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…Lost V2 Shortboards back in stock

...Lost V2 Shortboards back in stockWe have just got a bunch of …Lost V2 Shortboards back in stock.  Last time we had a quiver of these on the rack they didn’t last for long on the racks at all.  The V2 Shortboard features a low rocker up front for easy entry into waves, speed of the mark with heaps of acceleration and drive off front foot. When coupled with a generous amount of rocker through the tail , this makes for an extremely quick, snappy board to surf . ...Lost V2 Shortboards back in stockThe curvaceous outline and smallish tail block allows this board to fit comfortably into steeper sections – giving this board a great wave range and really making it come alive in good conditions.  If you after a responsive performance shortboard that’ll work well in Victorian waves – these are definitely worth a look.

...Lost V2 Shortboards back in stockCheck them out instore or ONLINE

Headhunter Recovery Cream

Headhunter Recovery CreamHeadhunter Recovery Cream - If you’re going to be out in the sun for long periods of time (surfing somewhere in the tropics maybe)  then make sure your packing some of this stuff.

Headhunter Recovery Cream is specially formulated to help reverse or minimize  the harsh effects of being out in the elements for long periods of time (ie. sun, wind and saltwater).  Including ingredients such as mint, vitamins and herbal extracts – it soothes & restores dehydrated skin to its former glory. This formula can be used all over your body and will help improve the overall condition of your skin.


Grab some from us instore or ONLINE

Futures WCT HC

Futures WCT HCThe Futures WCT HC – is one of the more upright fins in the Futures range.  Designed with peaky beachbreaks in mind this pivoty fin is very conducive to quick direction changes and a top to bottom, vertical approach. The trailing fin of this thruster set is also slightly smaller in area – making the side fins a little more dominant, adding a touch of extra release off the top.  In a similar vane to the FCSII Reactor this fin can be particularly useful in flatter rockered surfboards – if you are finding it hard to draw the arcs you want on a flatter board, these can really help you tighten up your turning circle.  Popular with those who like to do tight, snappy maneuvers tight in the pocket of the wave, rather than running out onto the open face to carve big, drawn out arcs.

Futures WCT HC  Size: Medium

Side fins:
Height: 4.50″
Base: 4.37″
Area: 14.89″
Center fin:
Height: 4.35″
Base: 4.25″
Area: 14.10″
Check them out Instore or grab a set ONLINE

More Custom Surfboards

More Custom Surfboards DHD SwitchbladeHere are a few pics of some of the more interesting custom surfboards that we’ve had come through the store for customers in the past week from Pyzel, DHD & …Lost

From DHD we have had a couple of the latest incarnation of their Switchblade model in custom dimensions plus a Sweet Spot 2.0 also in custom dimensions

DHD Switchblade collage 1 IMG_5119 DHD Switchblade collage 2IMG_4885 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 1 IMG_4889 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 2Then from …Lost we have had a Mini Driver in custom dimensions with a heavyweight glass job

IMG_4825...Lost Mini Driver collage 1 IMG_4831 ...Lost Mini Driver collage 2As well as a …Lost V2 Shortboard in custom dimensions

...Lost V2 Shortboard 1...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 1 ...Lost V2 Shortboard 2 ...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 2And this 6’1″ Pyzel Bastard round tail in custom dimensions

Pyzel Bastard custom 2 Pyzel Bastard collage 1Pyzel Bastard custom 1 Pyzel Bastard collage 2Remember if you are after custom made surfboards from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays & more -  it can be done.  Give Damien a call at the shop on 03 9416 7384

Firewire Spitfire Timbertek

Firewire Spitfire TimbertekFirewire Spitfire Timbertek is a great choice for those of you who want an easy paddling board that doesn’t compromise performance.  The Spitfire model combines the outline of more contemporary shorter wider performance shortboards while packing foam in critical areas – this ensures that you wont be lacking in the float department where you need it.

Firewire Spitfire Timbertek collage 1IMG_2999 Firewire Spitfire Timbertek collage 2The Firewire Spitfire Timbertek features a unique profiled rail through the tail dubbed the STEP-DOWN tail rail.  This step-down rail in the tail gives you a finer rail through the tail that gives the rider extra bite and sensitivity. This extra bite and sensitivity is a  feature that is distinctly lacking in many boards of similar size/volume.

The SPITFIRE offers a 5 fin plug set up which gives you the option of surfing it as a Quad or a Thruster.  The Timbertek construction means that this is one tuff puppy.

