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Sale Finishes this Sunday

Sale Finishes this SundayDon’t forget that our SALE finishes this Sunday the 30th of August. Some great rubber deals still to be had 4/3 steamers, 3/2 steamers, short arms, womens, kids etc etc don’t miss out!!

Some great deals to be had still on fins, tail pads and other hardware plus some discounted boards too!  Remember we have bargains across almost everything in store, including:

- 50 % off 4/3 winter suits and 40 % off all other suits in stock

- 40-50 % off all other water apparel

- $100 off surfboards (excluding some brands)

- If you buy a surfboard, you’ll get a grip and leash package for only $40 as well as 40 % off boardbags!

- We have beginner boards from NSP and Torq selling at cost – yes cost!

- Gboards at $100 off

- New shop boards and clearance stock from $450

- Selected fins at 40 % off and if you buy two sets, the second set is 50% off retail

- All bodyboards and bodyboard accessories discounted by 50%

- All skate gear including decks is being discounted at 40% off retail

U snooze you lose ;(

Second Hand Danny Hess Singer Fish

Second Hand Danny Hess Singer FishWe have just had a Second Hand Danny Hess Singer Fish dropped off to sell on our racks.  You don’t see many of these around in Australia that’s for sure!

Second Hand Danny Hess Singer FishThe Singer is a design that was created by Hess in collaboration with film maker, and artist Thomas Campbell. They both share a love for Quad fish designs and were playing around searching for the ultimate quad fish – a design that can go places on the wave that others don’t seem to want too. The Singer is their answer. A departure from the full outline, low rockered, more traditional quads. They have put a streamlined outline together with aprogressive rocker and a pulled in nose and tail to create a shape that can really perform in tighter pocket transitions and more powerful surf.

Second Hand Danny Hess Singer Fish IMG_6081 IMG_6084Constructed out of Hess Full Wood Technology – each board has been built custom by Danny Hess with artwork and color work designed by Thomas Campbell.

Come and check it out instore or Online

Seacured Ultimate Key Storage Lock

Seacured Key Storage LockWe now have the Seacured Ultimate Key Storage Lock instore at Zak Surfboards.  These extra large Key Storage locks are specifically designed to allow you to put your entire bunch of keys in it while you surf (no need to separate your car key from your other keys each time you go for a wave). They are also suitable for use with key-less ignition systems and constructed out of a super tough Steel/Zinc alloy.  Also there is foam padding on the back of these to make sure you don’t scuff or scratch your can when you use it.

Grab one of these from us instore, or check them out with our many other handy auto accessories Online

New FCSII MB Keel Quad PG fins now instore

New FCSII MB Keel fins now instoreWe now have the New FCSII MB Keel Quad PG fins now instore. Finally a great option for those wider tailed shapes and retros for FCSII.  Enjoy the grip and control of these split keel quad setups without sacrificing pivot – the perfect accompaniment to fun and more alternative craft.  These types of fins are a great match with shapes such as the Superbrand Fling and the Firewire Baked Potato.  These FCS II Keel Quad PG Fins are available in both Clear Keel Quad PG and the signature Mayhem colour layered  paneling MB Keel Quad PG

New FCSII Keel fins now instoreCome and check these and more of the new FCS II range of fins instore or Online

Superbrand Pigdog Top Up

Superbrand Pigdog Top UpWe have just got a much needed SuperBrand PigDog Top Up.

Superbrand Pigdog Top Up The SuperBrand Pigdog is a short/wide board that will handle steeper & bigger conditions than most shortboards – a bit like a step up without adding extra length, and without getting too gunny.

It has a smooth curvy outline with a wider nose and a tidy pulled in tail – designed to make it a perfect fit for steeper/curvier parts of the wave, which makes life a lot easier in more critical situations like late take offs, pulling in under the lip or sucky sections.  The PigDog can definitely replace a stepup and is an easy board to transition onto from a shorter/wider shortboard.

