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Spirit of Akasha

Spirit of Akasha 1There is a screening of Andrew Kidman’s film ‘Spirit of Akasha‘ coming up at the Arts Centre Melbourne on the 7th of November.

Released last year, the movie has taken a different form this year as a live music event to celebrate the classic surf movie Morning of the Earth – originally created by Albert Falzon in 1972.

The film features some of today’s best surfer like Stephanie Gilmore, Mick Fanning, Tom Curren and Kelly Slater riding single fin boards in locations including  Bali, Fiji and Hawaii.

The soundtrack for the Melbourne event will be performed by Andrew Kidman and The Windy Hills, Mick Turner, Jack River, Machine Translations and The Sandpebbles.

7 November, 7.30pm

Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall

For more info or to book tickets click here


Glassing Courses At The Surfboard Studio

Glassing Courses At The Surfboard StudioThe Surfboard Studio are now offering all-inclusive Glassing Courses so you can learn how to laminate your surfboard with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins. Like their shaping course, the glassing course is designed for people with no previous laminating experience and will provide detailed instruction of glassing principles and processes. They cover everything from the laminating bay itself to tool choice and use, the benefits of different materials and cloth, plug installation, sanding and polishing along with various techniques and tricks of the trade that you will be unlikely to learn anywhere else.

These glassing courses cost $495 & usually require 8 hours in total for boards under 7’0. They divide these course into 2 x 4 hour blocks and run them over two consecutive Tuesdays or Saturdays. Head over to their BOOKINGS page to enroll yourself in one of these courses.

*Please note – you must bring along your own shaped blank to do this course.

Any questions about this or any other of their courses contact:
0438 416 738
03 9416 7384 (Zak Surfboards)

New Creatures Stock Instore

New Creatures InstoreThe new Creatures Stock for summer 14/15 just landed instore late yesterday at Zak Surfboards.  In this range there are a whole host of new grip pad designs from all of their team riders as well as updated designs of their ever popular leash & boardbag collections.

Come instore to check them out in person for or have a squiz at them online shortly (I should have the whole new range up online in the next few days).

New Shaping Courses at The Surfboard Studio

Shaping Courses the Surfboard StudioThe Surfboard Studio are now pleased to offer  new Shaping Courses to the public. These are perfect for those of you that want to have a crack at shaping their own surfboard design from a foam blank and want to leave the glassing/sanding/ fin installation stages to the experts.  These Shaping Courses also take a lot less time than the full Make Your Own Board Courses, so will suit those of you that have less flexibility with time.

TheShaping Courses are primarily designed for people with no previous experience and focus on detailed instruction of shaping and design principles. You will learn from our experienced, professional instructors how to shape a surfboard from a foam blank. In doing so, the course covers all aspects of surfboard design, the shaping bay, tool selection and safety, rough shaping, rail design, fine-tuning, and finish-sanding.

The shaping course requires approximately 4 hours total depending on the shape you intend to make.  Usually we will run this course over 1 session (but it may extend into a second for more labor intensive designs)

These Shaping Courses will now be regularly offered at The Surfboard Studio.

The Shaping Courses costs $495 per person and includes all the materials, tuition and equipment to shape yourself a surfboard out of a foam blank.

To enroll yourself in one of these courses head over to their BOOKINGS page.

*On request they can also do this course to suit your schedule (over a morning, afternoon, evening, holiday – you decide) – to do this they will require you to organize & book a group of 4-8 people.  Contact for more details.

FCSII Athelete Series

FCSII athelete seriesWe now have a full range of the FCSII Athelete Series fins instore at Zak Surfboards.  There are a couple of new additions to this range including the Adriano de Souza FCSII Athelete Series and the  Hobgood’s signature ‘Goods’  & Jeremy Flores templates which are now available in FCSII.  Come and check them out instore or online.


Patagonia stock now instore

Patagonis at Zak SurfboardsWe have just received a selected range of Patagonia stock at Zak Surfboards.  Our staff have carefully selected a great range of basics/summer essentials from Patagonia’s extensive new summer range.  We now have a great selection of boarshorts, tees, walkshorts and hats for you to choose from.   Here is a small peek at what we have – come check out the rest instore ;)


FCSII Neo Glass full range instore

FCSII NeoGlass We now have the full range of FCSII Neo Glass fins instore at Zak Surfboards. These Neo Glass fins are made utilizing a unique combination of materials and a precision engineering process developed by FCS to provide consistently accurate & predictable pro standard performance.

