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Channel Islands Black and White Model

Channel Islands Black and White ModelWe now have a full size run of the new Channel Islands Black and White Model on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  The Black and White is an all round, high performance shortboard designed for down the line speed and easy rail-to-rail transitions.  Based on a favorite hand shape Britt Merrick made Dane Reynolds for Santa Barbara area point breaks. This model features a fairly low entry rocker, a staged flat-ish section between the feet, and an accelerated kick through the tail. A single concave runs the length of the board, is deepest near the front fins and shallows into a hint of vee exiting the tail block.

Channel Islands Black and White ModelChannel Islands Black and White Collage 1The  flat deck design of the Channel Islands Black and White offers improved flex characteristics nose to tail, a solid under-your-feet feel and a touch more foam in the rail to push against. It also allows you to ride this board a touch thinner than other performance shortboard models, so keep that in mind when scoping the dimensions.

IMG_3201 Channel Islands Black and White Collage 2
The Channel Islands Black and White in the right length is suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers as a great all round shortboard – come check them out in store or have a squiz at the and our other CI models that we have on the racks ONLINE

New Demo Surfboards

New Demo Surfboards We have just added a couple of New Demo Surfboards to our collection.  Our collection of Demo Surfboards is steadily growing back in number and variety (after a bit of a clean out mid year) which is good news for you .  We currently have over 25 demo surfboards for you to choose from including these freshies that just arrived today.

Demo Slater Designs Sci-Fi 5’10″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 9/16″ 30.7L FCSII

New Demo Surfboards Slater Designs Sci-Fi Tomo

Demo Firewire Greedy Beaver- 6’4″ x 21″ x 2 11/16″ 43.6L Futures

New Demo Surfboards Firewire Greedy Beaver

The Demo Program is also a great opportunity for you to test out a bunch of different boards before you buy*.
View our full range of Hire & Demo Surfboards HERE
We also have a large collection of TEST DRIVE FINS you can choose from as well.
Ring ahead to see what is available & book your hire preference
ph: 03 9416 7384

How the demo program works

* You have 4 weeks to demo as many boards as you want. At the end of the 4th week you may purchase a new surfboard (no lay-by) and you will receive all of the hire/demo costs off the recommended retail price of the new board. This demo program is for all surfboards we offer for hire. We are very strict on the timeline conditions. 4 weeks is from the date of the first hire. You must retain all demo receipts to obtain the refund.

Hire & Demo Pricing:
1 day $30
2 days / Weekend $50
Weekly rate $120

All boards will come with a protective cover, wax and leg rope ;)

Please Note: a current drivers license or equivalent ID plus a valid credit card is required to demo or hire surfboards from us


DHD Epoxicore price drop

DHD Epoxicore price dropDHD Epoxicore price drop !!! The price of DHD Epoxicore construction has just been dropped by $100  which is great news – you can grab a freshy in this amazing technology for less.  We currently have size runs of the  DX1 JF model  and the Switchblade in Epoxicore on our racks .

This new construction method – developed by the crew at DHD aim to give you all the benefits of epoxy construction without any drawbacks to performance in the water.  The Epoxicore construction utilizes a combination of PU and EPS foam.  These boards sit in the water like a PU, but flex and retain liveliness like an Epoxy constructed board – it’s basically win, win with these.

This new price is available both in store and ONLINE ,  come in and check out what all the fuss is about with this construction

Surfboard Repairs in Melbourne

Surfboard Repairs in MelbourneSurfboard Repairs in Melbourne  – The weather will be heating up shortly, so it’s time to make sure that all of your surfcraft is in full working order and ready to go.  Here at Zak Surfboards in Thornbury we offer a comprehensive repair service for all types of surfcraft  right here in town!! We repair all polyester and epoxy fiberglass surfboard constructions – including brands such as Firewire and Hayden Shapes.

We can also repair other polyester, epoxy fiberglass and plastic surfboards, kite-boards, wake-boards, knee-boards, water skis, surf-skis, nipper-boards, canoes, kayaks and much more. Our work is guaranteed and is of the highest standard and we offer a 1 Week Turn Around on repairs*.

It is an unfortunate but inevitable part of owning a surfboard that dings, dents and de-laminations happen. Both in and out of the water, there are many causes of surfboard damage. If not fixed, over time the foam core of your surfboard will take on water, weighing it down, reducing its strength and buoyancy – ultimately hurting your boards performance.

