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Maurice Cole Big Wave Guns

Maurice Cole Big Wave GunsWe have 3 pretty epic Maurice Cole Big Wave Guns in store at the moment.  All 3 are Maurice’s Spiral EEV design – a 10’6″, a 10′ and a 9′.  This 10’6″ x 21″ x 4″ Futures Quad (featured in the photos here) placed 2nd in the best gun contest at the recent Boardroom Show in Del Mar California amongst an allstar cast of the world’s best big wave gun shapers.

Maurice Cole Big Wave Guns

In addition to the board pictured, we have also got in a couple of other Guns intended for professional big wave hellman Mark Matthews. These boards have ended up on our racks due to Mark sustaining an injury at Jaws this past Hawaiian Winter.

We also have approximately 30 or so new Maurice Cole shortboard models that have just arrived (and are yet to be photographed).  Various different new models are now hanging on our racks – and are listed individually on our online store.

Maurice Cole Spiral EEV Gun 2 Maurice Cole Big Wave Guns Maurice Cole Spiral EEV GunMaurice Cole is arguably one of the best shapers in the world today and we are one of the few places in Australia where you can come in and have a look at a bunch of his shapes in person.

Come check out the board pictured and the rest of or range of Maurice Cole Surfboards in store or Online

New Range of South Coast Longboards in store

New Range of South Coast Longboards in storeWe now have a great New Range of South Coast Longboards in store.  Some of the latest models from Ian Chisholm & CJ Nelson including the Aussie Slasher, the CJ Classic, the Spitfire and the DT2 . All PU, handshaped by Ian in Torquay and glassed in 2 x 6 oZ fiberglass cloth top and bottom with a wet rub finish.

South Coast Aussie Slasher South Coast Aussie Slasher collage 1This Aussie Slasher is the best all round classic longboard in the South Coast Longboards range . Inspired by the Australian surfers, designers and shapers of the late 60′s. The Aussie Slasher is a involvement style shape,this board whips, trims, turns and perches.

South Coast Aussie Slasher South Coast Aussie Slasher collage 2The  CJ Classic is described by CJ Nelson as a real work horse for the traditional longboarder.  An outline that harks back to the golden age of traditional logging combined with subtle modern design tweaks to create a board that is both fast and loose off the tail, yet still incredibly stable to walk and noseride.

South Coast CJ Classic South Coast CJ Classic collage 1 South Coast CJ Classic South Coast CJ Classic collage 2The Spitfire is influenced solely from the late 1960′s transition models being produced on the east coast of Australia. The wide point of the outline is places back of centre and a narrower nose. This model is designed to sit comfortably in the pocket of steeper point or reef breaks, such as Malibu, Noosa, Byron,  where the face of the wave can be round and it is critical to have a board that doesn’t slip.

South Coast Spitfire South Coast Spitfire collage 1South Coast Spitfire South Coast Spitfire collage 2The Diamond tail 2 or DT2 is an extremely versatile board. With its subtle rocker, no concave and 50/50 rails, It allows you to pivot or drive the board hard on rail. This helps you set up quickly and respond on any wave, While sneaking in easy nose rides. The DT2 is an ideal board for overhead punchy beach breaks or knee high point breaks.

South Coast DT2 Diamond Tail South Coast DT2 Diamond Tail collage 1South Coast DT2 Diamond Tail South Coast DT2 Diamond Tail collage 2

Come in store and check these beauties out or have a look at more photos of them individually ONLINE

Firewire Wingnut SeAxe

Firewire Wingnut SeAxeWe now have the Firewire Wingnut SeAxe Model on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  This new SeAxe model is a welcome addition to the often overlooked mid length surfboard range that we have in store.  A great model for shortboarder that wants something paddle friendly for smaller weaker waves, or for longboarders that want something shorter and more tube friendly for good waves.

Firewire Wingnut SeAxe Firewire Wingnut SeAxeThis design retains a decent amount of volume in the middle but tapers to a relatively fine, performance rail for hold and sensitivity.  The SeAxe has a moderate rocker that helps you draw nice clean lines on the wave face.  The bottom is fairly flat on entry, with a moderate roll through the middle with a V that runs out the tail.

Firewire Wingnut SeAxe Ribbet collage2We have a Demo of this model that you can try out too – Firewire SeAxe 7’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 3″ 52.1L Futures

Come in store and have a look or check out the SeAxe and the rest of our Firewire range Online

Slater Designs Sci-Fi

Slater Designs Sci-FiWe have just got our first (of 2) big boxes of a large run of the Slater Designs Sci-Fi for our racks.  The first lot of  these we got in store a little while ago got snapped up before we had even got a chance to unpack them… so don’t sleep, this is one highly desired board model at the moment!!

