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Chilli Peri Peri

Chilli Peri PeriChilli Peri Peri 6We now have new model from Chili – the Peri Peri instore at Zak Surfboards. The Chilli Peri Peri combines a high performance shortboard with a small wave board – it takes the best elements of both. The type of board you can ride most days regardless of the conditions. It has a smooth hip free outline that keeps it fast and helps it hold its own in steeper/heavier conditions.  This outline combined with a unique single concave to ‘vee’ bottom in the tail, makes it lively, speedy & snappy to surf. This is a high performance small/medium wave board.

Check them & other Chilli models out instore or ONLINE

Chilli Peri Peri 1 Chilli Peri Peri 2Chilli Peri Peri 7Chilli Peri Peri 3Chilli Peri Peri 4Chilli Peri Peri 5

New …Lost Surfboard Models are in

New ...Lost Surfboard Models instore

New …Lost Surfboard Models are in at Zak Surfboards. We have just got a big drop of new …lost models including the Sub Buggy, the Sub Scorcher II and the RV.


...lost Surfboards Sub Buggy...lost Surfboards Sub Buggy 2...lost Surfboards Sub Buggy 3Matt Biolos’ latest model with Kolohe Andino – it’s a combination of the Sub Driver and Beach Buggy.  This board has been designed with smaller waves in mind, with a “good wave” approach. Foiled for fast, on-rail surfing, but full and forgiving enough to kill it in more marginal conditions. Matt has taken the outline of the Sub Driver, combined it with the rocker of the Beach Buggy, then blended it with a brand new foil. This new shape has been refined during the WQS PRIME and WCT comps, leading to a board that grovels well, but is still a true high-performance board. It is fast becoming a favorite for …lost team riders looking for an edge in small wave contests, as well as So Cal locals crew after something new.

The “R.V.”

...lost Surfboards R.V. RV...lost Surfboards R.V. RV 2...lost Surfboards R.V. RV 3The RV  is  one of Matt Biolos’ most recent “Domesticated” designs. The RV is exactly as its name implies…A “Recreational Vehicle”. Purpose built for extracting maximum enjoyment with minimum effort – a perfect sled to keep your surf stoke up through the summer months. Glide into waves with ease, cruise across wave faces, and coast through turns -  this design will be hard to beat in the smaller stuff.

The design stems from a blend of previous domesticated models – the Bottom Feeder, Couch Potato & the LayZboy. The bottom shape features a similar “tip to tip” vee bottom as its predecessors. The vee helps you overcome the extra width and volume, easing your transitions from rail to rail, also helping you control the extra surface area.

There is a double wing flyer through the tail, reducing the tails surface area through the fins – which helps increase bite and precision in turns. The result is that you can carve and push your turns a bit harder, without sliding out. This helps the board feel a little bit more solid and less skatey through turns.

The nose area in this model has been reduced in the front 12-18″ of the board. This helps the board comes around quicker through turns, like more of a performance shape. The vee is more subtle through the front front (for less push when paddling, more trim speed and an instant burst from the take off) this vee gets deeper though the fins for a more solid and forgiving…”controlled” feel.

Grab one of these R.V.s and make the most out of your time in the water this summer.

Sub-Scorcher II

...lost Surfboards Sub-Schorcher II...lost Surfboards Sub-Schorcher II 2...lost Surfboards Sub-Schorcher II 2The most recent incarnation of the extremely popular Sub Scorcher model.  The ¼”vee from the last 6” of the tail has been reduced and  rocker has been increased about 1/8” and the rail-line has been taken down 1/8”. These changes have been made to loosen up the board a little, allowing a more vertical approach and tighter turns in the pocket.

To counter any possible loss of drive with the increased rocker, the  outline been straightened slightly, also a touch more width has been added in the nose.  These Sub-Scorcher IIs are available in all kinds of tail shapes – we have picked a rounded square for our stock.

This model’s overall volume is similar to the original sub scorcher, but the extra thickness in the foil of the board up front allows it to be ridden very short by more advanced surfers.  A great small to average wave short-board, with a relatively pulled in/pointed nose, in place of full nose hybrid or traditional fish type design.

