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Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo

Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo The Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo is one of Maurice’s latest surfboard designs. This hybrid shape by all reports, rides like no other in a wide range of waves with some extra capabilities that others lack in smaller, weaker waves.  This model has been hugely popular for MC in the USA and we now have a full size run of them in store.  These are definitely one of the funnest looking shapes in the shop at the moment ;)

Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo collage 1The Dirty Dingo design features Maurice’s signature deep, full-length concave combined with a hard edgy rails running the full length of the board.  This combination of bottom and rail shape create ridiculous amounts of speed and grip of the wave face, whilst also providing a clean release point off the rail of the board. The idea being that instead of water following the curved rail around the board, the water can exit or release cleanly from the hard edge of you rail, making you go faster by drastically reducing drag.

Not only do the sharp rails reduce drag, they also help you bite into the wave face, giving you superior hold, especially in steeper, more critical parts of the wave.  The grip this rail shape provides reduce you need to rely on you fins,  helping you knife into the face of the wave with ease and meaning you can push harder on you rails to create speed.

IMG_0619 Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo collage 2Maurice has grouped the fins together in a relatively tight fashion on the Dirty Dingo, to help the board pivot, making it more  manoeuvrable overall.   We are the only place in Australia that currently has this model in stock so come and Check out this board for yourself in store or check out all the Maurice Cole Surfboards that we have in stock ONLINE


Rip Curl Flashbomb 3mm hidden Split Toe Boots

IMG_0680 We are fully stocked up on Rip Curl Flashbomb 3mm hidden Split Toe Boots at Zak Surfboards.  The Flashbomb Boot is Rip Curl‘s top of the line cold water boot, constructed entirely out of their super lightweight E5 Neoprene and lined with their thermal, quick drying,  Flash Lining.  This boot features 2 compression straps, to keep the boot fitting snuggly to your feet and prevent them from filling with water.

Rip Curl Flashbomb 3mm hidden Split Toe BootsThis year Rip Curl have used a much softer feeling rubber sole and rubber reinforcing on the edges of the foot.  Not only does this make these more boots comfortable than ever to wear, but it also provides you with greater sensitivity to you board.

Rip Curl Flashbomb 3mm hidden Split Toe BootsIt’s getting to be 4/3 Steamer and Boots time of year again, so if you in the market for some new boots this season, definitely try these on!

Zak Surfboards are the  Wetsuit Specialists in Melbourne, we now provide one of the biggest & best ranges of surfing wetsuits in Victoria – conveniently located right here in Melbourne!

These and many other styles of boots are available from us both in store or ONLINE

Zak Kneeboards

Zak KneeboardsZak Kneeboards – that’s right, we have got some kneeboards in stock & on our racks in Thornbury.  New kneeboards are a rarity these days (unfortunately they seem to have become a craft that is only custom made). Being actually able to see and check out a kneeboard on the racks of any surf shop can be a tough task.  We get asked if we have / can get any in store from time to time, so Zak decided to make a few up for the shop.

Zak Kneeboard Collage 3IMG_0575 Zak Kneeboard Collage 4These designs feature a deep single concave bootom for speed that starts around the chest and finishes just befor the back fin.  Inside this single concave there is pronounced vee to help you lean it over onto it’s rail.

Zak Kneeboards Zak Kneeboard Collage 1e IMG_0582 Zak Kneeboard Collage 2These Kneeboards have low, hard rails with heaps of edge through the back third of the board for speed and release through turns.  We have these in both Futures and FCSII 5 fin plug options.

All of our own models at Zak Surfboards are shaped, glassed and finished locally here in Victoria.  We use only the highest quality materials to construct our boards. We also build our boards in a more robust fashion than the industry standard.