Come by Zak Surfboards 307 Victoria Rd Thornbury Victoria 3071 any time during store hours to organize your repair with our staff.

Please note: We cannot quote repairs for you over the phone due to their subjective nature – please bring them in store and we can do one for you on the spot

*Most repairs if dropped in store on a Monday will be completed by Friday that week – more difficult repairs may take a little longer, particularly if the board is water logged or requires in depth paint retouching.

DaFin Swim Fins are back in store

DaFin Swim Fins are back in storeDaFin Swim Fins are back in store at Zak Surfboards!  We now have the Black, the Navy/Yellow and the new Zak Noyle signature fins in store.

Developed in Hawaii by one of Australia’s early surfing pioneers Andy CochranDaFin have grown to become the swim/surf fin of choice of Watermen worldwide. Created with input from world renowned watermen Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana – the unique design of DaFin Swim Fins delivers the two most important features you want in your fins: comfort and power …better than any other fin on the market.

DaFin is the fin of choice for thousands of lifeguards and water safety professionals in worldwide. DaFin Swim Fins are standard issue equipment for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. DaFiN and has also been endorsed as the ‘Official Swim Fin’ of the United States Lifesaving Association.

DaFin has also garnered a strong reputation with the bodysurfing community – featured prominently in the critically acclaimed bodysurfing film ‘Come Hell or High Water’. DaFiN is the #1 choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and watermen around the world. Make DaFin your choice, too!

Check them out instore or ONLINE

Come Hell or High Water trailer from Torpedo People on Vimeo.

Hayden Shapes Untitled

Hayden Shapes Untitled

We now have the new Hayden Shapes Untitled model in store on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  This model has been designed in collaboration with team rider Creed McTaggart  – Intended for fun times in less than ideal conditions (hello… Summer).  The Untitled has heaps of paddle power courtesy of a flatter nose rocker and a fuller foil up front, to get you into the wave and gliding onto the wave face super early.

Hayden Shapes Untitled Hayden Shapes Untitled Collage 1

A straighter section of rail in the outline through the middle of the board, broken by a wing, with a finer sensitive tail ensures that this board has a silly amount of acceleration and a super-fast top end speed.   The tail is relatively thinned out, with a touch more curve which gives this shape plenty of sensitivity and performance in the back third of the board.  This thinner tail, combined with the hip and tail rocker means that this model is nice and easy to redirect, enabling sharp, high speed direction changes and tighter arcs on smaller wave faces.

IMG_3289 Hayden Shapes Untitled Collage 2Come and check out the Hayden Shapes Untitled and the rest of our collection of Hayden Shapes that we have in store, or check them out ONLINE

Slater Designs Tail Pads

Slater Designs Tail PadsWe have just got in a bunch of the new Slater Designs Tail Pads in store.  A pretty interesting development in the sustainable surfing equipment world – the foam that these tail pads are constructed out of is made out of a derivative of Algae.  And most importantly the Algae that is used to make this foam has been sourced from waterways that have or are at risk of algal blooms.

The look, feel and texture of these pads to me, seems like any other on the market and they are comparably priced.  Seems like a pretty epic development in the reduction of impact that the manufacture of our surfing equipment has on the environment, hopefully there is a bunch of other innovations like this to come down the track.  These Slater Designs Tail Pads are available in store only at the moment so come by and check them out.  Once there is greater stock availability I’ll have them available ONLINE as well.

Channel Islands Rocket 9

Channel Islands Rocket 9We now have the Channel Islands Rocket 9 model in store on our racks at Zak’s.  This relatively new model for CI is quite the performer in a wide range of conditions.  What really stands out when you look at this board is it’s unique outline, it has a distinctly forward of centre wide point  and pulls back into a relatively tidy tail.    Despite the pulled tail and relatively pointy nose this board has a decent amount of hidden volume – meaning that you can definitely ride it a fair bit smaller than your standard shortboard while keeping your normal volume (or even opting for a touch more for extra paddle).

Channel Islands Rocket 9 Channel Islands Rocket 9The medium, constant curve, with a wide point forward and tider tail means this model is pretty darn comfortable being surfing in and around the pocket.  A medium hard rail allow you to push hard through turns on rail without the board squirreling out.  A fairly deep single to double concave bottom keeps it quick, with a touch of vee off the back few inches of the tail ensures nice easy transitions from rail to rail and clean release off the tail.

