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Matt Mayhem Biolos Australian Tour

Matt Mayhem Biolos  Australian TourMatt Mayhem Biolos Australian Tour 2015

…Lost Surfboards shaper Matt Mayhem Biolos  will be in town shortly for an Australian Tour.  While he is here, he will be finish shaping and signing as many boards as he can fit in.  So if you are keen for a board shaped by this master shaper – get in contact with us at: or phone 03 9416 7384 & speak to Damien

Numbers are strictly limited and it will be first in best dressed. You can order stock dimensions or customs – basically whatever you like. The cut off date for orders through us is Wednesday 4th Feb.

Delivery date for these boards is estimated at April / early May

Don’t sleep!

Coloured Zak Models

Coloured Zak Models 1Coloured Zak Models Collage 1We have a bunch of new Coloured Zak Models in store courtesy of our talented glasser/sander Darren ‘Dibby’ Milliken.  Tail dips comboed with white and black vector cloth & coloured Futures fin boxes to boot.  Should have a pretty steady run of different colours in our more popular models coming through the store for the next 3-4 months.  Come instore to check them out or have a squiz ONLINE

Coloured Zak Models 2Coloured Zak Models Collage  2Coloured Zak Models siamese 1Coloured Zak Models collage siamese 1Colouredsiamese 2 Coloured Siamese collage siamese 2 Coloured Zak Models TripodColoured Tripod collage

Creatures Fins – simplifying the art of picking the right fin

Creatures Fins 1Creatures Fins – simplifying the art of picking the right fin.

The full range of Creatures Fins have arrived at Zak Surfboards and have already become the weapon of choice for many of our customers & several of our staff.  With their new range of fins, Creatures have endeavored to simplify the art of picking the right fin.

In their range Creatures have 2 distinct styles of fins – the Vert series and the Arc series .

Creatures Fins 3The Vert Series are designed for tighter, snappier turns, with quick direction changes and surfing in the pocket in mind.  The Vert series are a more upright fin with less sweep or rake (up to 33 degrees).

Creatures Fins Dusty Pic(Dusty Payne surfing the Nat Young Arc Carbon Flex to victory at Haleiwa during the 2014 Triple Crown)

The Arc Series have been formulated for extra drive, carves & drawn-out turns.  These Arc fins have been designed for longer, down the line waves  (with more sweep or rake – over 33 degrees).

All the Vert & the Arc series fins are then available in 3 different sizes which you can pick according to your weight :

Small less than 65kg, Medium 65-80kg & Large 75 – 90+kg

Creatures Fins stabThese are also 3 different constructions that you can choose from:

Core Flex – a lightweight construction with a fluid flex pattern

Carbon Flex – a slightly stiffer lightweight construction that has a more responsive feel

Pure Fibreglass – a stiffer base with a more natural flex pattern through to the tip, with the most similar feel to traditional glassed on fins

You will also be pleased to hear that all of these Creatures Fins are available in both FCS & Futures Fin compatible styles.  With a set of both Vert and Arc Series fins appropriate to your weight, you should be covered for virtually all conditions :)

Come and grab them instore or from our ONLINE store

DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file

DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 5We have just got a full size run in of the new DHD DX1  Jack Freestone file  from Darren Handley instore. It’s the same trusted high performance rocker as the standard DX1 but with more foam, boxier rails and a wider tail block.  If you are looking to step up your shred game, this will give a nice balance of super charged, high performance arcs coupled with a forgiving amount of volume for those softer days. It has an amazing wave range too that will work in both Vicco as well as Indo! Get your shred on with one of these babies!DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 10DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 9We have formed a growing relationship with DHD over the past 6-8 months and Zak Surfboards is now becoming a Vicco marquis store for everything DHD. Stay tuned for more exciting news, including demos, access to ex-team boards as well as the full DHD range.  These puppies are available instore only for the time being – I should have them ONLINE shortly though ;)

DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 8DHD DX1 Jack Freestone file 6



Two Day Make Your Own Board Course

Two Day Make Your Own Board CourseOur mates at the Surfboard Studio are now pleased to offer Two Day Make Your Own Board Course out of their space in just round the corner in Preston.