Come in store and have a look or check them out ONLINE

Boards Boards Boards & more Boards

BoardsSo many Boards in the shop at the moment – it’s ridiculous (and kinda epic).  To keep you in the loop – here is a quick run through of the new stock that we have had come in store this week:

Boards Chilli Oh OneChilli Oh One

The  Chilli Oh One design placed 2nd in 2015′s STAB IN THE DARK board contest judged by Julian Wilson.  This model combines a few key elements from  several of James Cheal’s most popular models to create the ultimate all round, all condition shortboard. We now have a full size run of the Oh One on our racks – Read more about the Oh One here

Chilli Oh OneFull listing of our current Chilli Surfboards Stock can be found here, live on our Online Store

Maurice Cole Dirty DingoMaurice Cole Dirty Dingo

One of Maurice’s latest designs – this hybrid shape will ride like no other in a wide range of waves with some extra capabilities that others lack in smaller weaker waves.  This model has been hugely popular for MC in the USA and we now have them in store (I’ll do a full write up on these early next week).  In my unbiased opinion, these are definitely one of the funnest looking shapes in the shop at the moment ;)

Maurice Cole Dirty DingoCome in store and check them out, full listing of our current Maurice Cole Surfboards Stock can be found here, live on our Online Store

JS Industries Monsta 6
JS Industries Monsta 6 Round Tail
Your next all-round to good wave high performance shortboard – this new incarnation of the ever popular Monsta design features a slightly smoother rocker, subtly fuller & softer rails and a touch more concave compared to the previous versions (full write up and more pics to come next week as well).

JS Industries Monsta 6 Full listing of our current  JS Industries stock can be found here, live on our Online Store

DHD Ducks Nuts FuturesDHD Ducks Nuts, Sweet Spot 2.0 & DX1

Top up stock of missing sizes of all of these popular selling DHD model.  Included were quite a few with Futures Fin box options – so we’ll have both FCSII and Futures fin box options for you to chooses from in these models.

DHD Ducks Nuts Futures

Full listing of our current stock of DHD Surfboards here


The Art of the Quiver part 2 The Groveller

The Art of the Quiver part 2 The GrovellerThe Art of the Quiver part 2 The Groveller (small wave weapon of choice)

In an ideal world we could have one board that would do everything – go well in all conditions, paddle ridiculously well yet still be ultra responsive and do exactly what we want it to , when we want it to.  Unfortunately this magic board doesn’t exist -  most people can get away with one allrounder, but the sheer variety of waves we have here in Victoria, coupled with other factors such as wind and tide make this a hard task.

One way to make sure you get the most out of what the ocean dishes out each time you hit the surf is to have a variety of surfcraft tailored to different conditions (ie a quiver of surfboards).   With a lot of our customers living locally, unable to surf only the best days of the week (like the lucky people who live on the coast) – a question we get asked fairly regularly is what  should you look for in a board for marginal/poor conditions, a specialized board for small waves or a Groveller?

Characteristics you generally are looking for in a Groveller are speed generation, maneuverability, loosness, extra paddle power and most importantly fun.

The Art of theIn weaker, mushier waves one of key characteristics you are looking for in a Groveller is a board ability to generate it’s own speed.  As a general rule, a flatter rocker is going to glide along a wave face pushing less water, it will also allow you to paddle into a wave easier and go faster, so flatter rockers are preferred in small wave shapes.

Small waves have smaller faces and therefore less room to fit your turns on them. The smaller amount of area and the tighter direction changes you will have to make on smaller wave faces mean that one must be carefull not to get anything too flat in the rocker department, or make sure that  flatter rockers are balanced out by other design characteristics that will make a board more maneuverable and able to draw the lines you need in small waves.  A popular way to do this is to have less length and more width in a small wave board so there is less straight rail & more curve in the outline of the board.  This means that once put on rail, the board will come around in a tighter arc.  Different fin templates and set ups such as quads can also be used to help you achieve this desired maneuverability.

IMG_1547Speed generating botton contours like deeper concaves and a wider tail block are useful in small wave crafts as they helps the board generate more of its own speed and give you extra lift.  Wider tail blocks also help to loosen up a board, not only do they help prevent you from sticking mid way through turns but they also help you get release out of your turns as well.

ft2-craig-1200x675 photo Craig editedExtra volume in a Groveller is a real no brainer.  More floatation will give you more paddle power and help you glide along when the wave is not giving you much push. Having a fuller rail in a small wave surf craft both add to the overall volume of the board and make it  more forgiving to surf.  You are less concerned with bite in weaked slopier waves, so a fuller rail gives you more margin for error and helps you negotiate chops and keep your flow along a wave without catching edge.

Lots of people opt for quirkier designs in small waves, which really add to the fun factor when under foot.  Unusual tail shapes, fins or other design characteristics  will give you a different & sometimes unpredictable feel to spice up your surfs when conditions aren’t lining up. Motivation to surf small waves can wane and there is nothing like riding something a bit different to get you amped to get out there.