Channel Islands Rocket 9 Channel Islands Rocket 9 Collage B

Come in store and check out the Channel Islands Rocket 9 or check out our full collection of CI Surfboards ONLINE


Zak Tee Shirts are back on the racks

Zak Tee Shirts are back on the racks

Good news everybody, Zak Tee Shirts are back on the racks!!!  After a little period of low stock we have got our act together and organized a bunch of new Zak tee shirts for our racks.    Made out of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and available in Black, White, Charcoal and Grey Marle.  The Coke Bottle and Classic prints are available in store at the moment, with heaps of stock of all sizes – come in store or grab a few from us ONLINE

Custom Surfboards Before Xmas

Custom Surfboards Before XmasCustom Surfboards Before Xmas – Thinking about treating yourself to a new custom stick for Summer?  Well now is the time to get in and place your order if you want be sure your board is finished and ready to shred before Xmas.  Shapers get increasingly busy as we head towards the end of the year, with wait times increasing proportionally for custom surfboards.

Remember if you are after custom made surfboard from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays, tints, pigments & more -  it can be done!!

Make sure you don’t miss out on your dream stick for the coming warmer months.  Come in store or give us a buzz  on 03 9416 7384 and speak to Damien to get it happening

Channel Islands Surfboards now on the racks at Zak’s

Channel Islands Surfboards We are very pleased to announce that we are now Channel Islands Surfboards stockists.  To kick things off as of Friday last week, we have full size runs of 4 of their models (the Rocket 9, the Black and White, the Sampler and the Mini) now hanging in store.

Channel Islands Surfboards now at Zak'sPossibly the most recognisable surfboard brand in the world, established in 1969,  the Channel Islands Surfboard brand has dedicated itself to performance and quality -  through hard work, innovation, and originality. Catering to the best surfers in the world over the decades, the brand has been synonymous with many of the best surfers and some of the best surfing performances of all time.  With a roster that has included icons of the sport like Tom Curren, Kelly Slater all the way to some of the biggest names in surfing today like Dane Reynolds.

Channel Islands Surfboards We are stoked to add Channel Islands to our collection of top surfboard brands we stock – come and check them out in store or see the stock we currently have on our racks ONLINE

Summer Surfboard Models


Summer Surfboard ModelsA lot of our Summer Surfboard Models are already here in store at Zak Surfboards. Warmer weather is on its way and it’s time to make sure you are sorted with the right board for the coming summer. We’ve already got a bunch of our summer models on our racks including the selection of models below.  Each of these are performance boards tailored to maximize your fun in less than ideal conditions.

Summer Surfboard Models Pyzel Stubby BastardPyzel ‘Stubby Bastard’

The Pyzel Stubby Bastard model sucessfully combines an ultra high-performance shortboard with a stubby step-down  - essentially providing you with the best of both worlds. The end result is a fast, loose and responsive board that can fit into tight, curvy little waves, extremely well, but will still hold its speed and flow  between sections in weaker, mushy surf.  John Pyzel suggests you ride this board around the same volume or even with a touch more float for maximum performance and fun.

Summer Surfboard Models Pyzel Stubby BastardCheck out our full range of Pyzel Surfboards Here or read more about this model Here


Summer Surfboard Models DHD Epoxicore Switch BladeDHD Epoxicore ‘Switchblade’

Responsive, fast and maneuverable underfoot, the Switchblade model really performs well in a wide variety of  conditions but definitely comes into it’s own when conditions are a touch smaller and weaker. Designed to be ridden a touch shorter and wider than your regular shortboard,  volume has been strategically placed throughout the shape to ensure speed through ‘dead sections’ while retaining a full performance feel under foot.

The Epoxicore construction utilizes a combination of PU and EPS foam.  These boards sit in the water like a PU, but flex and retain liveliness like an Epoxy constructed board – it’s basically win, win with these.