Slater Designs Sci-Fi Slater Designs Sci-Fi collage 1The Slater Designs Sci-Fi combines classic curves and modern rocker lines with a couple of futuristic twists taken from both Daniel Tomo Thompson and Kelly Slaterys back catalog of design experiments. The result is a board with vastly superior acceleration, both down the line and through maneuvers.  The instantaneous response this shape gives you, means you will be flowing through maneuvers faster than you ever have before – the feeling underfoot of these has been described as nothing short of ‘Electric’.

IMG_2165 Slater Designs Sci-Fi collage 2Considered a high performance all-rounder, the Sci-Fi has a fairly impressive range (1-8ft ) in the right dimension it can be ridden to great effect by those intermediate to advanced.

Come in store and check them out for yourself. Full Listing of the Slater Designs boards we have in stock ONLINE

Daniel Thomson talks SCI-FI by Slater Designs from Slater Designs on Vimeo.

Lots of Secondhand Surfboards

Lots of Secondhand SurfboardsLots of Secondhand Surfboards on our racks at Zak Surfboards at the moment.  Quite a few have arrived in store this past week or so – some longboard shapes and some more contemporary shortboard shapes have been traded -  in pretty epic nic too.

I you want to check out what we have in store but can’t make it out to our Thornbury shop -  you can always see the all the boards we have on our ONLINE store in the Secondhand section. Each board is  individually listed and photographed for you to browse through.

Lots of Secondhand SurfboardsWe are always on the hunt for secondhand surfboards – If you have one that you aren’t using and want to sell it, drop by the shop and we’ll check it out.  We pay $$CASH$$ for secondhand surfboards, we also trade used boards for credit on new surfboards or any other gear that you need.  We also can sell surfboards on consignment for you.  Simply bring your board or boards by our store during opening hours and we can arrange the best option for you.

Lots of Secondhand SurfboardsAt Zak Surfboards we try and hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards.

Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE

Glide Fins

Glide FinsThe Glide Fins range has some of the best looking and working fins you can buy. Based in Victoria, Glide is a fin company that is the labor of love for life long surfing enthusiast John Ayton. The Glide Fin range is the product of John’s extensive knowledge from decades of building fins for himself, friends & working with some of the worlds best shapers and surfers.

IMG_2109IMG_2120IMG_2097 IMG_2137All Glide Fins are beautifully tuned and foiled by hand. Constructed almost exclusively out of solid fiberglass, for superior strength, flex memory and positive, reponsive feel underfoot.

In the past few decades, Glide Fins have been used to ride some of the biggest waves in the planet and ultilized to claim multiple state, national and world championships – grab a set and feel the difference.

Glide Fins Glide Fins IMG_1942Full listing of our Glide stock can be found here ONLINE or drop by the shop during opening hours.

Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas

Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicasWe are getting a size run of Mick Fanning J-Bay board replicas for our racks at Zak Surfboards.  As many of you will know that watched the contest, one of the talking points of the final against an on the tear John John was Mick’s board, which made him look even more lightning fast than usual and extra whippy through turns.   Under his feet was a slightly squashed version of Mick’s normal go-to shortboard, the DHD Ducks Nuts at 5’9 x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16 at 26.8 litres with a wide-ish swallow tail and four channels.

To celebrate Mick’s victory, DHD have made this model available for a limited run.   We are grabbing a bunch of these boards for our racks (scaled up and down to make a full size run) they have just been given the go ahead for production and are set to arrive in store for our racks in 3 weeks. They will come with same blue rail spray that Mick had as well (see above photo by Ryan Miller). Here is a list of the sizes that we have coming:

5’9” x 18 7/8” x 2 5/16” - 26.8L  ( Micks File )
5’10” x 19” x 2 5/16” - 27.8L
5’11” x 19 1/8” x 2 3/8” - 28.5L
6’0” x 19 ¼” x 2 7/16” - 29.8L
6’2” x 19 ½” x 2 ½” - 32L

If you are interested in one of these boards or adding an additional board for yourself to our run please get in contact with Damien in the shop on 03 9416 7384. This model is only available for a limited time so don’t sleep ;)

Sun Bum sun care now at Zak Surfboards

Sun Bum Sun Bum sun care now at Zak Surfboards – This fantastic sun care range features some of the best products around to make sure you don’t get cooked and keep your skin healthy and happy
while your out and about.

The sun protection products in this Sun Bum range are designed to both sheild and enrich your skin at the same time, helping it keep it healthy and happy.

