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E.O.F.Y Sale at Zak Surfboards

E.O.F.Y Sale at Zak SurfboardsOur E.O.F.Y Sale at Zak Surfboards is winding up this Sunday July 3rd!!!  Make sure you don’t miss out on the great deals we have on a whole range of items accross all categories of our stock.

* Up to 40% Off on a big range of Wetsuits

* 25% Off all current 2016 Winter Wetsuit Stock

* 100+ Surfboards discounted, prices starting at $495

* Up to 50% off Fins

*Up to 40% off board bags

*Half Price Bodyboards and Accessories

*30% off all clothing

With these savings you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out.

Wetsuit Care Tips

Wetsuit Care TipsWe have put together a list of Wetsuit Care Tips to help you keep your suit in tip top condition and ensure you get the maximum life out of your suit. Below I run through the Dos & Don’ts of caring for your wetsuit, as well as some important info on warranties.

Wetsuit Care Tips

  • Rinse your wetsuit in cool, fresh water after every surf
  • Dry your wetsuit in the shade – leaving your wetsuit to sit out in the sun for hours to dry can speed up the aging process of the neoprene in your suit, gradually making it less flexible & brittle
  • Do not leave you wetsuit sitting in a bucket of water for days even if it’s fresh water. Extended soaking can cause both the neoprene and surrounding fabrics to break down.
  • Hot Water Reduces Neoprene Flexibility and can weaken the glues & tapes used to seal your suit – do not rinse your suit in hot showers
  • Store your wetsuit carefully when you aren’t using it – Thoroughly rinse and dry your suit then hang it on a wide hanger (NOT a wire hanger), Avoid Folding – this will keep you suit in tip top shape between uses

Do not put your wetsuit in the washing machine
Do not put your wetsuit in the clothes dryer
Do not bleach, dye or paint your wetsuit
Do not iron your wetsuit

If your wetsuit gets really dirty and starts to stink:

Soak your wetsuit in a bucket of warm (not hot) water. Add a half-cap of mild detergent like wool wash or specialty wetsuit cleaner, then give it a good rinse in this detergent solution. Next step is to rinse it again in fresh water then hang it out to dry.

Problems Generally Covered by Wetsuit Warranties

Wetsuit warranties (may vary slightly from brand to brand) and apply under normal recreational use and proper care of your suit. Generally materials and workmanship are covered for 12 months from the original purchase date – that’s 12 months from the original purchase date on all seams and 12 months from the original purchase date on neoprene materials.

Problems that are Not covered by Wetsuit Warranties

The following circumstances are not covered by most wetsuit warranties:

  • Repairs, or alterations, to any area of the product done or attempted by anyone other than an authorized repair facility suit (with many brands, if you glue it, sew it, cut it or otherwise alter the wetsuit you void your warranty)
  • Damage from sunlight, chlorine, improper recreational use or care, or any damage beyond the product’s natural life expectancy.
  • Don’t wear your wetty in a pool or wash it with anything other than mild detergent or specialty wetsuit cleaners. Chlorine or chemicals cause damage to the neoprene in your suit.
  • Abrasions from rubbing on hard surfaces
  • Fading from the sun.
  • Any damage from velcro, either from the suit velcro itself or leg rope, glove closures etc.
  • Damage from using the wetsuit for purposes other than it was designed for (An example of this is elbows wearing out due to body boarding)
  • Warranty claim requests without valid proof of purchase.
  • Damage to the inside ankle area from incorrect or over stretching of the suit when pushing feet into the suit or catching toe nails. This is normally seen as horizontal cuts/tears anywhere from below the knee to the bottom of the leg. Take your getting into & out of your suit – don’t tug or stretch the material too hard. If you have trouble getting your feet through to the end of the leg holes, try putting a plastic bag or a sock on your foot before sliding into the leg hole.



Surfboard Repair Service in Melbourne

Surfboard Repair Service in Melbourne Surfboard Repair Service in Melbourne  – At Zak Surfboards in Thornbury we offer a comprehensive repair service for all the various types of surfcraft and other fiberglass things right here in Melbourne!! We repair all different types of polyester and epoxy fiberglass surfboard constructions – including brands such as Firewire and Hayden Shapes.