Available from us instore or ONLINE

Gift Vouchers for The Surfboard Studio

Gift Vouchers for The Surfboard Studio Gift Vouchers for The Surfboard Studio are a great present for someone who has an interest in Surfing or has thought about getting dusty and making their own surfboard.  Call us here at Zak Surfboards on 03 9416 7384 & we can arrange a voucher for one of the ‘make your own board courses.

In these ‘make your own board coursesthe Surfboard Studio staff provide students with all the equipment, materials, skilled instruction & expert guidance to create their own surf craft from start to finish – ready to hit the water!

Not only do they leave this course with their own hand made board to keep, but they are provided with the knowledge and practical experience to then go on and shape additional surfboards on their own.  With the guidance of the Surfboard Studio’s expert instructors,  they too can leave the Surfboard Studio with their own beautifully finished surfboard – first time!

Puka Patches

Puka PatchesPuka Patches are a handy, quick fix for dings on your surfboards.   Essentially a clear plastic membrane (like a sticker but with a bit of elasticity) these patches mean if you ding your surfboard, you can keep using it and get it professionally fixed later.  Perfect for any small ding or crack you might accidentally get in you board.  Suitable for both PU and Epoxy surfboards, these are a sure fire way to keep you craft watertight until you can get your dings fixed properly.

Puka PatchesTo use these Puka Patches simply clean any wax from the area surrounding the ding, then lightly scuff the surface around the ding so the Puka Patch will have something to grip onto (using the scuffing pad provided or a little bit of sandpaper). Then apply the patch pressing outwards from the middle, pressing out any air.  Now your board is watertight and ready to hit the water.

These Puka Patches are sold in packs of 5 & are really handy to have on hand when traveling  or to keep in the glove box of you car.

Available from us both instore and ONLINE

New Secondhand Surfboards instore

New Secondhand Surfboards instoreWe have a bunch of New Secondhand Surfboards instore, most of these arrived late last week and over the weekend.   Some really clean boards from Pyzel, …Lost and Channel Islands.  Here are a few pics of some of the more choice boards that came in

IMG_5230First up there was this 6’3″ Channel Islands Proton

New Secondhand Surfboards instore IMG_5306And this 6’2″ …Lost 2015 Driver Model Finish Shaped & Signed by Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos himself.

IMG_5231 IMG_5233There is also this Channel Islands Kelly Slater Step Up 6’8″

IMG_5289 IMG_5290And finally this 6’0″ Pyzel Deluxe

Remember, at Zak Surfboards we hold one of the biggest ranges of Secondhand Surfboards in Victoria.  All sorts of secondhand surfboards – from Longboards to Mini Mals, Retro shapes, Fish shapes & other Hybrids as well as a comprehensive range of performance shortboards.

We also buy, trade and sell secondhand surfboards on consignment. Our stocks are updated daily on our online store so if you are chasing a Secondhand Surfboard come instore or check out our range ONLINE




Headhunter Rash Guard

Headhunter Rash GuardHeadhunter Rash Guard – this Gel is designed to help prevent and treat skin irritation while in the water. Headhunter Rash Guard is a great item to pack in your travel kit if you plan on maximizing time in the water while you are away. The Rash Guard Gel really helps prevent/take the sting out of wetsuit rash, pit & neck rash, trunk rash, and skin on skin irritation. Containing soothing ingredients including aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, zinc oxide and vitamins A & E

Grab some from us before you head off on your next trip instore or ONLINE

Fin Sale Until Monday 20th July

Fin Sale Until Monday 20th JulyFin Sale Until Monday 20th July – That’s right we are putting our entire stock of fins from Captain Fin Co., Kinetic Racing and Creatures on Sale for the next few days…at a whopping 40% off the Recommended Retail price!!!  Sale finishes at 6pm on Monday the 20th July – don’t sleep! Grab a new set of fins, a spare set, or something new to spice up your craft at bargain price

Instore only – get on it!!!

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster Set

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster SetThe FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster Set is a great set of fins if you want to add a bit of extra spice to your surfing in marginal conditions.  The Performer template is the most balanced template in the FCSII range – giving you equal amounts drive, speed, flow & response.   A real no brainer when trying to decide on fins…this template will do the job in most performance oriented shortboards.

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Thruster Set The Neo Glass construction add a real bit of spark to your board in smaller or weaker conditions.  This lightweight, moulded fiberglass construction gives these fins a consistent lively, snappy and responsive feel underfoot. “Twangy” would be a good way to describe these Neoglass fins – they flex but snap back into place with quite a bit of energy, hence the zippy, lively feel.