Summer Surfboard Models DHD Epoxicore Switch BladeCheck out our full range of DHD Surfboards Here or read more about the Switchblade model Here


Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo Maurice Cole ‘Dirty Dingo’ 

The Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo is currently one of Maurice’s most popular surfboard designs. A hybrid shape that, rides like no other in a wide range of waves but really comes into it’s own in the smaller, weaker stuff (ie. a real weapon for the coming summer).The design of this Dirty Dingo model features Maurice’s signature deep, full-length concave combined with a hard edgy rails running the full length of the board.  This combination of bottom and rail shape create ridiculous amounts of speed and grip of the wave face, whilst also providing a clean release point off the rail.

Maurice Cole Dirty DingoCheck out our full range of Maurice Cole Surfboards Here or read more about this model Here


JS hyfi Blak Box IIJS hyfi ‘Blak Box II’

This is a super popular forgiving performance surfboard for average waves. It really excels in mushy, crumbly, fuller, fatter & flatter shaped waves . The Blak Box II has a slight entry rocker and a flat exit rocker through the tail, which helps the board paddle into waves easily & creates drive and speed from the get go. It has medium to full rails, which helps prevent bogging or catching your edge, making sure you can navigate choppy or soft sections with ease and glide through fatter/flatter parts of the wave.

JS hyfi Blak Box IICheck out our full range of JS Industries Surfboards Here or read more about this model Here


Full size runs of each of these models are currently on our racks – come in store and check them out in person or have a squiz at them ONLINE

Spring Summer Westuits are here

Spring Summer Westuits are hereThe weather is definitely on the up and here at Zak Surfboards we have close to our full range Spring Summer Westuits here now, ready for action.  A healthy choice of 3/2mm and 2mm steamers are already on our racks as well as a broad selection of Spring suits, vests & rashies to sort you out for you water activities during the warmer months.

Spring Summer Westuits are here

At Zak Surfboards we provide one of the biggest & best ranges of wetsuits in Victoria – right here in Melbourne!  In our new dedicated wetsuit space we have a comprehensive collection of wetsuits from brands such as Patagonia, Xcel, C-Skins, O’neill, Rip Curl, Billabong & more.   Hundreds of suits, Men’s, Women’s, Kids, for Victorian winters, summers and travels to warmer climates.  Rash vests, wetsuit vests, cold water boots, warm water boots, gloves, hats …everything.

Spring Summer Westuits are here IMG_3160aWe are happy to match prices with any other store in Australia on stocked items – guaranteeing that you will get the best deal possible from us.  We also have a permanent sale section for those of you wanting to pick up a bargain.   Some of our stock of wetsuits will also be available for purchase on our ONLINE store.

Please contact the shop on 03 9416 7384


Spring Summer Westuits are here

Earth Technologies E-Tech …Lost Puddle Jumper Models

Earth Technologies E-Tech ...Lost Puddle Jumper ModelsWe have a some Earth Technologies E-Tech …Lost Puddle Jumper Models hanging on our racks at the moment.  These boards are imported from the USA – shaped in the …Lost factory in San Clemente then glassed by the crew at Earth Technologies (E-Tech) in Los Angeles.

Earth Technologies E-Tech ...Lost Puddle Jumper Models Earth Technologies E-Tech ...Lost Puddle Jumper ModelsThese are the closest thing that you can buy to a sustainable surfboard – the boards that come out of the E-Tech factory are built adhereing to the 3 Core “E” Principles the company was founded on:

1. Excellency in Craftsmanship. They take great pride in their American Hand-Crafted, California made boards. These boards are the anti-thesis to disposable Asian “pop-outs” as they are made by the highest skilled craftsmen in the business and made with the best performing materials resulting in “Rad Boards, Made Right..”
2. Eco-Sustainability.  Over the years they’ve painstakingly tried and perfected performance board building utilizing only the most eco-friendly materials (EPS recycled blanks, bio epoxy resin, wood veneers) and processes (recycling foam blank cut offs, bio epoxy resins, etc.) featuring our renown Earth Technologies board construction.
3. Education. In addition to being surfers, the crew at Earth Technologies are also story-tellers. They have made a deliberate attempt through many communication channels (social media, website, printed board catalogs, etc.) to share with others their unique eco board construction and demonstrate why there need not be a tradeoff between performance and eco-sustainability.
IMG_3147 Lost Mayhem Puddle Jumper Earth Technologies collage 1

E-Tech has gained a reputation in the USA for working with some of the most advanced renewable and recycled materials available – such as Recycled EPS foam board blanks (instead of polyurethane or polystyrene) Entropy Resins sap-based bio-resin (instead of polyester resin) and Linseed wood decks that give their boards an unrivaled combination of strength and flex. E-Tech have introduced a bio-based alternative to fiberglass, as well as recyclable ballistic polyester. E-Tech is the only business in the U.S. to be using this “bio-glass” in manufacturing a commercial product.