We can also repair other polyester, epoxy fiberglass and plastic surfboards, kite-boards, wake-boards, knee-boards, water skis, surf-skis, nipper-boards, canoes, kayaks and much more. Our work is guaranteed and is of the highest standard and we offer a 1 Week Turn Around on repairs*.

It is an unfortunate but inevitable part of owning a surfboard that dings, dents and delaminations happen. Both in and out of the water, there are many causes of surfboard damage. If not fixed, over time the foam core of your surfboard will take on water, weighing it down, reducing its strength and buoyancy – ultimately hurting your boards performance.

Come by Zak Surfboards 307 Victoria Rd Thornbury Victoria 3071 any time during store hours to organize your repair with our staff.

Please note: We cannot quote repairs for you over the phone due to their subjective nature – please bring them in store and we can do one for you on the spot :)

*Most repairs if dropped in store on a Monday will be completed by Friday that week – more difficult repairs may take a little longer, particularly if the board is water logged or requires in depth paint retouching.

JS Monsta 6 Restock

JS Monsta 6 RestockJust in first thing this morning is a JS Monsta 6 Restock!!!

Grab one of these JS Monsta 6 models and it might well be the best all-round to good wave high performance shortboard you’ve had in your life.  This is the latest incarnation of the popular Monsta design from JS and features a slightly smoother rocker, subtly fuller & softer rails and a touch more concave compared to the previous versions.

This new version has been 3 years in the making & JS has managed to improve the design that his stellar team of Parko, Julian, Owen, Ace and Dusty are really happy with.  Designed with waves 2-6 foot in mind, from average, day to day stuff to A+ conditions. JS reckons that the JS Monsta 6 is one of  his most versatile surfboards that delivers a perfect combination of speed, drive and release.

Come in store and check out our full range of JS Industries surfboards or have a squiz at the stock we currently have ONLINE

Thruster vs Quad

Thruster Vs Quad (WithText) collageThruster vs Quad – With 5 fin plugs becoming common in a lot of surfboards, a question we get asked quite often in store is – should I surf my board as a Thruster or a Quad?

With both fin set ups dramatically changing the riding characteristics of your surfboard, the choice of a Thruster vs Quad  is really dependendant on how you want your board to perform, the feel underfoot you like, the design of the board, and the conditions you are going to surf it in.  Below we’ll look into how these fin set-ups change the performance of your surfboard, what their strengths/weaknesses are and which conditions each fin configoration suits.  Hopefully this will make the Thruster vs Quad decision clearer.

Thruster vs Quad  3 FCSIIQuad fin set ups have superior down-the-line speed to thrusters.  Removing the center fin means that there is much less drag.  More fin area is positioned closer to the rail with quads, giving you more hold or bite into the wave face.  Your fins are clustered closer together when you use a quad – allowing you to turn in a tighter arc.  The extra grip and speed that a quad provides can be put to good use in fast heavy, hollow waves.  Also the speed and tight turning capabilities can be a great asset in smaller, peaky, weaker waves.

The placement of the quad fin plugs on the tail of your board is also important to take note of. The closer the rear fins are clustered together and the further back they are positioned, the more they will perform like a thruster.  The farther apart the fins sit – the closer to the rail & the front fins – the faster down the line and the tighter the turning arc your board will perform.

Small wave board designs that have quad options as a general rule tend to place their quad rears closer to the rail and front fins giving you the ability to draw tighter arcs on smaller wave faces, less drag and therefore more speed to help your traverse weaker flatter sections.

Quad 1 FCSIIPlacing quads rears further back on the board tends to lend itself to designs for bigger hollower days. It makes the quad design more predictable and allows you to add a bit of length to your carves and helps you hold speed through turns.  Quads are great in big surf as they allow you to sit steeper and deeper in the curl.  With quads you can definitely hold you line longer, they really allow you sit in more critical parts of the wave at high speed with more control (and less chance of sliding out).

The down side of Quad fin setups are that they are slightly unpredictable to ride. When trying to stall, or wash off speed, Quads are definitely not as easy to slow down as thrusters.  The way that Quads release out of a turn is quite different to thrusters and harder to control.