FCSII Neo Glass Quad trailersNeo Glass fins are manufactured using a 50/50 combination of long strand milled fiberglass with high grade industrial nylon. This  combination of materials  is light and stiff,  possessing superior memory recall to traditional fibreglass (meaning the material returns to a neutral position quicker once  flexed).

This all combines to make the rider turn, accelerate & react quicker, maintaining momentum & speeding up the transitions between your turns. Check them out instore or online

R.I.P. Dave Boyd

dave boyd imperialLast night we were deeply sorry to hear the sad news of the sudden passing of Dave Boyd -  our condolences go out to his family.  A really great guy, fantastic surfer, talented shaper and one of our favorite characters in Victorian Surfing.

More Custom Surfboards

Some more great looking custom Surfboards came through the shop yesterday from Stacey Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards and Darren Handley Surfboards.

Stacey Mitch Crews Crossover Model 1Stacey Mitch Crews Crossover Model 2From Stacey Surfboards we got one of the new Mitch Crews Crossover models with a desert storm camouflage stomp-patch.

Stacey Snake Eyes 2Stacey Snake Eyes 1Also from Stacey Surfboards is this Snake Eyes model with custom dimensions.

Chilli Rare Bird 1 Chilli Rare Bird 2From Chilli Surfboards we got in an Rare Bird in custom dimensions.

DHD Monster 2 DHD Monster 1And from Darren Handley Surfboards DHD we have a Monster in custom dimensions.

Remember, we regularly do custom orders of nearly all the brands that we have in stock – so if you are interested in getting a board specially tailored to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call the shop on 03 9416 7384 or drop by



Creatures Fins Coming Soon

Creatures Fins AHere is another sneak peek at the new range of Creatures Fins that will be instore shortly at Zak Surfboards.   Creatures have simplified the often daunting process of picking the right fin for your needs.  All of these Creatures Fins will be available in both FCS & Futures Fin compatible styles.

With a set of both their Vert and Arc Series fins appropriate to your weight, you should be covered for virtually all conditions – full range instore shortly:)


DHD Skeleton Keys now in Stock

DHD Skeleton Key 1DHD Skeleton Keys are now in stock at Zak Surfboards. We have just received a full size run of these from Darren Handley and they are looking pretty darn choice!!!

The Skeleton Key is a model that has been developed through a collaboration between Darren Handley and his top team rider Mick Fanning. The idea was to create true a performance short board that all surfers could ride.

DHD Skeleton Key 2The formula is simple… take one of Mick’s favorite (& highly refined) shapes, then subtly add more outline in the plan shape, reduce the rocker & increase the volume in the rail a touch.  Sounds like a no brainer right?

DHD Skeleton Key 3The key to making this board work for you and I is the way Darren has combined all of these elements together.   A slight hip in the tail has been added to this new fuller outline  &  a lightning fast deep single to double concave.  These two elements combine to  make this board super responsive, snappy & quick in changing from rail to rail (like a more refined board).

DHD Skeleton Key 4The end result is a subtly fuller shape that is just as responsive as a high performance board, yet easier to surf.  This is what makes this new model a MUST  HAVE for your quiver.

The Surfboard Studio October & November Courses

Make Your Own Board Courses

The Surfboard Studio now have October & November openings for their Make Your Own Surfboard Courses live!  Don’t miss out – if you want to make yourself a fresh sled for summer, make sure you get yourself into one of these courses.

In these  ‘make your own board courses’, for close to the price of a brand new production board,  they provide students with all of the materials, tools and personal instruction necessary to create their own surfboard.  Once finished, the surfboard you shaped is yours take home & most importantly ready to ride! The lessons that they provide give you with the knowledge & experience to shape additional surfboards on your own in the future.  Opening up the opportunity for you to start experimenting with all the different elements of the shaping process. Unlike the learning curve in becoming an experienced surfer, a high-end surfboard can be shaped the first time with their expert oversight.