Fin Specs: Medium

Base: 4.37″ / 111mm
Depth: 4.55″ / 115mm
Area: 14.81″² / 9554mm²
Sweep: 33.7º
Foil: Inside

Come and have a squiz instore or grab a set from us ONLINE


New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instore

New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instoreWe have just got a bunch of New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instore.  A bunch of 8ft mid length/mini mals to choose from plus some new 9ft shapes as well.  The glass jobs on these are pretty amazing.  Various coloured resin tints and polished finished on these shapes – a little hard to do justice in the photos, so you’ll have to come instore to see them in person ;)

BomBora Greg Brown 1 collageIMG_5181Greg Brown Bombora 2 collageOur range of boards from Greg Brown are individually listed with more photos and full dimensions HERE

New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instoreGreg Brown Bombora 3 collage IMG_5195 Greg Brown Bombora 4 collageIMG_5205 Greg Brown Bombora 5 collage New Greg Brown Bombora Surfboards instore Greg Brown Bombora 6 collage

Wetsuits on Sale until Monday

Wetsuits on Sale until MondayWetsuits on Sale until Monday 13th July – that’s right we are putting our entire stock of Wetsuits on Sale for the next few days until Monday 13th of July.  25% of the Recommended Retail Price on all of the Water Apparel we have in store.  4/3 & 3/2 steamers, gloves boots, hoods… everything.  Brands including Rip Curl, Patagonia, Xcel, O’neill and more.

Instore only – get on it!!!

How to remove surfboard tail pad grip

How to remove surfboard tail pad gripHere’s a little instructional article on how to remove surfboard tail pad grip. It’s a question the staff instore get asked quite a bit, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of content online that I though was very useful, so here you go – step by step instructions to quickly & easily remove an old or worn out tail pad or grip from you surfboard.

To start out you will need a few things to do this, I suggest the following:

  • A razor blade or stanley knife blade – basically something sharp with a straight edge.
  • A wax comb
  • Paper towel
  • Mineral Turpentine – there are a bunch of other products you can use – basically you want to help dissolve or loosen the adhesive residue without damaging the surface of you surfboard.

The idea is to peel off the old pad and clean up the surface of your board as much as possible so you have a nice clean spot to stick a new one on.

How to remove surfboard tail pad gripStep 1:Tail pads or grips are like big stickers, so you want to try as best as possible to keep each piece whole when you peel them off.  Also as you peel off the grip pieces,some of the adhesive can be left in patches on your board.  Peeling each piece off slowly and carefully is the key here, the cleaner the pad comes off, the less work you will have to do later – so take care and do it slowly.

How to remove surfboard tail pad grip

Use the razor or blade to start peeling back the pad, making sure you get under the adhesive layer on the bottom of the pad.  If bits of adhesive start staying on the board as you ar peeling the pad back, used the razor blade to try and get under it – but be careful, you don’t want to cut into/scratch the deck of your board.

IMG_5067Step 2: Once you have got all off the pieces of you pad peeled off the board you are bound to have a few patches of adhesive left on the deck of the board (unless you are a total boss & have managed to peel each piece off perfectly).  Try and scrape off as many of these areas of adhesive with your blade and make the surface as clean as possible.


Step 3: Now to get wrid of the rest of the adhesive that is left on the surface of the board (best to do this step outside).  Grab some of your paper towel, wet/soak it with the  Mineral Turpentine and lay it over the tail of your board where the adhesive is you want to remove.  Leave it for 5-10 minutes and let the Turpentine  do its thing.


IMG_5073Step 4: Once you have left it for a bit, take off the paper towel and grab you wax comb.  Use your comb to scrape off any adhesive left on the surface of the tail – I should have partially melted and be easy to scrap off now.  Once you have scraped of the adhesive left, grap you paper towel and give the tail a good rub down – make sure you rub off all  of the residue so the tail is now relatively clean.


Step 5:  Now with a clean paper towel wipe off any residue left by the Mineral turpentine.  Rinsing the tail under water first definitely helps with this as well.  Make sure you tail is fully dry -  you are now ready to apply your new tailpad/grip.


Step 6:  Simply position, peel and stick down your new tailpad.  Remember to press down so that all all sticky surfaces of the grip are bonded with the board – corners/ edges of the pad’s pieces especially.  If you have any depression on the tail take a little extra care with this step – It will make sure that you new pad sticks properly and doesn’t peel off in the water.

***GO SURF ;) ***

Futures Jordy Smith Medium Honeycomb

Futures Jordy Smith Medium HoneycombThe Futures Jordy Smith Medium Honeycomb is a scaled down version the South African powerhouse’s Large signature fin – perfect for those of us that don’t have quite the same impressive physique that Jordy has been blessed with. This fin has a relatively large base, with a raked back shape and a reasonably fine tip.  The fin template is not too dissimilar in shape to the to the AM1 – the main difference being that all 3 fins are the same size (the AM1 has a smaller back fin). Well suited to powerful surfers & those with a carve driven approach, matched with the fiberglass honeycomb construction that gives this fin a positive feeling flex underfoot.