Thruster vs Quad Thruster 4 FuturesLet’s now look at Thrusters - there is a good reason why the thruster fin set up is the most common fin configoration – they work!  The thruster is the most balanced & predictable fin  set up -  they are fast, give you excellent control while pushing through turns and an unbeatable balance of drive, speed, and maneuverability.

Thruster vs Quad Thruster FuturesAs mentioned earlier, thrusters definitely release in a more predictable, controlled fashion compared to quads and give a more stable feeling underfoot in everday conditions.  When searching for a board that goes where you want it to go and does what you want it to do- Thrusters are hard to pass by for these reasons.

Futures Fins Single Fin Range

Futures Fins Single Fin RangeWe have just got our first delivery of the brand new Futures Fins Single Fin Range !!!   Futures have delivered a very comprehensive collection of different templates in this new  range with a wide variety that should suit your longboard, single fin, retro shape, log or other altenative craft.

Futures Fins Single Rob Machado Futures Fins Single Craig AndersonFutures Fins Single Fin Range features classic dolphin shapes, more refined & raked options, Pivot fins and Signature templates from Gerry Lopez, Craig Anderson and Rob Machado.

Futures Fins Single Gerry Lopez Futures Fins Single Futures Fins Single Futures Fins Single These are a few pics of some of the more choice templates in the range.  Available in store for now and ONLINE in the near future

E.O.F.Y Sale

EOFY SaleThat’s right we are having an E.O.F.Y Sale at Zak Surfboards!!!
Great deals to be had on a whole range of items accross all categories of our stock.

* Up to 40% Off on a big range of Wetsuits

* 25% Off all current 2016 Winter Wetsuit Stock

* 100+ Surfboards discounted, prices starting at $495

* Up to 50% off Fins

*Up to 40% off board bags

*Half Price Bodyboards and Accessories

*30% off all clothing

With these savings you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out.
Sale Begins at 5pm today!!

Only while stock lasts…Don’t Snooze

Wetsuit Boots Gloves and Hoods

Wetsuit Boots Gloves and HoodsWinter is well and truely here and we have made sure that we have heaps of stock of Wetsuit Boots Gloves and Hoods to keep you toasty in the water.

On freezing, windy days at this time of the year you can definitely be left struggling for motivation to get out in the water to catch a few.  Wearing a wetsuit HoodGloves and Boots does definitely help though – especially for those who get their surf on in the early morning.   This season we have a very large selection for you to choose from – with a broad range of products from Patagonia,  Xcel, Oneill, Billabong, & Rip Curl.

Wetsuit Boots Gloves and HoodsZak Surfboards are the Wetsuit Specialists in Melbourne, we now provide one of the biggest & best ranges of surfing wetsuits in Victoria – conveniently located right here in Melbourne!

In our dedicated wetsuit space we have a comprehensive collection of wetsuits from brands such as Patagonia, Xcel, C-Skins, O’neill, Rip Curl, Billabong, Roxy & more.   Hundreds of suits, Men’s, Women’s, Kids, with a selection of styles suitable for Victorian winters, summers  and travels to warmer climates.  Rash vests, wetsuit vests, cold water boots, warm water boots, gloves, hats …everything!

Wetsuit Boots Gloves and Hoods

Come in store and check out our range – we are happy to match prices with any other store in Australia on stocked items – guaranteeing that you will get the best deal possible from us!!

We also have a permanent sale section for those of you wanting to pick up a bargain.   Some of our wetsuit styles are available for you to browse through or purchase on our ONLINE store.

Secondhand Surfboards

Secondhand SurfboardsWe have had some pretty choice Secondhand Surfboards arrive in store this past week and weekend – some retro shapes and some more contemporary shapes in pretty epic nic.  You can see them all on our ONLINE store in the Secondhand section individually listed and photographed.

Secondhand Surfboards

We are always on the hunt for secondhand surfboards – If you have one that you aren’t using and want to sell it, drop by the shop and we’ll check it out.  We pay $$CASH$$ for secondhand surfboards, we also trade used boards for credit on new surfboards or any other gear that you need.  We also can sell surfboards on consignment for you.  Simply bring your board or boards by our store during opening hours and we can arrange the best option for you.