Over two days you can now do a compressed version of their ‘Make Your Own Board‘ course.  In these courses they provide  students with all the equipment, materials, skilled instruction & expert guidance to create their own surf craft from start to finish – ready to hit the water!

Not only do you leave this course with you own hand made board to keep, but you are provided with the knowledge and practical experience to then go on and shape additional surfboards on your own.  With the guidance of their expert instructors, you too can leave the Surfboard Studio with your own beautifully finished surfboard – first time!

Course Content

They start off with the basics of surfboard design, then gradually take you deeper into the intricacies of shaping and design, including plan shapes, bottom contours (concaves and channels), nose and tail rocker lines, deck shapes and rail shapes.

You will also become familiar with the shaping bay and all the tools and techniques of surfboard shaping. From the shaping section of the course, you will proceed to the glassing stage where you will learn about the various techniques and materials used in glassing a surfboard before cutting your own cloth, mixing your resin and laminating your board.

After you glass your board, you will then move on to fin and plug installation including various theories around fin positioning on different boards and how the placement may affect performance. From fin installation, the course will take you to the next stage in the laminating process before you finish and sand your board and get it in the water!

Please note: To run this 2 day course they require at least 4 participants

If you can book in a group of 4+ they can also schedule this course on days/at times convenient to you (bring along three friends, relatives or workmates). This could be over a weekend, during RDOs, basically you decide what will suit you and we’ll try our best to make it happen on those days.

For all inquiries please email

Book Now

Custom Surfboards


Custom Surfboards ...Lost Sub Buggy EPSHere are a few pics of some of the Custom Surfboards that we’ve had come in for customers recently from SuperBrand  & …Lost Surfboards.  A 5’8″ custom dims …Lost Sub Buggy in EPS construction,  a custom dims heavier glassed Superbrand Vapors with a swallow tail (my personal favorite of the bunch – yew looks super fun) and a custom dims …lost V3 rocket.

Custom Surfboards SuperBrand Vapors SwallowCustom Surfboards ...lost V3 RocketRemember if you are after custom made surfboards from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays & more -  it can be done.  Give Damien a call at the shop on 03 9416 7384

SuperBrand Fling

SuperBrand Fling 4The SuperBrand Fling is performance driven, contemporary take on the Simmons or Keel fish design. It takes the best fun & functional elements of those retros and fuses them with a high performance rail, rocker, foil and bottom curve .Designed to excel in more marginal conditions, this board has a drivey positive feel with a lot of lift.  It generates a lot of its own speed, which allows the rider to really zip all over weak, fat, mushy & flat conditions . Very fast down the line to surf, yet able to break line enough to allow the rider to still draw shortboard turns and tight carves.  This board screams fun for those marginal conditions that Victorian summers are often plagued with.

Check them out instore or ONLINE

SuperBrand Fling 3

GoPro Hero 4 now instore

GoPro Hero 4 Black

Recently released and a clear improvement on all previous models the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and Black models are now available instore and online. Packed with amazing new features, GoPro is the gold standard in action video capture and they’ve taken it to the next level with these new releases.

The GoPro Hero 4 models are the first to feature built-in touch screen display allowing you to frame shots and play back content like never before. You can also set tags for easy access to the highlights of your session through the HiLight tagging feature. As expected they’ve taken recording quality to whole new level also with the Hero 4 Black processor operating at 2X the rate previously available – a massive 4K30 / 2.7K50 / 1080p120 fps and the Silver model isn’t far behind, capturing 1080p60 and 720p120 video with lifelike clarity.

GoPro Hero 4 SilverBoth models come with a wide angle glass lense feature allowing you to capture surprisingly wide perspectives, allowing for super immersive video. You won’t miss a hero moment with the ‘Auto Low Light’ function which automatically adjusts the frame rate for those dawny and after work sessions too!