Ribbet collageIf you are interested in getting a specialized board for small waves or a Groveller get in touch with one of our staff at Zak Surfboards on 03 9416 7384 – ordinarily we will have several suitable models on our racks for most people year round, with more options available heading into the warmer months.

Billabong Wetsuits in Stock

Billabong Wetsuits

We have a great range of Billabong wetsuits in stock in 3/2 and 4/3 men’s and women’s suits.

Billabong Wetsuits

Billabong Wetsuits in Stock now at Zak’s

Billabong have released a really broad range of suits this year, so no matter your budget you’ll be able to stay warm this winter.

Billabong Wetsuits

Men’s Furnace Carbon 4/3 Wetsuit

At the top of the range in mens and womens 4/3 are the furnace series.  These toasty warm suits have the Furnace Carbon internal thermal lining and the seam placement is designed for maximum light weight flexibility and warmth.

This thermal lining has a knotted quick dry top layer which creates pockets trapping body heat. With carbon yarns knitted into the bass layer the thermal lining has high thermal retention and an incredible strength to weight ratio. The Furnace Carbon lining is the warmest thermal material available, and it’s exclusive to Billabong.

furnace womens Collage

Women’s 4/3 Furnace Comp Wetsuit

The furnace series are fully taped and sealed, with welded seams and extra reinforced taping in high-stress areas of the suit. They also utilise the Drymax Chest Zip entry system, which uses an extra light-weight flap to minimise any possible cold-water flushes through the neck area. If you are looking for a really warm suit for this winter, definitely consider trying on a furnace!

In men’s  we also have the Tri-Bong 4/3.

Billabong Wetsuits

Billabong Tri-Bong 4/3 Wetsuit

The Tri-Bong 4/3 is designed to balance warmth and flexibilty, with glued and blind stitched sealed seams and reinforced taping in high-stress  areas. It utilises AX2 superflex neoprene and is hollow fibre lined through the core and down the front of the legs so you get warmth where you need it and maintain the flexibility of a much thinner suit. If you are chasing a warm, flexible suit for this winter under $500, give the Tri-Bong a try…

We also have full size runs of the women’s Synery back zip wetsuits, available in 4/3 or 3/2.  The synergy is a perfect wetsuit if you’re looking to keep your costs down, but you still want to stay warm! While it’s important to remember you get what you pay for with wetsuits, the Synergy has quality where it counts, with AX2 Superflex Neoprene construction and hollow fibre thermal lining across the chest and back to keep your core warm. The seams are also glued and blind stitched, with internal reinforced taping in high stress areas.

Billabong Wetsuits

Women’s Synergy Backzip – available in 3/2 or 4/3

Zak Surfboards are Melbourne’s Wetsuit Specialists, and we have full size runs of these great Billabong wetsuits as well as many more. We stock wetsuits from all the major brands including Patagonia, Rip Curl, O’Neil, Xcel, C-Skins and Attica, and we also do fittings for Axxe custom wetsuits.

We have a permanent sale section, and if you bring a friend in and you both buy a wetsuit, you’ll both get 25% off your wetsuit and any other water apparel you need including booties, gloves, hoods, rashies and boardies!

If you’d like to learn more about wetsuits in general, check out our Wetsuit Guide and come and see the knowledgable and friendly staff at Zak’s to get the best advice on your next wetsuit.

Axxe Custom Wetsuits

Axxe Custom WetsuitsAxxe Custom Wetsuits – with winter not far away why not treat yourself this year to an Axxe Wetsuit, custom fitted to your measurements, direct from their factory in Japan.  These are the gold standard in wetsuits – constructed out of the finest rubber, each suit is handcrafted & custom-fitted for you.  With the current convertion rate of the AUS$ to Yen, the price of a top of the range custom Axxe suit is not that much more expensive than the top of the range suits from other (non custom) brands.

Axxe Custom WetsuitsThe flexibility & suppleness of the rubber and linings used, combined with with tried and tested designs (fine tuned over their 35+years of making wetsuits) means these suits are unbeatable in terms of performance and functionality.  More warmth and less paddle restriction is the name of the game – nothing will keep you as warm or comfortable as an Axxe Suit.