IMG_6027These don’t tend to stick around for long so come and check out the PigDog instore or ONLINE 

New Gorilla Range Now Instore

New Gorilla Range Now InstoreWe have the New Gorilla Range Now Instore at Zak Surfboards.  There is a whole new selection of Tail Pads, Legropes and Fins to choose from as well as remakes of some classics/favorites. If you are looking to add a bit of attitude, fun and colour to your craft – then their extensive range is definitely worth checking out.  Here are a few snaps to give you a taste…

IMG_6063 IMG_6062IMG_6060 IMG_6061 IMG_6064Come and check out the Gorilla range instore or Online

XTR Epoxy Tomo Nano

XTR Epoxy Tomo NanoWe now have a  XTR Epoxy Tomo Nano on our secondhand rack at Zak Surfboards.  This 5’4″ x 19″ x 2 7/16″ 28.7L  is in close to brand new condition – hardly a dent on the deck even.

XTR Epoxy Tomo Nano   XTR Epoxy Tomo Nano collage 1 IMG_5994Constructed out of closed cell XTR EPS  (this one is a USA import) – meaning that if dinged, the foam core of this board will not absorb water like other EPS or traditional PU surfboards.  The vertical design of the beads that make up the  foam core,  means that this board is significantly more resistant to impact than many other constructions. IMG_5992XTR Epoxy Tomo Nano collage 2Probably wont last long on the rack so make sure you come and check it out instore before it sells ;)

…Lost Round Up now instore

...Lost Round Up now instoreWe now have a size run of the …Lost Round Up now instore.

The Round Up Model is pegged as a user friendly “Step-Up” – built to excel in waves that are better than average. The type of board that you pull out and surf when the waves have a bit of push behind them – but not the type of board that you’ll only surf on the biggest days of the year. The Round Up’s design is borrows from the ..Lost Rock Up model, adding a bit more tail area to make the board a little more versatile.  What you are left with is a round tail that will handle size and power, but doesn’t need bombing conditions to get going.

...Lost Round Up now instore collage 1...Lost Round Up now instore...Lost Round Up now instore collage 2“It allows high performance rail surfing and tube riding, and makes it easy to control speed and hold critical lines in head high and biggger, hollow / powerful waves.”  Matt Biolos from …Lost

I’m tipping this will be a great board for the open beaches of the Mornington Peninsula or Island, as well as anything chest high and above on the Surfcoast.  Come and check out the …Lost Round Up instore and ONLINE

Price Dump Clearance Sale

Price Dump Clearance Sale !!!Price Dump Clearance Sale!!!

Hey crew , this is the one you have all been waiting for – our massive Price Dump Clearance Sale . Owing to the weak Australian dollar there is a looming price rise of as much as 25 % across the entire surf industry and this will be your last chance to get the gear you need before the price rise hits.  This really is the time to spend that tax return before your partner does;) We are going to have huge bargains across almost everything in store, including:

- 50 % off 4/3 winter suits and 40 % off all other suits in stock

- 40-50 % off all other water apparel

- $100 off surfboards (excluding some brands)

- If you buy a surfboard, you’ll get a grip and leash package for only $40 as well as 40 % off boardbags!

- We have beginner boards from NSP and Torq selling at cost – yes cost!

- Gboards at $100 off

- New shop boards and clearance stock from $450

- Selected fins at 40 % off and if you buy two sets, the second set is 50% off retail

- All bodyboards and bodyboard accessories discounted by 50%

- All skate gear including decks is being discounted at 40% off retail

Price Dump Clearance Sale  aThis Price Dump Clearance Sale begins Friday 14th August and ends Sunday 30th August. You’ve got TWO WEEKS! These prices only apply to what we have in stock and do not include any type of customer orders… As they say, only while stocks last. All the boys need a holiday and some warm water waves – come help them out!