Secondhand Surfboards

At Zak Surfboards we try and hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards. Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE

Futures Morpheus Alpha Fins

Futures Morpheus Alpha FinsFutures Morpheus Alpha Fins are arriving shortly at Zak Surfboards.  Like all Futures Fins, the Alpha Series are entirely created and manufactured at Futures Fins Headquarters in Huntington Beach USA.

Constructed out of a unique molded carbon fiber, these Alpha fins are a true performance fin in an incredibly lightweight & resilient construction. The first of their kind, created using materials and new technologies developed by Futures.

Lighter than traditional Honeycomb construction and infused with the resiliency of carbon fiber, these are the most advanced injection moulded fin material on the market.  Carbon fiber has a higher strength to weight ratio than fiberglass.  By replacing fiberglass with carbon fiber, these Futures Alpha Fins are significantly lighter & stronger than your standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins.
Futures Morpheus Alpha Fins
The new Carbon Fiber material also alowed Futures to go back to the drawing board and restructure and modify the fins flex pattern.  Material has been removed from the from tip for more spring and added it to the base for more drive – really giving these fins a unique feel underfoot.  To further increase their performance, a  3D flow texture has been added to the Alpha series, decreasing drag & minimising the possibility of fin hum at high speeds.

Arriving shortly – these fins are definitely worth checking out!  Available from us in store or ONLINE as soon as our stock arrives

Modom Shark Leash now available in store

Modom Shark Leash The Modom Shark Leash now available in store.  Utilizing magnetic technology developed by Sharkbanz USA which according to their research & development, has the ability to potentially reduce shark interaction.

Sharks are known to have an accute ability to sense natural electrical stimuli, the Sharkbanz magnetic technology contained with the Modom Shark Leash apparently has the potentially to disrupt this sense, causing a highly unpleasant sensation that turns inquisitive sharks away.

Modom Shark Leash

Modom Shark LeashThese Modom Shark Leashes are is fully interchangeable,  so you can easily swap or replace the leash cord for different sized waves or if you damage it.  These leashes don’t use batteries and therefore don’t require  charging and according to the Sharkbanz research don’t lose deterrent powers over time if cared for correctly.  They also come in a protective box so that they don’t interfere with your electrical devices.

Modom Shark Leash

Available from us in store and ONLINE – come in  and check them out.

*For more information on these leashes - click here

Surf Ears 2.0

Surf Ears 2.0The cooler months are here so we are fully stocked up on ear plugs including the Surf Ears 2.0  A revolutionary new ear plug developed by a team of product designers and dedicated surfers from Sweden. Not only do Surf Ears 2.0 protect your ears from cold water, the wind and pollution, they also maximise sound and give you the closest  experince to your natural hearing available on the market.

Surf Ears 2.0Balance is essential for most water and board sports, your ability to hear not only effects you balance but also you awareness to what is happening around you in the water. Unfortunately many earplugs out there limit your hearing somewhat. SurfEars were designed to keep the water out but also let the sound in, to enable you to stay connected to the environment.

Surf Ears 2.0 surf-ears-break-down Surf Ears 2.0

An update to the very popular original SurfEars – the Surf Ears 2.0  includes the following  improvements :
+ ADDITION OF LEASH - An optional silicon leash is now attached to the plugs meaning there should be no excuses for losing plugs.  Leash can be removed if customer prefers to surf without leash.  Instructions on how to use leash included in the package.
+ IMPROVED ACOUSTICS - Enlarged sound canal area means better hearing.
+ HYDROPHOBIC COATING - Improved hydrophobic coating on mesh.
+ BETTER FIT - New shape secures plugs inside the ear more securely.  More contact points inside the ear.
+ IMPROVED WATER SEAL - Improved ear gel (ear bud) design provides a better fit for most users. 
+ The small gel is now smaller and the large gel is now larger fitting a greater range of ear sizes.
+ Gel is now shorter providing a better fit for surfers with advanced ear canal closure.
+ The outer ring on the gel is enlarged to provide an improved seal
+ New “red” colour highlights
+ New look sealed plastic packaging