Come in store to have a look at the sample suits that we have on our rack. If you are interested in getting one, get in contact with Damien in our shop ( ph 03 9416 7384 ) and he can take your measurements plus colour preferences and send your order off direct to Japan.

…Lost V2 Shortboard round tail

…Lost V2 Shortboard round tail We have just got a whole bunch of new …Lost V2 Shortboard round tail stock boards from Matt Mayhem Biolos for the shop.  Finish shaped and signed by the man himself while he was in Australia earlier this year.  There is a full size run in store now, hanging on our racks.

…Lost V2 Shortboard round tail …Lost V2 Shortboard round tail collage 1Last time we had a quiver of these they didn’t last for long at all.  The V2 Shortboard features a low rocker up front for easy entry into waves, speed of the mark with heaps of acceleration and drive off front foot.  When coupled with a generous amount of rocker through the tail , this makes for an extremely quick, snappy board to surf . The curvaceous outline and smallish tail block allows this board to fit comfortably into steeper sections – giving this board a great wave range and really making it come alive in good conditions.

IMG_0418We got Matt to make this this model in a round tail for us, for a little extra hold & smoother rail to rail transitions.   These boards look primed for the coming winter swells or a trip to the tropics.  If you after a responsive performance shortboard that’ll work well in Victorian waves and overseas – these are definitely worth coming in and checking out.

Check them out in store or ONLINE

Slater Designs Omni

Slater Designs OmniThe Slater Designs Omni is now in store at Zak Surboards.  Last week, we got a bit delivery of the three models from Slater Designs the Sci-Fi, The Omni & the Banana.  The Omni is a fusion of Kelly Slater’s performance round tail designs with Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thompson’s modern planing hulls.  Probably the most user friendly of all the Slater Designs models and the best suited to Victorian waves.

Slater Designs Omni Slater Designs OmniBy all reports, the Omni performs fantasically in a broad range of conditions.  Its built in speed off the mark coupled with an uncanny ability to draw both long, smooth, carving maneuvers and extremely tight, radical performance arcs on the wave face  means it really gets it done in anything from pointbreaks to the peaky onshore fodder we had over the weekend . This design in the right dimensions should be suitable for most surfers of an intermediate to advanced skill level.

IMG_0372a IMG_0375a

Come in store and check out the Omni and the rest of the Slater Designs range or have a squiz ONLINE… Rumor is that we’ll have a Demo of the Omni arriving later this week too ;)

Patagonia Clothing

Patagonia Clothing

We’ve now got an extensive range of Men’s and Women’s Patagonia clothing in stock. Like all Patagonia products, their clothing is the highest quality, has an ironclad customer satisfaction guarantee and is made using environmentally sustainable practices and sources wherever possible.

Tees and LS Tees collage 2Along with the ever popular classic Tees and Long Sleeve Tees, we have flannel and cotton shirts, hoodies, and some epic puffer sweaters with 800-fill-power Traceable Goose Down to keep you toasty warm!

Patagonia Clothing

We’ve also got mens and womens torrentshell rain jackets in a range of colours. The Torrentshell Jacket keeps you dry through any variety of bone-soaking wet weather. With H2No® Performance Standard protection that’s durable, lightweight and versatile the Torrentshell uses a new 100% recycled nylon face fabric, has a waterproof/breathable barrier and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

Ms Torrentshells

It also stuffs into one of two zippered handwarmer pockets so it’s easily tucked away into your backpack when the sun comes out again. With ventilation zips under the arms, a 2-way adjustable hood and nice microfleece-lined neck the torrentshell jacket kicks all other rain jackets out of the park!

Ws beanie clothing mixWe’ve got a good stock of women’s puffer jackers, flannel shirts, torrentshell jackets and beanies so everybody can get stocked up on winter gear.

duffel and headwear collage

If you’re going on a trip we have a great range of Patagonia duffels and backpacks, and  we have a range of beanies and hats to fit any noggin’.

wetsuit glove bootie collageAnd of course, we have the full range of Patagonia water apparel – boardies, rashies, vests, wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves including the new Yulex Suits in R1, R2 and R3. Here at Zak’s you know we’ve got you covered in and out of the water this winter!

The Art of the Quiver part 1 The Step Up


The Art of the Quiver part 1 The Step UpThe Art of the Quiver part 1 The Step Up

In an ideal world we could have one surfboard that would do everything – go well in all conditions, paddle ridiculously well yet still be ultra responsive and do exactly what we want it to , when we want it to.  Unfortunately this magic board doesn’t exist -  you can get away with one all- rounder, but the sheer variety of waves we have here in Victoria, coupled with other factors such as wind and tide make this a hard task.