Futures SuperBrand Fins

Futures SuperBrand FinsWe now have the new Futures SuperBrand Fins instore.  This new addition to the Futures range comes in both Medium and Large sizes with Quad & Five fin options available as well.  This SuperBrand fin template (Large size pictured)  has a raked back shape and large base clearly created with down the line speed and drive in mind.  The back fin of the thruster set is subtly smaller in size.

Futures SuperBrand FinsQuite a comparable Thruster set to the Channel Islands AM2, the main difference being that the tip in these are not as fine as the AM2. Also the difference in size between the side fins and the back fin is not as great in these.  I haven’t tried these out yet, but I reckon that these will suit local pointbreaks quite well.  The type of fin that should work well for those who want to speed down the line and lay into big carves.

Available from us instore for now and Online shortly.


Futures Rasta Quad set

Futures Rasta Quad setThe Futures Rasta Quad set is the signature fin set of freesurfing style master Dave Rastovich.  Despite Rasta’s penchant for surfing wide tail, fishy boards & other more left field designs , this quad set works very well in boards of a more performance nature as well. A real go-to Quad Setup in boards built with small-to-medium sized surf in mind. This fin set really allows the rider to quickly accelerate & generate speed, the relatively small rear/trailer fins provide a great balance of control & release, giving this quad set a really responsive, performance feel.

Futures Rasta Quad set Dimensions
Size: Medium
Front fins: Height: 4.44″ -
Base: 4.31″ -
Area: 14.72″
Rear fins: Height: 3.79″ -
Base: 3.78″
Area: 11.03″

Come and check The Futures Rasta Quad set out instore or Online

Make Your Own Board Courses

Make Your Own Board Courses – It’s not long until it starts warming up & what better way to kick into spring/summer than with a brand new sled, made start to finish by you!  Zak’s other business The Surfboards Studio  offers ‘Make Your own Board Courses‘ where they provide students with all the equipment, materials, skilled instruction & expert guidance to create their own surf craft from start to finish – ready to hit the water!

Not only do you leave this course with you own hand made board to keep, but you are provided with the knowledge and practical experience to then go on and shape additional surfboards on your own.  With the guidance of their expert instructors,  you too can leave the Surfboard Studio with your own beautifully finished surfboard – first time!

The Surfboards Studio now run these courses over 2 days – essentially 2 x 8 hour sessions.  These sessions are run on Saturdays from 9am-5pm, requiring participants to attend 2 sessions in a 1 month period to complete their board.

So it is now simply a matter of heading over to their Bookings Page & picking 2 Saturday sessions in a month – too easy ;)

FCSII Carver Quad Trailers Neoglass M

FCSII Carver Quad Trailers Neoglass MThe FCSII Carver Quad Trailers Neoglass  in Medium are the fin of choice for wider tail boards that you want to surf as a quad.  Their size and raked shape make them ideal for both loosening up your board & giving your small wave board a bit more drive. A great choice for quad trailers with your regular side fins in those shorter wider performance shapes such as the SuperBrand Vapours or JS Blak Box II.

FCSII Carver Quad Trailers Neoglass M FIN SPECS: MEDIUM
Base: 4.14″ / 105mm
Depth: 4.21″ / 107mm
Area: 12.63″² / 8150mm²
Sweep: 33.2º
Foil: 50/50

Check these and the rest of the FCSII collection out instore or ONLINE

…Lost V2 Shortboards back in stock

...Lost V2 Shortboards back in stockWe have just got a bunch of …Lost V2 Shortboards back in stock.  Last time we had a quiver of these on the rack they didn’t last for long on the racks at all.  The V2 Shortboard features a low rocker up front for easy entry into waves, speed of the mark with heaps of acceleration and drive off front foot. When coupled with a generous amount of rocker through the tail , this makes for an extremely quick, snappy board to surf . ...Lost V2 Shortboards back in stockThe curvaceous outline and smallish tail block allows this board to fit comfortably into steeper sections – giving this board a great wave range and really making it come alive in good conditions.  If you after a responsive performance shortboard that’ll work well in Victorian waves – these are definitely worth a look.

