow tail and four channels.

DHD Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas just arrived DHD Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas just arrivedTo celebrate Mick’s victory, DHD have made this model available for a limited run.   We have  grabbed a bunch of these boards for our racks (scaled up and down to make a full size run).  They have come with the same blue rail spray that Mick had as well.  Here is a list of the sizes that we have in store:

5’9” x 18 7/8” x 2 5/16” - 26.8L  ( Micks File )
5’10” x 19” x 2 5/16” - 27.8L
5’11” x 19 1/8” x 2 3/8” - 28.5L
6’0” x 19 ¼” x 2 7/16” - 29.8L
6’2” x 19 ½” x 2 ½” - 32L

Duck Nuts Ltd Ed 5 Duck Nuts Ltd Ed Collage 2If you are interested in one of these boards don’t sleep.  This is a once off model and it is only available for a limited time.  Drop by the shop or check these and the rest of our rang of DHD Surfboards out ONLINE

2017 Otis Sunglasses Range is now in Store

2017 Otis Sunglasses Range is now in StoreThe 2017 Otis Sunglasses Range is now in Store at Zak Surfboards.  A great new choice of frames in this 2017 range plus a few tweaks  and colour ways to some of their well loved styles.

2017 Otis Sunglasses Range is now in Store Classof-67_VinTort_FR 2017 Otis Sunglasses Range is now in Store Dive-Bar-Matte-Black-_2_ 2017 Otis Sunglasses Range is now in Store Mona_MatteLavendar_FRAll Otis Sunglasses have Mineral Glass Lenses, which provides the most optically correct, scratch resistant, distortion free vision of any material that glasses lenses are built out of in the world.  On top of that, these lenses provide you with complete UVA UVB protection.

MIDNIGHT-CITY-LINDSEYMissingPieces_CoffeeTort_ANG StonesThrow_MatteBlack_FR Constructed out of durable and good looking handmade Italian Acetate or injection moulded grilamid frames with Vissottica stainless steel hinges, these sunglasses will take a beating.  The Acetate used in the frames originates from renewable wood pulp and natural cotton fibers. It’s colour is embedded within the material rather than painted onto the surface, acetate retains its color brightness overtime.


This new Otis range is now available form us both instore & ONLINE

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