One sure fire way to make sure you can get the most out of what the ocean dishes out each time you hit the surf is to have a variety of surfcraft,  tailored to different conditions (ie. a quiver of surfboards).   With winter  approaching fast, with bigger/better waves on the cards and people starting to head off on trips to Indonesia and the Maldives – a question we get asked fairly regularly at his time of the year is what you should look for in a board for bigger better waves, or a ‘Step Up’.

The Art of the Quiver part 1 The Step UpThe riding characteristics you generally looking for in a Step Up are extra grip of the wave face, more control, authority and extra paddle power.

Unlike your small wave surf craft designed for mushier waves where you are focusing on generating speed and releasing your fins through turns, in better/more powerful waves you want a board that allows you to control your speed and hold it’s line going faster, on steeper parts of the wave face.  As a general rule, a little extra length/rail line, a narrower, more refined tail, a touch more rocker overall and lower rails will give your step up these characteristics.

Japan_Photo BrentConcaves are generally reduced somewhat in Step Ups, the reason being is that these designs are less focused on generating their own speed, with more emphasis  on harnessing & handling speed and wave power.  To increase paddle power most people add a little extra volume and length to their step up compared the all-rounder they usually ride.  This extra paddle power is critical in getting into and onto the wave earlier – making sure you get in and down the face to make those bigger, steeper drops.

Blog-Surfing-April-2014-2-BrixtonHaving a bit more Rocker in your step up is also important – not only will this help you make steeper drops but it will also help you handle the extra power and speed.  Extra rocker will also help you to sit higher and tighter in the curvier parts of the wave and draw tighter arcs, closer to the curl.

IMG_0222Having a different tail shape on your Step Up can also help you specialize this board to give it the characteristics that you want.  Round tails, pins and occasionally swallow tails are the tail shapes of choice in Step Ups because of their smooth turning and wave gripping abilities.

IMG_03212If you are interested in getting a Step Up get in touch with one of our staff at Zak Surfboards on 03 9416 7384 – ordinarily we will have at least a couple of suitable options on our racks for most people year round with more options available heading into winter.

Photos courtesy of  Wilson, Brent & Brixton

Billabong Furnace Pro Black Comp 2mm Boot

Billabong Furnace Pro Black Comp 2mm BootThe Billabong Furnace Pro Comp 2mm Boot is now in stock at Zak Surfboards.  Perfect for those of you that find  wearing regular boots clumsy and uncomfortable to surf in.  If you find that regular boots rob you of that all important sensitivity between you and your board – this new Billabong Furnace Pro Comp 2mm Boot could be the boot for you!

IMG_1986These sock style boots are super snug fitting, super comfortable and come with an all important strap accross the mid of your foot, ensuring that your foot doesn’t slide around inside them.  No hard rubber sole, just 2mm of neoprene which ensures your feet remain sensitive to contact with your board.

These boots come with Billabong’s Furnace internal quick drying thermal lining and minimal seams so make no mistake – your feet won’t be lacking in the warmth department in these ;)

IMG_1989Come and check these and the rest of our Billabong Wetsuits Range that we have in store or ONLINE

SuperBrand PigDog on our racks

SuperBrand PigDog on our racksBack in stock  is the SuperBrand Pigdog,  a short/wide board that will handle steeper & sizier conditions than most shortboards.  This model is a bit like a step up, without adding extra length and without getting too gunny.  Designed to fit into the steeper/curvier parts of the wave, making life a whole lot easier in more critical situations like late take offs, pulling in under the lip or sucky sections.

SuperBrand PigDog on our racks SuperBrand Pigdog Collage 1Since it was first released, the PigDog has been extremely popular among staff and regular customers.  This board can definitely replace a stepup and is an easy board to transition onto from a shorter/wider shortboard.  The perfect addition to the quiver for the coming winter and the type of board you probably won’t get off on your trip to the tropics.

IMG_0319 SuperBrand Pigdog Collage 2Despite the Pigdog’s it’s ability to handle steeper/more powerful surf, you can get away with riding it when the surf is less than ideal.  In really small stuff, definitely there are better boards you could choose.  But as long as the wave faces aren’t too mushy this board performs well and is fast, drivey and responsive.  The forward outline and extra width and volume in the nose  of this design means that this board is also an excellent paddler.