Read more about the “Puddle Jumper” model here

Come in store if you can and check out these beauties of have a look at each of them individually ONLINE

Surf Ears 2.0 Restock

Surf Ears 2.0 RestockWe have just got a Surf Ears 2.0 restock – these revolutionary ear plugs not only give you excellent protection from cold water, the wind and pollution, they also minimise impact of wearing plugs on you natural hearing while out in the water.  Specifically designed to keep the water out but also let the sound in, Surf Ears 2.0 enable you to stay connected to the environment while protecting your ears.

Surf Ears 2.0 RestockAn update to the very popular original SurfEars – the Surf Ears 2.0  includes the following  improvements :
+ ADDITION OF LEASH - An optional silicon leash is now attached to the plugs meaning there should be no excuses for losing plugs.  Leash can be removed if customer prefers to surf without leash.  Instructions on how to use leash included in the package.
+ IMPROVED ACOUSTICS - Enlarged sound canal area means better hearing.
+ HYDROPHOBIC COATING - Improved hydrophobic coating on mesh.
+ BETTER FIT - New shape secures plugs inside the ear more securely.  More contact points inside the ear.
+ IMPROVED WATER SEAL - Improved ear gel (ear bud) design provides a better fit for most users.
+ The small gel is now smaller and the large gel is now larger fitting a greater range of ear sizes.
+ Gel is now shorter providing a better fit for surfers with advanced ear canal closure.
+ The outer ring on the gel is enlarged to provide an improved seal
+ New “red” colour highlights
+ New look sealed plastic packaging

Surf Ears 2.0 Restock

“ Finally, after a long & painful period of avoidance, my left ear was surgically cleared of exostosis (surfers ear) two years ago and my right ear almost 99% blocked and now booked in for surgery. “SurfEars” couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

My doctor took one look at the product and his face lit up with joy…finally something he can issue to his never ending surgical roster of surfing patients…which is specifically designed to give us the ability to hear and engage with others while protecting ourselves from this extraordinary, natural response from our bodies to protect itself, again THANK YOU!! ”

(Tom Carroll – Surf Ears Ambassador)

Grab a set of Surf Ears 2.0 in store or you can also buy them from us ONLINE (with free postage)


SurfEars – Tom Carroll from SurfEars on Vimeo.

JS HYFI Custom Surfboards

JS HYFI Custom SurfboardsWe have just got in our first batch of JS HYFI Custom Surfboards for a couple of customers – & they look pure fire!!!  Despite the gusty wind today, I managed to grab a couple of quick pics of this custom dimension AIR 17 in the HYFI tech before it raced out the door.

This brand new HYFI technology is a construction method that has been developed by JS Industries over the last 2 years.  It has been available to the general public now for a little while as an option for the Blak Box II, but recently they added selected other models in this construction to their custom program.  Developed through a rigerous RND process, JS have come up with a patent pending Hybrid Fiber Diamond EPS construction (or HYFI for short).  It is a multi-layer construction that apparently feels completely unique underfoot – like nothing else out there.  The glassing process that they use essentially creates an exoskeleton that makes this surfboard construction lighter and significantly stronger than ever before, while creating the perfect flex to maximize performance.

JS HyFi Custom Air 17 Collage JS HYFI Custom Surfboards JS HyFi Custom Air 17 Collage 1

The model pictured is the relatively new AIR 17  that has been developed by Jason Stevenson in collaboration with Julian Wilson to facilitate a progressive approach in everyday waves.

What makes this AIR 17  design quite unique is the larger than usual sweet spot through the central part of the board.  This sweet spot makes this model relatively forgiving to surf, compared to many other performance short boards.  Added thickness under the front foot  coupled with deeper concaves make this board very quick off the mark- providing drive and acceleration right from take off.  The combination of this extra thickness and larger sweet spot helps you hold speed through turns and maintain it throughout the whole wave.  Helping you to flow through maneuvers with ease, and connect the dots from the start to the finish of the wave, even in more marginal conditions.