Featuring :

  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB Protection  with Parsol® 1789 (the only approved broad spectrum UVA organic sunscreen in the USA)
  • Water Resistant
  • Paraben Free / PABA Free / Oil Free
  • Gluten Free / 100% Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Photostable
  • Vitamin E Enriched

We also have the Sun Bum “Cool Down” after sun  Gel & Lotion which can come in very handy after those marathon sessions in the tropics or a long day at the beach here in summer.  The Sun Bum “Cool Down” Gel & Lotion can definitely help ease the pain and calm your skin in these situations.   Enriched with Vitamin E & soothing Aloe – they definitely help rehydrate your sun-baked skin and help prevent peeling.

Grab some from us in store or ONLINE

Firewire Machado and Wingnut models

Firewire Machado and Wingnut modelsWe now have the new Firewire Machado and Wingnut models in store, hanging on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  Three big boxes arrived at the shop yesterday and I’ve finally finished photographing and listing the each individually on our online store.

Firewire Machado Almond Butter Firewire Machado Almond Butter Firewire Machado Almond ButterFirewire Machado Creeper Firewire Machado Creeper Firewire Machado CreeperWe now have a full size run of the much anticipated Almond Butter model designed by Rob Machado.  We also have a few of his new Creeper model as well.   There are a bunch of the Wingnut SeAxe mid length and noserider model as well. Demos of most of these models will be listed online early next week too.

Firewire Wingnut SeAxe Firewire Wingnut SeAxe Firewire Wingnut SeAxeFirewire Wingnut Noserider Firewire Wingnut NoseriderI’ll go into more depth with these Firewire Machado and Wingnut models in the coming weeks – in the meantime you can check all the ones we have in store or online with quick bios of each I whipped up this arvo too.

More SuperBrand PigDog models for our racks

More SuperBrand PigDog models for our racksWe have just got in this weeks some More SuperBrand PigDog models for our racks.  The hands down favorite surfboard of several of our staff members here at Zak Surfboards.  The SuperBrand Pigdog is a short/wide board that can handle steeper & bigger conditions than most shortboards – a bit like a step up without adding extra length, and without getting too gunny.

Pigdog Collage 1 More SuperBrand PigDog models for our racks It has a smooth curvy outline with a wider nose and a tidy pulled in tail – designed to make it a perfect fit for steeper/curvier parts of the wave, which makes life a lot easier in more critical situations like late take offs, pulling in under the lip or sucky sections.  The PigDog can definitely replace a stepup and is an easy board to transition onto from a shorter/wider shortboard.

Pigdog collage 2These don’t tend to stick around for long so come in and check out the PigDog in n store or have a look at each of them ONLINE 

Futures Alpha F4 F6 & F8 templates

Futures Alpha F4 F6 & F8 templatesFutures Alpha F4 F6 & F8 templates are now in store at Zak Surfboards!!! Constructed out of a unique molded carbon fiber, these Alpha fins are a true performance fin in an incredibly lightweight & resilient construction. The first of their kind, created using materials and new technologies developed by Futures.

Futures Alpha F4 F6 & F8 templatesLighter than traditional Honeycomb construction and infused with the resiliency of carbon fiber, these are the most advanced injection moulded fin on the market.  Carbon fiber has a higher strength to weight ratio than fiberglass.  By replacing fiberglass with carbon fiber, these Futures Alpha Fins are significantly lighter & stronger than your standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins.

Futures Alpha F4 F6 & F8 templates

The new Carbon Fiber material also alowed Futures to go back to the drawing board and restructure and modify the fins flex pattern.  Material has been removed from the from tip for more spring and added it to the base for more drive – really giving these fins a unique feel underfoot.  To further increase their performance, a  3D flow texture has been added to the Alpha series, decreasing drag & minimising the possibility of fin hum at high speeds.

Futures Alpha F4 F6 & F8 templates

Now Available from us in store or ONLINE

Attica Alpha Chest Zip Steamers

Attica Alpha One of our most popular sellers in the wetsuit department would have to be the Attica Alpha Chest Zip Steamers.  Available in 43 & 32 thicknesses, these suits are easily one of the most flexible & comfortable steamers we have in store.  What’s more, they pack a lot of features generally only seen in suits in much higher price ranges.

Attica AlphaConstructed entirely out of 100% Neospan 4.0 Superstretch material, these suits super flexible and light to wear. The seams are a GBS construction with a flexible external liquid seal used throughout the entire suit.  Neoprene tape has also been used in critical internal areas for extra strength.  All of these features combine to give you a hard to beat combination of robust, watertight seams and stretch through the whole suit.