These don’t tend to stick around for long so come and check out the PigDog instore or ONLINE 


2016 SUPERbrand Surfboards: Pig Dog from SUPERbrand on Vimeo.

Patagonia Yulex Wetsuits

Patagonia Yulex Wetsuits

We’ve now got a full size run of the new R1, R2 and R3  Patagonia Yulex Wetsuits in-store.

The folks at Patagonia have long been searching for an alternative to neoprene that lessens the environmental impact of making wetsuits. They have now released the 100% neoprene-free Yulex wetsuits, featuring  85% natural rubber, blended with 15% synthetic rubber polymer for increased ozone and UV resistance.

Patagonia Yulex WetsuitsPlant-based Yulex natural rubber is derived from the guayule plant, a hearty desert shrub native to the southwestern United States. Patagonia’s natural rubber sources are fully certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) standards by the Rainforest Alliance.

By going neoprene-free, Patagonia has lessened its dependence on petroleum in the wetsuit manufacturing process, which has significantly reduced their C02 emissions.

Patagonia Yulex suits also have the highest possible recycled polyester content in their interior and exterior linings. This reduces the use of petroleum to make virgin polyester, and re-purposes scrap material which would otherwise go to landfill.

The new Yulex suits still meet Patagonia’s rigorous standards for strength, durability, warmth and sustainability, so you know you are getting an awesome wetsuit while making less of an impact on the environment.

When it comes to wetsuits, you get what you pay for, and with Patagonia what you are getting the highest quality, environmentally friendly product, with an ironclad guarantee.

Patagonia Yulex® Wetsuits

These epic suits are all fully taped and sealed with a stretchy 100% recycled thermal polyester lining to keep you toasty warm.

patagoniaBootsHoodGlocesWe also have extensive range of Patagonia booties, gloves and winter clothing, so you know we’ve got you covered in and out of the water this winter.

patagonia clothing collage

Here at Zak’s we provide one of the biggest & best ranges of surfing wetsuits in Victoria – conveniently located right here in Melbourne! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find the perfect wetsuit for your needs and budget. If you want to learn more about wetsuits in general, check our Wetsuit Guide.

Sharp Eye Disco Back in Stock

Sharp Eye Disco Back in StockWe have just got the Sharp Eye Disco back in stock at Zak Surfboards.   Sharp Eye Surfboards enjoy a large & loyal underground following in the US, they can be found under the feet of world tour surfer Felipe Toledo as well as professional surfers Brian Toth, Cody Thompson & Oliver Kurtz.

Sharp Eye Disco Back in StockSharp Eye Disco Back in StockSharp Eye Disco Collage 1The Disco was created with small to medium surf in mind  – really excelling in weaker waves up to head high.  Sharp Eye shaper Marcio Zouvi  says the Disco is  his best high performance, small wave board design to date.  The Disco really allows the rider to  tackle weaker waves with the same approach they have to better waves with their normal shortboard.  Often surfboards intended for mushier and weaker waves change the lines you draw on the wave face – not this board!  Wrap proper roundhouse cutbacks, snaps and re-entries on smaller wave faces on this shape while enjoying the increased speed, acceleration and flow.

IMG_0142 Sharp Eye Disco Collage 2The key to this design are the rocker and outline curves that Marcio has used.  The rocker in the disco is curvier than many other small wave designs.  He really has managed to find that perfect balance of curve, foam distribution and concave to allow the rider to  go fast and make the tighter turns needed to rip into smaller wave faces.

IMG_0145This design has been a favorite of several of our staff members and a bunch of regular customers of the shop for a while now for a reason.  The Disco has really proven itself a winner in our local waves – and is quite the weapon of choice in marginal to good conditions.

Come in store to check out this model and more from our collection of Sharp Eye Surfboards or suss them out ONLINE

Bouncing, with Filipe Toledo from STAB on Vimeo.