Futures Jordy Smith Medium Honeycomb This template’s wider base  gives you a lot of drive off the bottom and down the line, while the raked back shape provides excellent hold through carving maneuvers. The refined tip loosens things up a bit, allowing for controlled release off the top.  Chuck a set of these in your favorite shortboard and enjoy putting a bit more grunt & length into your turns, while also covering more ground down the line.  Maybe use these to settle down a board that gets a bit skatey when there’s a bit more size in the swell.

Size: Medium (65kg – 88kg)

Side fins: Height: 4.54″ - 

Base: 4.59″ - 

Area: 14.85″

Center fin: Height: 4.54″ - 

Base: 4.59″ - 

Area: 14.85″

Come and check them out instore or grab a set Online


Custom fit Axxe Wetsuits

Custom fit Axxe Wetsuits When it comes to warmth and flexibility in the water, nothing even comes close to an Axxe Wetsuit. Come check out these sample suits instore and feel the difference between Axxe’s product and the rest

We offer our customers Axxe Wetsuits, custom fitted to your measurements, direct from their factory in Japan.  These really are the gold standard in wetsuits – constructed with the greatest care out of the finest rubber available , each suit is crafted by hand & tailored to your specific measurements.

Axxe Wetsuits 3

The flexibility & suppleness of the rubber and thermal linings used by Axxe, combined with with tried and tested designs (fine tuned over their 35+years of making wetsuits) means these suits are unbeatable in terms of performance and functionality.  More warmth, less paddle restriction – nothing is going to keep you nearly as warm or comfortable as an Axxe Suit.

Come instore to have a look at the sample suits that we have on our rack. If you are interested in getting one, come in or get in contact, we can take your measurements plus colour preferences and send your order off direct to Japan               ph: 03 9416 7384

Firewire Tomo EVO

Firewire Tomo EVOJust got our first Firewire Tomo EVO model instore of what will be a full size run (& Demo).

Firewire Tomo EVOThe Firewire Tomo EVO (short for Evolution) Tomo‘s latest take on the MPH (Modern Planing Hull) design.  Compared to Tomo’s other designs (the Vanguard & Vader  models) the EVO has a soft outline, with blunter corners & more outline curve to encourage smoother carves & transitions. Incorporating elements of the or Nano this board definitely allows a more  ‘in the pocket’ approach to the wave. With  slightly more width in a central wide point, the EVO is an easy surfer in smaller, weaker waves. However, like most of the Tomo MPH designs , the EVO still holds it’s own in good waves up to just overhead.

EVO collageIMG_4942Eco collage 2The Evo has a close to symmetrical outline, with a rather unusual & unique bottom contour dubbed the “Double inside single concave into split quad concave” – jeepers, what a mouthful ;)  This bottom contour generates heaps of lift when the board sits flat on the wave face,once on rail however it has knife like rail sensitivity and hold through turns.  Tomo recommends that the EVO is  ridden as short as possible, reflected in the user friendly volumes packed into the size range.

IMG_4941aCome check it (and shortly more) out instore or Online

SuperBrand Vapors

SuperBrand Vapors 1The SuperBrand Vapors is a shorter wider surfboard that doesn’t sacrifice performance. It is meant to be a higher volume, easy paddling, speed generating surfboard, but unlike many boards with similar dimensions you don’t have to change your approach to the wave to accommodate these more generous proportions.

SuperBrand Vapors 3The Vapors has a relaxed entry rocker with a medium tail/exit rocker. The standard diamond tail shortens the rail line of the board, this combined with a thinner tail and medium rail add a lot of performance characteristics to a shape that may otherwise fall into the hybrid category.

The bottom features a single concave that starts relatively far up the board, running through to a double concave in the tail with a subtle vee through the very last bit of the tail. These bottom contours make this board accelerate quickly, generating heaps of speed from take off. The double concave to vee through the tail combined with the shortened rail line makes this board draw tight arcs and redirect quickly. Allowing you to carve proper rail turns on smaller wave faces.

SuperBrand Vapors collage 1SuperBrand Vapors 2 SuperBrand Vapors collage 2Designed to be surfed in anything the ocean can throw at you from knee to head high, a fun & responsive shape that has a loyal following with many of our regulars.

Come check out the SuperBrand Vapors instore or ONLINE

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