Attica Alpha Attica AlphaGenerous amounts of thermal interior Gridlock Firewall Lining has been used right through the torso for extra warmth and a seamless design through the stomach area and contoured fit further add to the comfort and flexibility.  A raw cut glide skin neck, YKK blockout chest zip plus wrist and ankle cuff seals has been used to further minimise leaks.

Inside_of_suit_1280_x_960__45636.1460092258.1280.960 IMG_1652a IMG_1646Come in store and check out the Attica Alpha and the rest of our considerable wetsuit range – or shop selected styles ONLINE

Surfboard Repairs Melbourne

Surfboard Repairs MelbourneSurfboard Repairs Melbourne  – Here at Zak Surfboards in Thornbury we offer a comprehensive repair service for all the different types of surfcraft  right here in Melbourne!! We repair all polyester and epoxy fiberglass surfboard constructions – including brands such as Firewire and Hayden Shapes.

We can also repair other polyester, epoxy fiberglass and plastic surfboards, kite-boards, wake-boards, knee-boards, water skis, surf-skis, nipper-boards, canoes, kayaks and much more. Our work is guaranteed and is of the highest standard and we offer a 1 Week Turn Around on repairs*.

It is an unfortunate but inevitable part of owning a surfboard that dings, dents and delaminations happen. Both in and out of the water, there are many causes of surfboard damage. If not fixed, over time the foam core of your surfboard will take on water, weighing it down, reducing its strength and buoyancy – ultimately hurting your boards performance.

Come by Zak Surfboards 307 Victoria Rd Thornbury Victoria 3071 any time during store hours to organize your repair with our staff.

Please note: We cannot quote repairs for you over the phone due to their subjective nature – please bring them in store and we can do one for you on the spot :)

*Most repairs if dropped in store on a Monday will be completed by Friday that week – more difficult repairs may take a little longer, particularly if the board is water logged or requires in depth paint retouching.

Pyzel Padillac Just arrived

Pyzel Padillac We have just got in a Pyzel Padillac 7’4″ x 20.5″ x 3″ 46L Quad for our racks.  The Pyzel Padillac model is a squashed down version of Jon’s Crazy Train gun design.  A real paddling machine- the extra thickness and a fuller outline (compared to other standard guns) allows you to glide smoothly into waves of consequence – take this board out in most anything the ocean throws at you ;)

Pyzel Padillac The Padillac has clean, flowing rocker and light vee with double concaves to add speed and quick turning ability.  Ride bigger waves with confidence and ease on the Padillac. Jon recommends that you go with the Quad option on this model.

IMG_1633 IMG_1634Come check this and the rest of our Pyzel Surfboards range out in store or ONLINE

CJ Nelson Designs at Zak Surfboards

CJ Nelson Designs at Zak SurfboardsWe now have CJ Nelson Designs Surfboards on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  We have the primo looking CJ Classic Noserider Model and the more performance oriented Sinner Model - both designed by CJ Nelson in collaboration with Victorian Shaper Ian Chisholm.

CJ Nelson Designs CJ Nelson Designs  CJ Classic Noserider Collage 1The CJ Nelson Designs Classic Noserider is describede by CJ as a real work horse for the traditional longboarder.  An outline that harks back to the golden age of traditional logging combined with subtle modern design tweaks to create a board that is both fast and loose off the tail, yet still incredibly stable to walk and noseride.

IMG_1589 CJ Nelson Designs CJ Classic Noserider Collage 2The Sinner is CJ and Ian’s take on a high performance longboard.  It’s outline is based on a classic speed shapes but make no mistake this is no retro sled.

IMG_1595 CJ Nelson Designs  CJ Sinner Collage 1Modern rocker, rails and bottom curves have been expertly combined to deliver a board that will turn like no other. If you want a longboard with more of a focus on turning, that has bigger wave range that won’t shy away from steeper parts of the wave, then this model is definitely worth checking out.  By all reports, you’ll be hard pressed to find a faster & better maneuvering longboard anywhere.

IMG_1598 CJ Sinner Collage 2Just got a few of these on the racks for now, with more on their way – come in store and check them out or have a squiz at each of them in more depth ONLINE

Drylite Bag range by Creatures

Drylite Bag range by CreaturesWe have the full Drylite Bag range by Creatures in store at Zak Surfboards.  If you are heading overseas soon or you need a quality bag for missions down the coast then these are well worth checking out.

Drylite Bag range by CreaturesThe Drylite material that the full range is constructed out of is 100% water proof 210gsm PU coated nylon.  This coated nylon makes the bags super strong, super lightweight and waterproof.  Every seam is sealed in these bags too, so there’s no risk of drips when you are using them to carry wet wetsuits and other gear.   What’s more, these Drylite bags can be packed down into a small sized pouch, making the backpacks in  particular a very compact and handy addition to you luggage when travelling.