...Lost V2 Shortboards back in stockCheck them out instore or ONLINE

Headhunter Recovery Cream

Headhunter Recovery CreamHeadhunter Recovery Cream - If you’re going to be out in the sun for long periods of time (surfing somewhere in the tropics maybe)  then make sure your packing some of this stuff.

Headhunter Recovery Cream is specially formulated to help reverse or minimize  the harsh effects of being out in the elements for long periods of time (ie. sun, wind and saltwater).  Including ingredients such as mint, vitamins and herbal extracts – it soothes & restores dehydrated skin to its former glory. This formula can be used all over your body and will help improve the overall condition of your skin.


Grab some from us instore or ONLINE

Futures WCT HC

Futures WCT HCThe Futures WCT HC – is one of the more upright fins in the Futures range.  Designed with peaky beachbreaks in mind this pivoty fin is very conducive to quick direction changes and a top to bottom, vertical approach. The trailing fin of this thruster set is also slightly smaller in area – making the side fins a little more dominant, adding a touch of extra release off the top.  In a similar vane to the FCSII Reactor this fin can be particularly useful in flatter rockered surfboards – if you are finding it hard to draw the arcs you want on a flatter board, these can really help you tighten up your turning circle.  Popular with those who like to do tight, snappy maneuvers tight in the pocket of the wave, rather than running out onto the open face to carve big, drawn out arcs.

Futures WCT HC  Size: Medium

Side fins:
Height: 4.50″
Base: 4.37″
Area: 14.89″
Center fin:
Height: 4.35″
Base: 4.25″
Area: 14.10″
Check them out Instore or grab a set ONLINE

More Custom Surfboards

More Custom Surfboards DHD SwitchbladeHere are a few pics of some of the more interesting custom surfboards that we’ve had come through the store for customers in the past week from Pyzel, DHD & …Lost

From DHD we have had a couple of the latest incarnation of their Switchblade model in custom dimensions plus a Sweet Spot 2.0 also in custom dimensions

DHD Switchblade collage 1 IMG_5119 DHD Switchblade collage 2IMG_4885 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 1 IMG_4889 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 2Then from …Lost we have had a Mini Driver in custom dimensions with a heavyweight glass job

IMG_4825...Lost Mini Driver collage 1 IMG_4831 ...Lost Mini Driver collage 2As well as a …Lost V2 Shortboard in custom dimensions

...Lost V2 Shortboard 1...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 1 ...Lost V2 Shortboard 2 ...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 2And this 6’1″ Pyzel Bastard round tail in custom dimensions

Pyzel Bastard custom 2 Pyzel Bastard collage 1Pyzel Bastard custom 1 Pyzel Bastard collage 2Remember if you are after custom made surfboards from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays & more -  it can be done.  Give Damien a call at the shop on 03 9416 7384

Firewire Spitfire Timbertek

Firewire Spitfire TimbertekFirewire Spitfire Timbertek is a great choice for those of you who want an easy paddling board that doesn’t compromise performance.  The Spitfire model combines the outline of more contemporary shorter wider performance shortboards while packing foam in critical areas – this ensures that you wont be lacking in the float department where you need it.

Firewire Spitfire Timbertek collage 1IMG_2999 Firewire Spitfire Timbertek collage 2The Firewire Spitfire Timbertek features a unique profiled rail through the tail dubbed the STEP-DOWN tail rail.  This step-down rail in the tail gives you a finer rail through the tail that gives the rider extra bite and sensitivity. This extra bite and sensitivity is a  feature that is distinctly lacking in many boards of similar size/volume.

The SPITFIRE offers a 5 fin plug set up which gives you the option of surfing it as a Quad or a Thruster.  The Timbertek construction means that this is one tuff puppy.

Available from us instore or ONLINE

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