You begin with the basics elements of surfboard design, then progress onto the more subtle aspects of shaping and design: this includes plan shapes, bottom contours (concaves and channels), nose and tail rocker lines, deck shapes and rail shapes. They also help you become familiar with the shaping bay and all the tools and techniques of the craft.

From the shaping section of the course, you then go on to the glassing stage.  This is where they teach you about all the various techniques and materials used in glassing a surfboard.  You cut  your own cloth, mixing your resin and then laminate your board. You then move on to fin and plug installation, including all the various different theories of fin positioning and performance. From there, the course will take you to the next stage in the laminating process before you finish and sand your board and get it in the water!

This course starts at $975 per person and is run over 4 x 4 hour sessions. These sessions will be run initially over Tuesday or Wednesday evenings 5pm – 9pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm (depending on demand), requiring participants to attend one session per week over 4 consecutive weeks. 


Book yourself in NOW

Repairer Wanted

SURFBOARD REPAIRSRepairer Wanted – we are looking for an experienced surfboard repairer to help out with the work load for Zak Surfboards & Melbourne Board repairs.  Experience in a similar role essential, must have an eye for detail, spraying and colour matching desirable.  If you are interested please phone 0438 416 738

Custom Surfboards From Hayden Shapes

Custom Hayden Shapes 1Hey crew, we are now pleased to offer our customers custom surfboards directly from Hayden Shapes.  That means you can order one of their popular shapes including  the new Love Buzz, the Hypto Krypto, the Shred Sled, Shred Sled Step Up or Cannon specifically tailored to suit you.

Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto Custom 2 Hayden Shapes Cannon 2For more details please call the shop on 03 9416 7384

Here is a squiz at some of the different coloured pigments and tints that they offer as well.

Hayden Shapes Cannon 1 Hayden Shred Sled Step Up 1 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto Custom 1



Wetsuit Room Now Open

Zak Surfboards Wetsuit Room 1At Zak Surfboards our new wetsuit room is now open. We now provide one of the biggest & best ranges of wetsuits in Victoria.  In our new dedicated wetsuit room we have a comprehensive collection of suits from brands such as Xcel, Adelio, Rip Curl, Axxe Japan, Attica & more.   Hundreds of suits, Men’s, Women’s, Kids, for Victorian winters, summers and travels to warmer climates.  Rash vests, wetsuit vests, cold water boots, warm water boots, gloves, hats …everything.

Zak Surfboards Wetsuit Room 2We are happy to match prices with any other store in Australia on stocked items – guaranteeing that you will get the best deal possible from us.  We also have a permanent sale section for those of you wanting to pick up a bargain.  We are also offering a wetsuit repair service for customers as well.

Please contact the shop on 03 9416 7384

Alkali Fins

ALKALI logoAlkali Fins are now in stock at Zak Surfboards. We have just received a range of fins from the crew at Alkali Fins in Ballina NSW.  These beautiful fins have each been individually hand foiled – made from the highest quality 7.5 oz. and Volan fiberglass cloth with Silmar Brand resin. Solid brass pins & Stainless steel screws + plates have also been used on these puppies.  We have more from Alkali on the way shortly – come instore to see them or check them out online.

Alkali 7.25 Rainbow Classic Single Profile 650 Alkali 9 Dolphin Black profile 650 Alkali 9 Hull Flex Clear profile 650

Custom Sleds

We got some pretty hot looking Custom Sleds that came into the shop this morning from SuperBrand and Pyzel Surfboards.

Pyzel Custom Flash 1 Pyzel Custom Flash 2 Pyzel Custom Flash 3From Pyzel we got a custom Flash 6’2 with a black tail dip and FCSII fins.

Pyzel Custom Slab 1 Pyzel Custom Slab 2 Pyzel Custom Slab 3Also a custom 5 fin option Slab with slightly shorter & wider dimensions, for making the most out of weaker conditions.

Superbrand Custom Toy 1 Superbrand Custom Toy 2 Superbrand Custom Toy 3And finally a Superbrand Toy with a swallow tail.  Made in custom dimensions, glassed a bit heavier with a 5 fin option and a vector cloth tail patch.