Again the Hero 4 models include WIFI and Bluetooth functionality for quick and easy uploading and sharing of content. Big hold-downs are also no problem with the Hero 4 range waterproof to 131’ (40m).

Capture your next epic session and have the video to prove it with the epic new Hero 4 range. Available instore and ONLINE now.



A good board is like a good lady – you wanna lock that shit down. But unlike ‘putting a ring on it,’ the KanuLock lockable tiedown straps won’t cost you a month’s worth of wages.

The Kanulock lockable tiedowns are instore now and offer the safest way to keep your quiver on the roof when you aren’t able to find a safer option. The KanuLock tiedown straps can be used for a whole range of surfcraft including Surfboards, Stand-up Paddle Boards, Windsurfers and Kayaks.

The issue with regular tiedown straps is that anytime you want to leave your car to a) hit the pub b) grab some lunch or c) leave your hatchback to jump in your mate’s ‘real’ car to check that spot over those big rocks, you leave your beloved sticks susceptible to the old ‘five finger discount.’

The easy key-locking buckles allow you to lock down and access your boards with the simple turn of a key and in a big FU to all the thieving bastards out there, the stainless steel reinforced straps cannot be cut by a knife or blade. KanuLock also maintain that due to the design of most surfcraft out there in the market, there is no opportunity for would-be thieves to slide your craft through the straps either.

Make the move and secure your gear with the KanuLock Tiedowns. Available instore and ONLINE

Dafin Swim Fins

Dafin Swim Fins 5DaFin Swim Fins – the swim and surf Fin preferred by the World’s Best Watermen, now instore at Zak Surfboards.

Developed in Hawaii by one of Australia’s early surfing pioneers Andy Cochran, DaFiN have grown to become the swim/surf fin of choice of Watermen worldwide. Created with input from world renowned watermen Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana – the  unique design of DaFiN delivers the two most important features you want in your fins: comfort and power …better than any other fin on the market.

Dafin Swim Fins 2 Dafin Swim Fins 3DaFiN is the fin of choice for thousands of lifeguards and water safety professionals in worldwide. DaFiN is standard issue equipment for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. DaFiN and has also been endorsed as the ‘Official Swim Fin’ of the United States Lifesaving Association.

Dafin Swim Fins 1 Dafin Swim Fins 4DaFiN has also garnered a strong reputation with the bodysurfing community – featured prominently in the critically acclaimed bodysurfing film ‘Come Hell or High Water’. DaFiN is the #1 choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and watermen around the world. Make DaFiN your choice, too!

Check them out instore or ONLINE

Come Hell or High Water trailer from Torpedo People on Vimeo.

DHD Skeleton Key

DHD Skeleton Key 3The DHD Skeleton Key is a model that has been developed through a collaboration between Darren Handley and his top team rider Mick Fanning. The idea was to create true a performance short board that all surfers could ride.  The formula is simple… take one of Mick’s favorite (& highly refined) shapes, then subtly add more outline in the plan shape, reduce the rocker & increase the volume in the rail a touch.  Sounds like a no brainer right?

DHD Skeleton Key 1 DHD Skeleton Key Collage 1The key to making this board work for you and I is the way Darren has combined all of these elements together.   A slight hip in the tail has been added to this new fuller outline  &  a lightning fast deep single to double concave.  These two elements combine to  make this board super responsive, snappy & quick in changing from rail to rail (like a more refined board).

DHD Skeleton Key 2 DHD Skeleton Key 4The end result is a subtly fuller shape that is just as responsive as a high performance board, yet easier to surf.  This is what makes this new model a MUST  HAVE for your quiver.

We have a full size run of the DHD Skeleton Key available instore or ONLINE


Firewire Pyzel Slab

Firewire Pyzel Slab 8 The Pyzel Slab is one of our most consistent sellers here at Zak Surfboards and we now have it available in Firewire FST Construction.

Firewire Pyzel Slab 4As an all rounder for Victorian conditions, it ticks all the boxes for a lot of our customers (& staff). At first glance one of the most prominent features of the Pyzel Slab would be the forward wide point.  This subtly straightens the outline of the board through its back half for speed and drive.  A bit more thickness has been left in the front third of the board which when combined with a fairly low nose or entry rocker, makes this board paddle and pick up waves with ease.