“ Finally, after a long & painful period of avoidance, my left ear was surgically cleared of exostosis (surfers ear) two years ago and my right ear almost 99% blocked and now booked in for surgery. “SurfEars” couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

My doctor took one look at the product and his face lit up with joy…finally something he can issue to his never ending surgical roster of surfing patients…which is specifically designed to give us the ability to hear and engage with others while protecting ourselves from this extraordinary, natural response from our bodies to protect itself, again THANK YOU!! ”

(Tom Carroll – Surf Ears Ambassador)

Come and check out the Surf Ears 2.0 in store or grab a set from us ONLINE


Stacey 5150 Round Tail

Stacey 5150 Round TailThe Stacey 5150 Round Tail – A surfboard named after an exceptionally famous guitar amp. The 5150 from Stacey Surfboards has been on of the most popular  all rounders that we’ve had in store in the last 12-18 months.

Stacey 5150 Round Tail Stacey 5150 Round Tail Collage 1A great choice as an all rounder for Vicco waves – fuller through the nose than your standard shorty for an extra bit of paddle & stability, but still pulled in enough for tight pocket-oriented arcs. The Stacey 5150 Round Tail has plenty of speed thanks to a nice deep single concave in the front half of the board that blends through into a double concave in the tail with a hint of vee out of the tail. 

Stacey 5150 Round Tail Stacey 5150 Round Tail Collage 2We now have the 5150 Model available in store with round tails – to give you that little bit more hold and extend that rail line slightly, allowing you to keep that rail engaged for longer in bigger waves.

Come in store ond check out our full range of Stacey Surfboards – or have a squiz at each of them individually listed ONLINE

Winter Steamers

Winter Steamers - Melbourne's Wetsuit SpecialistsAt Zak Surfboards we have the biggest range of Winter Steamers on our racks in Melbourne (& one of the biggest in Victoria).  Heaps of choice at various different price points.  Spend your time surfing rather than shopping next time you go down the coast – come in store and grab an epic suit to keep you toasty this winter.  Or better yet, come in and take advantage of our Bring Your Mate Deal and both get a 25% off discount!

In our dedicated wetsuit space we have a comprehensive collection of wetsuits from brands such as Patagonia, Xcel, C-Skins, O’neill, Rip Curl, Billabong, Roxy & more.   Hundreds of suits, Men’s, Women’s, Kids, for Victorian winters, summers and travels to warmer climates.  Rash vests, wetsuit vests, cold water boots, warm water boots, gloves, hats …everything.

We are happy to match prices with any other store in Australia on stocked items – guaranteeing that you will get the best deal possible from us.  We also have a permanent sale section for those of you wanting to pick up a bargain.   Some of our stock of wetsuits will also be available for purchase on our ONLINE store. We can also arrange a  wetsuit repair service for customers as well.

Please contact the shop on 03 9416 7384

Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Queen's Birthday Weekend (Luke Egan pic - Mike Moir))Queen’s Birthday Weekend Opening Hours

Friday       10/06/16        10am-6pm

Saturday 11/06/16        10am-5pm

Sunday    12/06/16        12-4pm

Monday 13/06/16          CLOSED

Tuesday 14/06/16          10am-6pm


(Luke Egan pic – Mike Moir)

Waxtrak now in store

Waxtrak AustraliaUpgrade you wax job with WaxTrak – get a perfect wax job every time with less mess and more grip than traditional wax jobs.  These removable vinyl sheet feature high performance bumps, perfectly designed to give you perfect, super grippy bumps every time. By far the most effective way to put on wax and take off wax your surfboard.

Waxtrak AustraliaOnce applied to a clean surfboard deck, WaxTrak creates a unique tread pattern on your board that will grab your wax with ease and precision. Complete your upgraded wax job by rubbing on your favorite surf wax base-coat and finish up with a layer of top-coat suited for your water temperature. A fresh application of top-coat surf wax may be applied before each surf session. You will never need to use a wax-comb again because this raised pattern will not flatten out with use like most wax jobs. When your wax becomes dirty and ready for a change, simply peel off the WaxTrak mess free!  No more hours of scraping off old wax or putting your board in the hot sun to melt the wax. Less time waxing, more time surfing.