We regularly do custom orders of nearly all the brands that we stock – so if you are interested in getting a board specially tailored to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call the shop on 03 9416 7384 or drop by

Creatures Fins

Creatures Fins Here is a sneak peek at the new range of Creatures Fins that are arriving at Zak Surfboards shortly.  With their new range of fins, Creatures have endeavored to simplify the art of picking the right fin.

Creatures have designed 2 distinct styles of fins for each of their team riders – the Vert series and the Arc series  (pictured here are Mitch Coleborne’s).

Mitch Coleborn VertThe Vert Series are designed for tighter, snappier turns, with quick direction changes and surfing in the pocket in mind.  The Vert series are a more upright fin with less sweep or rake (up to 33 degrees).

Mitch Coleborn ArcThe Arc Series have been formulated for extra drive, carves & drawn-out turns.  These Arc fins have been designed for longer, down the line waves  (with more sweep or rake – over 33 degrees).

All the Vert & the Arc series fins are then available in 3 different sizes which you can pick according to your weight :

Small less than 65kg, Medium 65-80kg & Large 75 – 90+kg

These are also 3 different constructions that you can choose from:

Core Flex – a lightweight construction with a fluid flex pattern

Carbon Flex – a slightly stiffer lightweight construction that has a more responsive feel

Pure Fibreglass – a stiffer base with a more natural flex pattern through to the tip, with the most similar feel to traditional glassed on fins

You will also be pleased to hear that all of these Creatures Fins will be available in both FCS & Futures Fin compatible styles.  With a set of both Vert and Arc Series fins appropriate to your weight, you should be covered for virtually all conditions :)

Proctor Surfboards

Proctor Logo Todd Proctor (Surfer Mag) We are very pleased to announce that we are adding Proctor Surfboards to the roster of shapers that we stock at Zak Surfboards. Todd Proctor is a highly sought after shaper in the USA – a shaper who is unrelenting in his commitment to surfboard design.  Todd started off shaping his first boards in his grandpa’s shed in 1991. From there Todd went on to work for several years under Ventura shaper Casey McCrystal.  From there he went on to hone his skills at Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos’ …Lost label throughout much of the nineties.  After setting up his own state of the art factory in Ventura in 2000, Todd’s boards have garnered a broader following in the USA and worldwide.   Surfboards that can be found most notably under the feet of professional free surfers  Pete Mendia and Nick Rozsa.

To start things off we have selected 2 models from Todd Proctor’s extensive range that we feel will best suit Victorian conditions – Da Monsta & the Ghost models.  These will be arriving instore shortly, direct from Todd Proctor’s factory in Ventura USA.

Nick Rozsa (Surfing Magazine) 650 Nick Rozsa Proctor Quiver-650Da Monsta is one of Proctor’s more versatile models – designed to perform in a variety of waves, mushy or hollow from 1-2ft to overhead.  A speedy shorter and wider outline with the hold of a good wave shortboard.   A board that you can get up and running in more marginal conditions  but still rely on to hold its rail through bigger turns and in more critical situations (unlike a lot of other shorter wider designs).  The bottom features a  deep even single concave with subtle inset double running through the fins.  This concave runs right back off the tail block – giving the board a distinctly positive feel that Todd describes as the ‘exhaust pipe’.

Nick Rozsa (from Transworld Surf) Proctor Monsta

MonstaRozsa from Proctor Surfboards on Vimeo.

Monsta: Shaper Breakdown Part 1 from Proctor Surfboards on Vimeo.

For those who are after more of a traditional all around short board we are getting in the Ghost model.  Similar in rocker and bottom contours to the Monsta – with the same focus on speed  and flow. This board has more of a classic shortboard outline.  The rail volume and deck foil is also less chunky than the Monsta. The wide point has been moved slightly forward and as a result, this model has a little more area in the nose than most conventional shortboards. The rails are not as full as the Monsta – a more refined lower rail, but still boxy in shape. The end result is a great all-around high performance shortboard – that doesn’t require perfect conditions to work.
Proctor Ghost [650]
If anyone is interested in any custom orders from Todd please contact us at – Todd is also happy to speak to customers individually about their orders.

In The Shaping Bay: Proctor Surfboards from SURFER Magazine on Vimeo.

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