Firewire Pyzel Slab 6To offset the straightness in the outline and loosen the board up a little, the Pyzel Slab has a touch more tail rocker than most boards. This keeps the board snappy and helps it sit comfortably in steeper parts of the wave.  The bottom of the Pyzel Slab is a single to double concave which then transitions through to a subtle vee through the last bit of the tail.  The concaves make sure that the board is fast and lively, with the vee helping the rider transition from rail to rail quickly and easily.

Firewire Pyzel Slab 2The end result is a forgiving board that paddles amazingly well – while still retaining all the whip and spice of a much thinner/more refined shape.  It grovels with the best of them but will also handle bigger/hollower/sucky waves with bit of juice if pushed.

Come and check them out instore or ONLINE

DHD Black Diamond

DHD Black Diamond 5We have a size run of the DHD Black Diamond model available instore at Zak Surfboards.

DHD Black Diamond 3 DHD Black Diamond 1This is what Darren Handley (DHD) had to say about the Black Diamond Model:

“This model is the true meaning of versatile… I wanted to create a model that would allow me to out paddle everyone, while still having the performance feel in all types of conditions.  By bringing the widest point forward, increasing the nose area & dropping the entry rocker slightly, the BD paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.  This combined with the sexy little round pin which provides hold and smoothness though turns, the BD will handle anything that you throw at it.”

DHD Black Diamond 2DHD Black Diamond 6The DHD Black Diamond  can be surfed as a quad or thruster setup depending on the conditions.  This board is designed to work in a wide variety of conditions, weak or powerful, steep of flat, small waves or larger surf.  A true one board quiver – you can really ride this shape on 95% of days on most coasts in Victoria. The versatility of  this model makes it a great board to take with you when you travel too.

Check them out instore or ONLINE

Adelio Summer Range 2015

Adelio summer 2015 4We have the Adelio Summer Range 2015 instore at Zak Surboards.  K Series short arm steamers, Connor 2mm sealed steamers, Chase 1.5mm wetsuit jackets & vests in limited run colour-ways available from us instore only.

Adelio summer 2015 1 Adelio summer 2015 5These buttery soft wetsuits feature limestone based neoprene with 100% inner and 88% outer jersey made from recycled plastics. Glued and reinforced taped seams that leave a seamless glued seam on the outer.  The Adelio Summer Range 2015 has quality and features you’d expect from much more expensive Japanese custom made suits – without the exorbitant price tag.

Don’t sleep on these because if they are anything like previous ranges that we have got from Adelio – they will run out the door.

Adelio summer 2015 6

Stacey Flat Head

Stacey LogoWe have a full size run of the new Stacey Flat Head model instore at Zak Surfboards– a no fuss surfboard designed for performance in smaller waves.  Nothing too complicated going on here design wise – Lee Stacey has really stripped it back to the bare essentials with this one, only leaving the things that are necessary.

Stacey Flat Head 9Stacey Flat Head 5A simple, reliable design that does exactly what its supposed to do – allow you to rip it  in waves of the lower end of the spectrum. Everything you need, with none of those bells & whistles you don’t.

Stacey Flat Head 4 Stacey Flat Head 2A shorter, wider & thicker design with flat entry rocker for easy paddling and speed off the mark. A  flatter deck for predictability & glide, a full rolled rail to help keep you connected , with a sweet combination of single to double concave & tail rocker for speed, acceleration and control.This board will get the job done this summer

Check them out instore or ONLINE


Surfboard Bags & Covers

Surfboard Bags CoversAt Zak Surboards we have in store one of the biggest collections of Surfboard Bags & Covers in Victoria.  Socks, day bags & travel covers from brand including Ocean & Earth, Creatures of Leisure & FCS . Single, double , triple + board bags and covers for shortboards, longboards, fish shapes & retros – we have them all.  We also have them available for purchase from us ONLINE

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