The rail shape of the Air17 is a somewhat softer, medium to full rails than many performance shortboards. This model also has a somewhat flatter rocker through the middle of the board with more flipped sections in the nose and in the very last bit of the tail to accomodate quick direction changes and release when needed.
Despite being a pro model, the AIR 17 in the right dimensions should work quite well for a number intermediate to advanced surfers in a variety of conditions.
Drop by the shop to have a look or check out our full range of JS Industries Surfboards ONLINEIf you are keen to get a custom made in the HYFI construction get in contact with Damien at the shop during store hours Ph: 03 9416 7384

EQ Seals Ear Plugs are back

EQ Seals Ear Plugs are backEQ Seals Ear Plugs are back in stock at Zak Surfboards!! Formerly known as Sorky’s – these are one of our best selling sets of ear plugs ever… we have a bunch of customers and staff members who swear by these EQ Seals .  These revolutionary ear plugs offer fantastic water protection while still allowing you to hear normally while you are using them.  The first ear plug in its field to offer protection, comfort and reliability while in the water.

EQ Seals offer complete ear canal water sealing with truly unmatched surrounding sound transmission and easy application. Get in, check them out and see why so many people rave about these plugs!!

Avaiable from us in store or with free postage ONLINE

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin SetThe all new Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set is now in store at Zak Surfboards.   This is a brand new  template designed for Dane Reynolds by the team at Captain Fin Co.  Previous Dane signature fins have been simply an AM1 template with different artwork.  The AM1 is an incredibly popular all round fin and definitely a solid challenge to try and improve on.

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin SetThis new signature thruster set features the same bigger side fins with a smaller back fin as the AM1 but with a slightly more upright template and a fuller tip. To quote the man himself “I find they work in tight transitions, but have a lot of drive. These fins loosen and liven up my boards.” -Dane Reynolds.

Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set

Available in Small, Medium and Large – you can now grab yourself a new Captain Dane Reynolds Thruster Fin Set from us in store or ONLINE and see what all the fuss is about ;)

Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Models

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty

We have just got in a size run of Gash Surfboards Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Models for our racks.  Heap of great looking mid-lengths there, with sizes that run from 6’3″ all the way up to 8’1″ in length.  These boards are 100% made in Victoria, hand shaped by one of the best shapers & surfers the state has produced and glassed down in Torquay.

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Collage 1These Greg Brown Sweaty Betty models are beautifully fast, responsive and manoeuvrable to surf, yet relatively easy to paddle with user-friendly amounts of foam strategically placed throughout the shape.  Really popular with our customers that want something they can approach a wave like they would on a performance shortboard but don’t have to paddle around on a potato chip. Every time we get these sort of shapes in from Greg, they seem to run out the door so don’t snooze – come in store and check them out!!!

Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Gash Greg Brown Sweaty Betty Collage 2

Check out our full range of Gash / Greg Brown & Bombora surfboards that we have in stock in store or ONLINE

FCS II Julian Wilson Athlete Series Thruster Set

FCSII Julian Wilson Athelete Series Thruster Set The brand new FCS II Julian Wilson Athlete Series Thruster Set Fin templates are now in store at Zak Surfboards.  The original Julian Wilson template that Julian designed with FCS was primarily a fin for beach breaks – with tighter arcs and more tail release in mind.


A few years have passed since this original fin was released, now with a more muscular physique, a greater focus on a power based approach and the better waves that the WSL tour locations provide it was time for a change.  Julian’s new signature fin focuses more on speed, projection down the line & control.  It has a fuller base and is constructed out of the super responsive Performance Glass material.  This new fin template is much more swept back or raked which really helps with projection down the line and control through long turns.

FCS II Julian Wilson Athelete Series Thruster SetFIN SPECS: Medium

Base: 4.46″ / 113mm
Depth: 4.56″ / 116mm
Area: 15.13″² / 9763 mm²
Sweep: 35.8°
Foil: Flat / Bev

FCS II Julian Wilson Athelete Series Thruster SetFIN SPECS: Large

Base: 4.57″ / 116mm
Depth: 4.61″ / 119mm
Area: 15.91″² / 10262 mm²
Sweep: 35.8°
Foil: Flat / Bev

These and the rest of the FCS II range of fins are in stock and available from us in store or ONLINE


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