Come and check these and many more boards out instore – I’ll have them all individually Online shortly ;)

Custom Surfboards

DHD DX1At Zak Surfboards we can order you in custom surfboards from all of our suppliers. If you are after a particular model with dimensions specifically tweaked to suit you, certain fin plugs, colours, sprays, EPS construction or something scaled up or down (like this grom sized 5’6″ DHD DX1) give us a buzz at the shop and we’ll do a custom order for you – ph: 03 9416 7384


Hayden Love Buzz instore now!!!

Hayden Shapes Love Buzz  s

Hayden Shapes Love Buzz

At Zak Surfboards we have a full size run Hayden Love Buzz instore now!!! This is Creed McTaggart’s first signature surfboard model developed over two years in collaboration with Hayden Cox.  Hayden describes this new model as the ‘Love Child’ of the Hypto Krypto and The Ando model – the Love Buzz design perfectly blends surface area, rocker and performance curves to create a great all round, fast and flowing short board. It’s a board that will carry speed through the flatter mushier sections while still giving you the sensitivity to surf in all areas of the wave in a variety of conditions.

Hayden Shapes Love Buzz 3The Love Buzz has a medium / flat entry rocker for easy paddling and plenty of speed down the line. It has the signature HS flatter rocker through the center of the board for flow and speed through flatter sections, similar to the Hypto Krypto. Through the tail, the Love Buzz has a medium amount of lift.  This extra curve through the tail of the board allows the rider to change direction quickly, giving the board a snappier feel to surf, allowing you fit sharper turns in more critical parts of the wave.

Hayden Shapes Love Buzz 1The bottom curve starts with a subtle single concave in the front through to medium single in the center of the board. This then blends into a deep double concave within the single, with a medium vee’d double out through the last 3.5” of the tail.

Hayden Shapes Love Buzz 2Hayden Shapes Love Buzz 4Demoed by our staff over August and September – then forcefully taken back ;) we’re frothing to finally have these. Come in and check them out instore or have a squiz at more of them ONLINE shortly.

Gorilla Fins now instore

Gorilla Fins FCSIIGorilla Fins are now instore at Zak Surfboards.  Compatible with FCSII fin boxes and with some pretty out there colour ways, these are sure to add some extra joss to your stick.

There are a bunch of different templates to chooses from including the Eat Sleep Wave Repeat M Tri  & Tri/Quad sets, the Moon Beams & Mellon M Tri  & Tri/Quad sets, the Brains Bones Bars S Tris sets, the Sloth Palm Trend Shank L Tri sets and more.  Come and check them out instore (and online shortly).

Rip Curl Summer Wetsuit Stock

We have just got in our summer wetsuit stock from Rip Curl.  From thinner steamers to vests to wear with shorts, we have got you covered for the warmer months.  Here is a run down of some of the stock we just got in:

E Bomb Pro Long Sleeve 1mm L/SL JacketE Bomb Pro Long Sleeve 1mm L/SL Jacket

This lightweight and flexible top and a pair of boardshorts is all you’ll need to keep you out there all day long on those hotter days in the coming months.  It features 100% E4 Neoprene,  Rip Curl’s E-Stich Seams (super stretchy flexible stitching) and a low profile collar. It also has a draw string hem at the bottom that can attach to your board shorts which will stop it riding up or coming off when you wipe out.

E Bomb s sl steamer zip freeE BOMB PRO Short Sleeve Steamer Zip Free S/SL Z/FREE ST

This zip free, super light weight & stretchy wetsuit from Rip Curl ticks all the boxes for a summer suit for our local Victorian waters.   Super flexible to wear and enough warmth even for those super early first light surfs.  Made from head to toe out of 2mm E4 Neoprene with GBS seams – grab one of these and you’ll be sorted!

Rip Curl Flashbomb 2 2 steamerFLASHBOMB 22 ZIP FREE

This zip free 2mm Flashbomb steamer is a great choice now that the water is starting to warm up a little from winter.  Quick drying, lightweigh, less water entry and extra stretch – get out of that 4/3 and jump into one of these puppies!


25% off FCS & Future Fins

Zak Surfboards Online Fin Sale

This week at Zak Surfboards we are offering a 25% discount off all FCS & Future Fins – only on our Online Store.  Grab yourself a new or spare set of fins for you favorite stick.  Maybe you need a set of quad trailers or a different template to play around with?  This 25% off FCS & Future Fins sale is your chance to grab those fins you want and save some hard earned $$$. The sale is only on this week and finishes this Sunday 19th of October – make sure you get in quick or you’ll miss out!!!