Drylite Bag range by Creatures IMG_1526Come in store and have a look or check out the full range of Drylite Bag range by Creatures ONLINE

Jay Davies talks Creatures Dry Lite travel bags from Creatures of Leisure on Vimeo.

Demo DHD DX1 Epoxicore Surfboard

Demo DHD DX1 Epoxicore SurfboardWe now have a Demo DHD DX1 Epoxicore Surfboard on our racks at Zak Surfboards!!! This new Epoxicore construction – developed by the crew at DHD give you all the benefits of epoxy construction without any drawbacks to performance in the water.  We now have a Demo DHD DX1 Epoxicore  6’2″ x 19 3/4″ x 2 9/16″ 32.5L FCSII that you can take out for a test run – to see what all the fuss is about.

Demo DHD DX1 Epoxicore Surfboard DHD Epoxicore DX1 demo Collage 1We are just starting to get in the first few models of our new range of Demo Surfboards, a whole lot more are going to be added as we head into the second half of the year. More information on our Demo Program can be found Here  and our current range of demo surfboards can be found here.

IMG_1517 DHD Epoxicore DX1 demo Collage 2These DHD DX1 Epoxicore Surfboards are available in the DX1 and Switchblade models at the moment with more models to be added to the range later in the year.   Come and check out these and the rest of our large DHD Surfboards range in store or ONLINE

Wetsuit Care Tips

Wetsuit Care TipsWe have put together a list of Wetsuit Care Tips to help you keep your suit in tip top condition and ensure you get the maximum life out of your suit. Below I run through the Dos & Don’ts of caring for your wetsuit, as well as some important info on warranties.

Wetsuit Care Tips

  • Rinse your wetsuit in cool, fresh water after every surf
  • Dry your wetsuit in the shade – leaving your wetsuit to sit out in the sun for hours to dry can speed up the aging process of the neoprene in your suit, gradually making it less flexible & brittle
  • Do not leave you wetsuit sitting in a bucket of water for days even if it’s fresh water. Extended soaking can cause both the neoprene and surrounding fabrics to break down.
  • Hot Water Reduces Neoprene Flexibility and can weaken the glues & tapes used to seal your suit – do not rinse your suit in hot showers
  • Store your wetsuit carefully when you aren’t using it – Thoroughly rinse and dry your suit then hang it on a wide hanger (NOT a wire hanger), Avoid Folding – this will keep you suit in tip top shape between uses

Do not put your wetsuit in the washing machine
Do not put your wetsuit in the clothes dryer
Do not bleach, dye or paint your wetsuit
Do not iron your wetsuit

If your wetsuit gets really dirty and starts to stink:

Soak your wetsuit in a bucket of warm (not hot) water. Add a half-cap of mild detergent like wool wash or specialty wetsuit cleaner, then give it a good rinse in this detergent solution. Next step is to rinse it again in fresh water then hang it out to dry.

Problems Generally Covered by Wetsuit Warranties

Wetsuit warranties (may vary slightly from brand to brand) and apply under normal recreational use and proper care of your suit. Generally materials and workmanship are covered for 12 months from the original purchase date – that’s 12 months from the original purchase date on all seams and 12 months from the original purchase date on neoprene materials.

Problems that are Not covered by Wetsuit Warranties

The following circumstances are not covered by most wetsuit warranties:

  • Repairs, or alterations, to any area of the product done or attempted by anyone other than an authorized repair facility suit (with many brands, if you glue it, sew it, cut it or otherwise alter the wetsuit you void your warranty)
  • Damage from sunlight, chlorine, improper recreational use or care, or any damage beyond the product’s natural life expectancy.
  • Don’t wear your wetty in a pool or wash it with anything other than mild detergent or specialty wetsuit cleaners. Chlorine or chemicals cause damage to the neoprene in your suit.
  • Abrasions from rubbing on hard surfaces
  • Fading from the sun.
  • Any damage from velcro, either from the suit velcro itself or leg rope, glove closures etc.
  • Damage from using the wetsuit for purposes other than it was designed for (An example of this is elbows wearing out due to body boarding)
  • Warranty claim requests without valid proof of purchase.
  • Damage to the inside ankle area from incorrect or over stretching of the suit when pushing feet into the suit or catching toe nails. This is normally seen as horizontal cuts/tears anywhere from below the knee to the bottom of the leg. Take your getting into & out of your suit – don’t tug or stretch the material too hard. If you have trouble getting your feet through to the end of the leg holes, try putting a plastic bag or a sock on your foot before sliding into the leg hole.



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