XM Tangle Free Leashes Back In Stock

XM Tangle Free Leashes Back In Stock by Zak SurfboardsFinally we have the full range of XM Tangle Free Leashes back in stock at Zak Surfboards – we now are fully topped up with all sizes and thicknesses. XM are our best selling brand of legrope by far, these tangle-free cords feature a light-weight slider that  helps keep the leash away from your feet (with minimal drag) when you are paddling or sitting in the lineup.  When you are up and riding the wave – the slider makes then leash sit or skip along the top of the wave face, reducing drag further.  So no more tripping on take-offs or having you legrope wrap around your ankles.  Basically you’ll hardly notice the leash being there – except when you wipe out ;)

XM Tangle Free Leashes Back In Stock by Zak Surfboards XM Tangle Free Leashes Back In Stock by Zak SurfboardsA simple, functional no frills construction with corrosion free double swivels and with by far the best quality urethane out of all legropes on the market.  Used exclusively  by all of our staff here at Zak’s (by choice) and the majority of our regular customers – a regular legrope is just annoying after using one of these!

Available in all lengths & thicknesses in store or ONLINE

Captain Fin Co. Pivot and Flex templates

Captain Fin Co. Pivot and Flex templatesWe have just got a bunch of the latest Captain Fin Co. Pivot and Flex templates in store at Zak Surfboards.   There are some great new Pivot & Flex options for you from 8-11″ designed by Joel Tudor, Dane Peterson, Tyler Warren, Brothers Marshall, Alex Knost, Kassia Meador and more.

Captain Fin Co. Pivot and Flex templatesAt Zak Surfboards it’s not just all hi-fi performance shortboard gear – we also have arguably one of the best selections in Victoria of fins for logs & more alternative craft too.  Whether you are in need of a new skeg for your log or something smaller for your single fin, retro, hull or tracker – we’ve got you covered.

Captain Fin Co. Pivot and Flex templates

Come and check out our comprehensive range of fins including these Captain Fin Co. fins in store or grab some from us ONLINE

The DHD Ducks Nuts DNA

The DHD Ducks Nuts DNAWe now have the DHD Ducks Nuts DNA model in store and hanging on our racks at Zak Surfboards. The DHD Ducks Nuts DNA is an exact replica of Mick Fanning’s go to competition board.  A finely tuned craft that as been developed by DHD & Mick over their many years working together.

The DHD Ducks Nuts DNA Ribbet collageDSC_1110 Photo MacfarlaneThis model is the exact board that Mick Fanning rides as an all round shortboard in shape and construction – we have it in Mick’s exact dimensions as well as scaled up or down sizes. Constructed to Mick’s preferences, this board comes standard with team lite glassing and features Mick’s signature rocker, his signature single to double concave and narrow cross carbon patches.

IMG_1872 Ribbet collage 2A model favored obviously by Mick as well as several of the other DHD team riders (including Matt Wilko) now you have a chance to ride exactly what the pros ride!  Come and check them out in store or ONLINE

Mick Fanning Ducksnuts DNA Performance Surfboard from DHD Surf on Vimeo.

…Lost Pocket Rocket

...Lost Pocket RocketWe now have the …Lost Pocket Rocket hanging on our racks in store at Zak Surfboards.  Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos’ latest high performance shortboard design, the Pocket Rocket has primarily been developed with WSL surfer Kolohe Andino.

...Lost Pocket RocketPocket Rocket Collage 1 by Zak SurfboardsReady to change the bottom curves under his feet, this shortboard that Kolohe & Matt designed has a moderate even, continuous rocker, without any distinct flips or breaks.  In particular, there is more curve in the center of the board without the usual kick that Kolohe generally favors in the tail.  This new curve that they have come up with has really allowed Kolohe to approach the critical part of the wave with more aggression and most importantaly, without losing speed and drive (check out his form at Snapper 2016 on this new model).

Pocket Rocket by Zak Surfboards Pocket Rocket Collage 2 by Zak Surfboards To make sure the rider maintains lift and speed, Matt has also deepened the concaves in this model somewhat from what Kolohe normally rides.  The end result is a great  high performance shortboard with built-in drive that won’t shy away from critical sections.  Although designed for a pro, this design does have a touch more volume than many high performance shortboards and a little extra surface area to keep you planing.  It probably can be ridden quite successfully in the right dimensions by those of us that aren’t quite at pro level yet ;)

Designed to be responsive and fun in small snappy beach breaks and excels in chest high to decently overhead – come and check out the …Lost Pocket Rocket in store or ONLINE

THE POCKET ROCKET from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.

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