Use the code: fin25deal

Pyzel Bastard

Pyzel BastardWe have just got in a size run of Pyzel Bastard models at Zak Surfboards.  This is one of Jon Jon Florence’s favorite surfboards and if you have been watching any of his amazing performances recently at Trestles or in France,  he was surfing one of these.

John John Sucks from J. Patrick Stublen on Vimeo.

The board was developed by combining some of his favorite aspects from two of Pyzel’s other shortboard models the Flash and Pinky, creating the ‘Bastard’.

Pyzel Bastard 1Pyzel Bastard 3It has a touch more rocker than the Flash for a snappier feel, but still keeps it’s drive and speed through flatter sections. The single concave throughout the board makes it a speedy shape to ride and the subtle hip in the tail makes it easy to redirect. The tail is a touch more pulled in than other models, giving it a bit more bite,drive and control through turns. The deck has also been flattened out slightly, re-positioning the volume for a lively feel.

Pyzel Bastard 2

This board will handle well through big carves and will hold its own if pushed in powerful waves,  but still feels great in weaker surf. A great high performance board for everyday sessions that will handle a big range of waves.

Come and check them out instore or ONLINE

Pyzel Bastard 4

Captain Fin Co. Restock

Captain Fins Co.  We have just got a big  Captain Fin Co. product restock.  Heaps of their thruster sets, Quads, Five fin sets, Single fins – the works.  Signature fins from Tyler Warren, Andrew Doheny, Dane Reynolds, the Gudauskas brothers, Chemistry Surfboards, Chris Christenson, Chippa Wilson, Joel Tudor, Kassia Meador and more.

Captain Fins Co. Some great looking templates to choose from coupled with some pretty choice artwork – come and check them out instore and online shortly.

Stacey Neptune’s Ride

Stacey Neptune's Ride 1We just got more of the Stacey Neptune’s Ride in stock at Zak Surfboards.  This has been a real winner with a lot of our regulars – the sort of board you can throw in the car and ride no matter the conditions… a real no brainer for Vicco.

Compared to your standard shortboard, the  wide point in the outline of the  Stacey Neptune’s Ride has been pushed forward of the middle of the board – this keeps it nice and drivey to surf, when compared to other shorter wider surfboards. Extra foam has been added under the chest area, making this board not only paddle really well for its size, but also trim across flat sections with speed.

Stacey Neptune's Ride  2The curvy outline and tidier tail allows you to put a bit of grunt into your turns than most shorter wider boards -  So you can carve with power and sit nice and tight in the pocket of steeper more critical waves without spinning out. This board also has a five fin plug set-up to give you the option of surfing it as a Quad or Tri fin.

Stacey Neptune's Ride 3This Stacey Neptune’s Ride has a deeper concave and slightly more rocker than similar shapes (DHD Black Diamond & Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto) which when coupled with the subtle rolled vee through the last part of the tail, keep your surfing on rail.

Stacey Neptune's Ride 4Come Check them out instore or ONLINE

Secondhand Surfboards

Secondhand Surfboards at Zak SurfboardsAt Zak Surfboards we hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards.  Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE

Chilli Rare Bird

Chilli Rare Bird 1We now have a big size run of Chilli Rare Bird models instore at Zak Surfboards!  Based off a combination of  Chilli’s popular Toucan & Birds Eye models, the Rare Bird has been developed as a board that will perform for you in a wide range of conditions.
Chilli Rare Bird 2 The Rare Bird has  the rocker and bottom curve from the Toucan -  a single concave from the front foot back to a double concave with a slight vee out through the back fins for easy transition. The wide point is a little forward in this board which creates a positive drivey rail line.

Chilli Rare Bird 3

Chilli Rare Bird 4

Chilli Rare Bird 5The bottom curve & rocker combined with a medium rail and pulled in thumb tail makes this board scream versatility. The option of surfing it as both a tri & quad fin setup has proven a huge plus allowing the rider to make this model perform in small stuff right up to head high barrels.

Chilli Rare Bird 6We have a bunch of these in stock at the moment so come check them out instore or online.

SurfEars Earplugs

SurfEars Earplugs 3An exiting new style of earplugs from SurfEars are arriving at Zak Surfboards shortly.   SurfEars earplugs have been developed specifically to provide the wearer with a maximum level of sound/hearing & comfort, whilst maintaining the critical protection that earplugs provide from the elements.