Waxtrak Australia Waxtrak AustraliaApplication Instructions

Clean your board COMPLETELY free of any wax, wax residue and dust.

Identify placement location for the WaxTrak.

Peel down the top half of the backing and affix the upper portion of the WaxTrak to the board, carefully running your fingers from the center to the edges to work out any air pockets. Lift and re-position if needed.

Peel off remaining backing and carefully smooth the WaxTrak onto the board from center to outside edge.

Press all edges of the WaxTrak down firmly to the board. A plastic straight edge, like a bank card, should be used in application to create a tight seal along the smooth outer edges.

Press the entire WaxTrak onto the board once again by hand, working out any air pockets.

Apply base-coat wax until large, well-defined bumps form on the textured pattern.

Apply top-coat surf wax over the base-coat before each surf session.

For best results, the WaxTrak should be changed every 2 to 3 months.

WaxTrak is now exclusively available in Australia from us in store or ONLINE

WAXTRAK Full Tutorial from WAXTRAK on Vimeo.

USA Made Maurice Cole Protow

USA Made Maurice Cole ProtowThe USA made Maurice Cole Protow Models are the perfect board for the bigger winter waves along the Victorian coast. You need the right board for the conditions and no-one does them quiet like Maurice. The Protow really flies, you will never go faster on a surfboard than on one of these. These ones that we have in store have nice thick 5 ply stringers and robust 2 x 6 Oz glass top and bottom for added strength.

USA Made Maurice Cole Protow Maurice Cole Protow collage 1The latest Protow has also had a major design evolution. Now a 1/4″vee in the nose deflects chop and decreases wind lift in large conditions. There is also more thickness under the chest, with a flat deck and a chined rail, meaning the board feels thinner under your arm but has hidden volume under the chest. Concave sits at 3/8” graduating to a 1/2″ vee off the tail for more grip and a rail line flip behind the fins which releases at high speeds. The board happily handles from head high to as big as you can catch.

Based on the tow series evolution. The design has a deep concave that is punctuated by a sharp rail which in historical terms would have created a board that would go really fast in a straight line. The Protow ushers in a new era of speed and carve surfing with a rail that won’t let go even in the most critical bottom turn scenario.

USA Made Maurice Cole Protow Maurice Cole Protow collage 2Width and volume in the right places have created a board that quite often floats better than a conventional board 3 or 4 inches longer and facilitates tighter stronger turns with considerably less effort. This board will have you paddling over the grommets but will impress with its performance steep and deep.

Come in store and check out our range of Maurice Cole Surfboards or have a look at them ONLINE

MC on the ProTow v10 from Tony French on Vimeo.

Clearance Surfboards Added this Week

Clearance Surfboards Added this WeekA lot of new Clearance Surfboards Added this Week.  Quite a bit of new stock is arriving from our suppliers in the coming weeks and we are running out of room on our racks . As a result I’ve added a bunch of boards to our clearance section.  All of these Clearance Surfboards are individually listed on our ONLINE store for you to browse or you can come in store and check them out in person.  Some proper bargains there – don’t snooze

Chilli Fader Model Now On Our Racks

Chilli FaderWe now have a size run of the Chilli Fader in store on our racks.  One of the best looking and feeling boards on our racks at the moment (no personal bias hehe) and no doubt a welcome addition to your quiver.

Chilli Fader Chilli Fader CollageThe Chilli Fader is a high performance whip, primed for good waves.  A clean, sleek and speedy outline with a thumb tail that gives you a really nice balance of grip, control and looseness – not too pinny and sticky, but not too wide and flabby for grunty waves.


The Chilli Fader has been designed to have a generous sweet spot, that really helps with quick recoveries from tricky take offs and critical maneuvers – ensuring smoother transitions to helping your flow from the start to finish of each wave.

Chilli Fader Chilli Fader Collage 2Come and check these and the rest of our Chilli Surfboards range out in store or have a squiz at them all ONLINE

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