As surfers in Victoria we are really at the mercy of the elements.  The cold water + windy conditions we find ourselves frequently surfing in, lead to many people in our community suffering from “surfer’s ear” – eventually having to go under the knife to remove bony growths in their ear canals.

Ear plugs help prevent “surfer’s ear” from developing, but many find wearing them uncomfortable. Until now, all the earplugs available on the market impede the wearers hearing to some extent – this negatively effects your balance + your connection with your surrounding environment – therefore hindering your ability to surf.

SurfEars Earplugs 1SurfEars have been designed with  technology usually found in high end audio products.  Their overall design and more specifically their use of acoustic mesh + core replicates the natural resonance you would get from not wearing earplugs at all.  With impedance testing showing close to zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech.

SurfEars Earplugs 2The end result is protection for you ears that as close as possible replicate not wearing earplugs at all. These SurfEars earplugs will be available soon both instore & online.

Sharp Eye Surfboards

Sharp Eye SurfboardsSharp Eye Disco 1We have just got in a bunch of new Sharp Eye Surfboards at Zak Surfboards direct from the USA.  Sharp Eye Surfboards enjoy a large & loyal underground following in the US, they can be found under the feet of world tour surfer Felipe Toledo as well as professional surfers Brian Toth, Cody Thompson & Oliver Kurtz.   Here is a quick rundown of the models we have got in for this shipment.

Sharp Eye DiscoThe Disco is one of the more popular designs from Sharp Eye Surfboards. Created with small to medium surf in mind this board really excels in weaker waves up to head high. Sharp Eye shaper Marcio Zouvi  describes The Disco as a high performance small wave board.  It really allows the rider to  tackle weaker waves with the same approach they have to better waves with their normal shortboard.

Sharp Eye Disco 2The key to this design are the rocker and outline curves that Marcio has used.  The rocker in the disco is curvier than many other small wave designs.  He has managed to find that perfect balance to allow the rider to  go fast and make the tighter turns needed on smaller wave faces.

The Disco is the most popular design from Sharp Eye Surfboards. It  was designed for small to medium surf up to chest high waves. The Disco is a high performance small wave board that allows you to surf like your normal shortboard. The bottom has the most amount of rocker than all other small wave designs and the outline is wider than the glider model. You will go fast and turn tight on those small but fun days. You should order The Disco 4 to 6 inches smaller than your regular short board.
– See more at:
The Disco is the most popular design from Sharp Eye Surfboards. It  was designed for small to medium surf up to chest high waves. The Disco is a high performance small wave board that allows you to surf like your normal shortboard. The bottom has the most amount of rocker than all other small wave designs and the outline is wider than the glider model. You will go fast and turn tight on those small but fun days. You should order The Disco 4 to 6 inches smaller than your regular short board.
– See more at:


Sharp Eye Disco InfernoWe also have got in the Disco Inferno – which is the Disco model tweaked a bit so you can surf it in a bigger range of waves.  Marcio Zouvi  has kept a similar bottom configuration and rocker as the Disco, but tidied it up slightly with a few subtle changes to increase the drive and control in larger surf.

Sharp Eye Disco Inferno 1Sharp Eye Disco Inferno 2The designs have proven themselves as winners in our local waves with several of our staff & regular customers regarding the disco their weapon of choice in marginal to good conditions.  Stock from Sharp eye tends to go quickly so don’t sleep, make sure you get in and have a squiz (or grab one) before they all go…

Check them out now instore or ONLINE



Spirit of Akasha

Spirit of Akasha 1There is a screening of Andrew Kidman’s film ‘Spirit of Akasha‘ coming up at the Arts Centre Melbourne on the 7th of November.

Released last year, the movie has taken a different form this year as a live music event to celebrate the classic surf movie Morning of the Earth – originally created by Albert Falzon in 1972.

The film features some of today’s best surfer like Stephanie Gilmore, Mick Fanning, Tom Curren and Kelly Slater riding single fin boards in locations including  Bali, Fiji and Hawaii.

The soundtrack for the Melbourne event will be performed by Andrew Kidman and The Windy Hills, Mick Turner, Jack River, Machine Translations and The Sandpebbles.

7 November, 7.30pm

Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall

For more info or to book tickets click here


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